Walking Shoes with Arch Support

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Walking shoes are terrific for anyone looking for a shoe that will provide them with good arch support. But before you go buying the first pair of walking shoes that you come across, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. While most walking shoes do provide great arch support, there are a few factors you need to consider before selecting the pair that’s right for you. Like any shoe, the best walking shoe for someone in need of arch support is one that is going to fit properly.

So first let’s discuss the proper fit of your new walking shoe. When you try it on, it should be comfortable and provide a good sense of balance and stability. Make sure that it’s flexible in the mid-sole because the natural movement of walking involves your foot rolling from heel to toe. As far as finding the right fit, your walking shoe should fit both the length and width of your feet comfortably for optimum support.

As for the arch support of your walking shoe, you need to find a shoe that is made to provide support to the specific kind of arch that you have. In terms of arches, one size definitely does not fit all. So you will need an arch support walking shoe that is designed for either a low, neutral, or high arch, depending on your foot.

Another thing that you must consider is that a shoe that falls into the running or trainer category doesn’t necessarily provide the arch support that a good walking shoe offers. So if you are intent on purchasing either running shoes or cross training shoes, make certain that they offer the arch support that you need. These shoes were made to provide cushion during high impact activities, offering a thicker heel and less support along the arch of your foot, making them less than ideal for fitness walking.

Types of Arch

The arch of a foot is the curve connecting the back and front of your foot. This area serves as a shock absorber during movement, protecting your feet, ankles, knees, and hips from impact. Individuals have one of four arches, which is determined by how high the arch is. A person can have a high arch, normal arch, low arch, or no arch (also known as a flat foot). In order to have the proper arch support, your walking shoe needs to be designed with your particular arch height in mind.

Arch Support Shoes for flat Feet

Arch Support Shoes for Flat FeetFlat feet is simply another term for someone who has no arch on the bottom of their foot and, with over sixty million Americans having flat feet, it’s incredibly common. Without a natural arch, individuals with flat feet lack the natural impact absorption that other people have. Due to this, people with flat feet are more susceptible to injuries and bodily strains. Even more problematic is that people with flat feet are prone to overpronation.

This is the tendency of the foot to roll inward, placing all the weight to the inside of the arch. This foot gait condition can cause severe pain and further increases the chance for injury. Luckily, there are a few types of shoes that have been designed to provide the necessary arch support that flat feet need, eliminating pain, correcting overpronation, and reducing the risk of injury.

The main thing that these shoes provide is extra arch support, eliminating the need to mess around with store-bought insoles and other orthopedic inserts. One example of a great walking shoe for people with flat feet is the Asics GT 1000 5.

This walking shoe provides solid arch support, making it perfect for all-day use. And its Asics Impact Guidance System, Guidance Line, and Guidance Trusstic System control and correct overpronation, ensuring that you’ll enjoy a smoother, more natural stride. Plus, the GT 1000 5’s support, padding, and cushioning are excellent at absorbing shock, reducing the toll that fitness walking can take on flat feet.

Best Brands for Men’s Arch Support Shoes

There are a lot of great brands out there that make terrific walking shoes with solid arch support. The best manufacturers out there are the companies who have established a reputation for producing high-quality walking shoes that receive consistently high ratings, as well as offering options for all types of arches. Some of the best arch support walking shoes on the market today are made by Asics, Brooks, Saucony, Vionic, and New Balance.

Shoes with Good Arch Support and a Cushioned Sole

Shoes with good Arch Support and a Cushioned SoleIf the shoes that you’re wearing daily are hurting your feet, it might be time to look for a pair of walking shoes that offer good arch support and a cushioned sole. Whether you are looking to resolve a pronation issue, are having foot pain, or those flat, unsupportive shoes that you’re wearing everyday are just starting to hurt, a shoe with a more pronounced arch and better cushioning will make a world of difference.

One of the best walking shoes in this class is the Brooks Addiction Walker.This walking shoe is available for both men and women and features great cushioning around the mid-sole, thanks to its Hydroflow, which puts impact-absorbing fluid in the heel and forefoot.

With excellent support and stability, the Addiction Walker also has a diagonal rollbar and a dual-density post at the arch, making it great for anyone with high arches. If you are someone who likes to walk everywhere you go, then this shoe is ideal for you. And thanks to its sturdy construction, simple style, and excellent support, it will make foot pains and conditions like plantar fasciitis things of the past.


If you’re prone to foot and ankle injuries or are experiencing pain, purchasing the correct style of walking shoe might make all the difference in the world. Many manufacturers offer relatively flat shoes that don’t provide the support that your foot needs. So before you purchase your next pair of shoes, consider your arch type. Whether you have a high arch, low arch, neutral arch, or even no arch, you should find an arch support walking shoe that is designed to provide you with the proper kind of support that your feet needs.

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