Vacuum Tight Spots With A Toilet Paper Tube Extender

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Product Expert has recently reviewed a really clever and helpful technique which could be of use in every single home, and it is linked to your vacuum cleaner. Any idea what it is? In any home, there are always difficult to reach places when the nozzle of the vacuum cannot get in to, and these areas are often frustrating. They are left to gather more and more dust until it is finally unbearable and we start doing weird and wonderful things in order to improve the cleanliness of these areas.

The most Commonly Missed Areas

The areas most often missed when it comes to vacuuming are the windowsills, rollers of sliding doors and down in between the seats of the couch. If you are sat nodding your head while you are reading this then do not be ashamed, you most definitely are not the only person who misses these areas. Sometimes it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind,” sometimes we can’t be bothered to go to any more effort than we have to or sometimes it is a simple case of not knowing how to deal with these problem areas.

Modern vacuum cleaners have incredible suction power, yes, but if the nozzle cannot get into certain places, it doesn’t stand a chance of being able to eradicate dirt, dust, and debris that builds up in our homes. So what should you do?

Never Throw Away a Toilet Paper Tube!

The answer is actually quite simple, so simple in fact that you probably won’t believe that we here at Product Expert have trialed this technique and have found it to be incredibly successful. The top tip that is recommended is to use the toilet paper tube and push it into the end of your vacuum cleaners’ nozzle. All you need to do then is bend the toilet paper tube so that it is the right shape and width to fit into any space you usually cannot reach with the standard vacuum nozzle.

We promise that once you have tried this tip, you will never look back. Each toilet paper tube has a fair amount of malleability and can be repeatedly used.

How will I know when a New Toilet Paper Tube is Needed?

Each toilet paper tube will see you through a significant amount of cleaning in your home because they are so malleable, you can bend, scrunch and shape them for multiple different uses on numerous different occasions. However, there are a few different signs to look out for that will indicate to you that a toilet paper tube has come to the end of the road and a new one is needed. These are:

  • Dust, dirt, and debris will stop being collected by your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes you are able to hear that this is the case even if the gap you are trying to clean is too small or narrow for you to physically see if the dirt is being picked up or is remaining in the problem area.
  • Talking of problem areas, sometimes you can physically see that the vacuum is not picking up the dust and dirt that you want to alleviate.
  • The toilet paper tube will be too floppy to be useful, or it will not stay in place within the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

What to do if There isn’t an Available Toilet Paper Tube?

Many houses that are home to small children have a handy craft collection lurking somewhere around. It’s often full of boxes, egg boxes, tubs, yogurt pots and more. Something else that is often in these handy craft collections are kitchen roll tubes. Have a rummage around and see if you can dig any kitchen roll tubes out because these are just as wonderfully effective as toilet paper tubes. They can actually sometimes be even more useful purely because of their length so you can reach into more challenging areas and there’s more cardboard to shape specifically to the challenging area.

After all, other than using toilet paper tubes and kitchen roll tubes for arts and crafts projects, what else do we do with them other than chucking them into the recycling? Using them as an impressive cleaning aid before recycling them is perfect. Your children will not miss the tubes that were once in their handy craft box, and you will have an even cleaner home than before once you have used a toilet paper tube or kitchen roll tube attached to your vacuum.

What else can I do in my Home with a Toilet Paper Tube?

When attaching a toilet paper tube to the nozzle of your vacuum, you are able to clean thoroughly in incredibly hard to reach places. But there are actually other things that can be done in the home that are really useful, and we have all wondered how to achieve certain results. For instance, cleaning under the fridge and freezer are often missed out of the cleaning regime simply because we cannot get underneath them.

Simply bend the toilet paper tube so that it is almost flat and fully closed at the end and you will be able to reach under the fridge, freezer and many other similar areas that are close to the ground. Another helpful thing to know is that the toilet paper tube can help you to rescue small items that have been dropped or lost in awkward spaces, the most common of which is earrings.

All you need to do is use an old pair of tights and attach them tightly to the end of the toilet paper tube with an elastic band, turn on the vacuum cleaner and the earring will be caught in the tights, avoiding damage, and it won’t be lost in the bowels of the vacuum cleaner. See, don’t toilet paper tubes open up a whole new world of cleaning methods!

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