What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

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Ergonomics is defined as the scientific study of people and their working conditions to improve effectiveness. Having a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair is especially important in the workplace because of the long hours people spend sitting at work. It’s imperative to have chair that delivers comfort for hours at a time, and that adjusts to fit your body and the way you work.

To be considered an ergonomic chair, it needs to have some of the following minimum requirements.

Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Office Chair with Lower Back SupportWhen sitting in a chair for long periods of time, the natural tendency is to slouch forward, which is hard on the back after a while. An office chair that provides correct lumbar support means that the back of the chair is flush against the small of the back, so when placed correctly, a lumbar back support should provide the following benefits

  • The ears, shoulders, and pelvis are all aligned
  • The lower spine’s natural curvature is maintained

When seated, it is important that the back be flush against the chair so that the chair can provide optimum support for the lower back. The spine should always be kept in a very natural position and comform to the chair.

Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

There are many different types of lumbar support found in different types of office chairs:

  • Ergonomic chair. There are several styles of ergonomic chairs that are sculpted with lumbar support curvature built in. To test this chair, sit up straight, all the way back, with the head, spines, and buttocks in alignment. The curve of the ergonomic chair should be naturally follow the curvature of the back. As this chair is not adjustable, this should be tested prior to use.
  • Adjustable back support chair. Many office chairs have an adjustable back that raises or lowers to better fit the user. This is good if there are more than one person who uses this chair.

Some of the most popular Ergonomic Chairs on the market have Lumbar Support available.

Office Chairs with Lower Back Support

Office Chairs with Lower Back SupportPortable lumbar back support. Using a curved cushion or lumbar roll that is fitted to the back seat of an office chair provides lumbar support in the proper region of the lumbar area. These cushions can be used along with most types of chairs to fit individual needs. Some cushions are inflatable to increase or decrease the amount of support. My people search high and low for that perfect office chair that will help reduce lower back pain.

While most chair manufacturers claim to have chairs with lumbar support, they are in fact really lacking in this area. However, chairs that offer better support for the lower back do exist, and we are going to take a closer look at a couple models we have found that offers optimum lumbar and back support.The amount of lower back support that is required for a comfortable fit varies by each individual.

If you are a person that needs moderate to high support, we recommend avoiding chairs that have natural curves in the backrest. Although they have a decent amount of support, you should be looking for an adjustable back height to move the lumbar to your comfortable position. In our reviews and research, we have found that mesh back chairs offer some of the best support for lower back in the office chair industry.

Mesh upholstery has the ability to be more flexible than a traditional chair with a cushioned back. Many chairs will offer lumbar features that are height adjustable, and some that are even depth adjustable for better fine-tuning. Being able to control the positioning of lumbar support to your own specific needs is paramount to optimum comfort. The Ergohuman LEM4ERG is number one on our list of best chairs for lower back pain.

The lower support is amazing, in that hits your back before any other part of the backrest. With a pronounced lumbar system, it will even respond and provide good support if you find yourself leaning forward while typing. This includes a height adjustable backrest and adjustable depth seat pan, and it can be fine-tuned to fit most users’ needs. Another option we recommend for the best cost to value is the BTOD 100 MC.

This has a height adjustable lumbar support, which enables you to control the positioning in multiple areas of your lower back. The back is almost completely vertical; that provides a consistent control throughout your entire back. The supportive mesh is soft enough to let you sink back into the lumbar system comfortably. While this chair isn’t the fanciest on the market, it is a really good option under $200.


In order to have good lower back support, it’s important to look for a product that has responsive lumbar that supports your back before the upper backrest. It is also important to maintain proper posture for overall comfort and support. No matter what your budget allows, there is a good chair out there that will provide the proper support for lower back pain.

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