You Should Vacuum With a Paper Towel Tube – Here’s Why

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Have you ever used a Paper Towel Tube when you are Vacuuming your Home?

Paper towels are a common commodity within most homes, but what do you do with the paper towel tube? Most people simply just recycle them, throw them away and think nothing more about them. But what if we told you that there was a great cleaning hack that could be created just by making use of the paper towel tube you usually just throw away! Here at Product Expert, we want to tell you all about a favorite cleaning hack. Here we go!

Vacuum Attachment

All vacuums come with a multitude of attachments to help you to clean your home most effectively, thoroughly and easily. This doesn’t just have to mean only the floors either but can also include many different upholstery types, like the mattress and the couch, cleaning your car and can enable you to get into the most hated areas to clean, namely the corners and the areas where the carpet and skirting boards meet. But did you know that all of these problem areas can be cleaned very effectively through the use of a paper towel tube as an ingenious attachment?

Paper Towel Tube and Home Vacuuming

Never again avoiding the problem areas of your home through the use of a paper towel tube as a clever life hack. You will be amazed at the results! All you have to do to reap the benefits of the tube is to squeeze it into the end of your vacuum nozzle. Sounds simple, doesn’t it, but we assure you that it works; we’ve tried it ourselves. By using the paper towel tube, you can get into all the small, tight and hard to reach places that you either frustratingly cannot reach or actively avoid.

Just squeeze the protruding end of the tube so that it is the right shape and size to fit into any tricky hole and commence vacuuming. Then when you find another area that needs the magic of the paper towel tube, simply reshape the tube to fit the next gap. Once you try this cleaning trick out for yourself, you will never look back, and there will be no areas in your home that give you a feeling of OCD.

Challenge of the Paper Towel Tube

When vacuuming in the home, there are always areas that are harder than others to reach. By using a paper towel tube attached into the end of your vacuum’s nozzle, you can get to so many more areas and clean them in a much more effective way. The areas of the home that we were astounded by when it came to this new trick, were:

  • In the crevices between the seats of the couch if yours are not removable;
  • Areas that are really tightly fitted around the wardrobe or the desk;
  • The tracks around the window frame and sliding patio doors;
  • Reach places you can never reach in the car, like down the side of the seats, around the gear stick and in the seatbelt buckle area.

Why do we love the Paper Towel Tube Cleaning Hack?

We love this hack because it is not subjective to any particular brand or model of vacuum. So long as you have a vacuum where there is a nozzle, this is a really convenient and life-changing hack for you. There will not be any place within your home, office or car that you cannot clean thoroughly using a paper towel tube and everyone that we know could benefit from being aware of this hack.

What to use if you don’t use Paper Towels?

The majority of homes do use paper towels on a frequent, if not daily, basis. They are the most common type of tube used to complete this cleaning method, but there are some people who do not use paper towels. In this instance, it is possible that you can use a toilet roll tube – we all get through a good quantity of these! Toilet roll tubes are just as good at cleaning difficult areas though they are obviously shorter in length so be careful not to shove too much of the toilet roll tube up the nozzle of your vacuum.

You still want some length to be able to reshape it to fit the challenging gaps in your home and also, you don’t want the toilet roll tube to get stuck up the vacuum nozzle either.

What to do with the Paper Towel Tube After Use?

When you have successfully cleaned the challenging areas and difficult to reach places often missed within your home, office or car, just simply recycle the paper towel tube as you would normally. You will notice when the paper towel tube or even toilet roll tube have come to the end of the cleaning capacity due to two different things:

  •  They will stop picking up the dirt, dust, and debris with the difficult areas and you will notice that the dirt, dust, and debris remains.
  •  The paper towel tube or toilet roll tube will lose its malleability. You will stop being able to mold, crush and bend the tubes to fit the difficult spaces you want to clean. This means that the tube will not keep its shape and will just go floppy, preventing suction from occurring and dirt, dust and debris will not be picked up successfully.

Be sure to watch out for these two tell-tale signs happening and when they do, simply recycle the tube and find another tube to continue your deep clean regime with this wonderful cleaning hack.

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