Using a Shop Vacuum for Dust Collection

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Every household owns a vacuum cleaner. They are a great way of collecting dust, dirt, and debris which collects around the home on a daily basis. But if you need a vacuum cleaner for a large scale clean up, they often don’t cut it! What if you were to learn that there is a type of vacuum cleaner that can handle the larger jobs in the workplace, building site or workshop? Have you heard of a shop vacuum?

Shop Vacuums

A shop vacuum is a powerful, fast and effective way to deep clean your workplace or recreational space. They are able to eradicate a higher volume of dirt than a normal household vacuum and are more than capable of getting rid of even the most well-trodden dirt. Shop vacuums are heavy duty cleaning mechanisms most commonly used within the industries of construction and woodworking.

How do Shop Vacuums work?

Shop vacuums are able to eradicate dust, dirt, debris and larger waste materials thanks to their enhanced suction unit and powerful motor. They have a big hose suitable for collecting larger sizes of debris, like nails, pieces of metal and wood chippings, and have a big canister capable of holding lots of waste. No big job is too big when you have a shop vacuum at hand.

Why are Shop Vacs used?

It is common for shop vacuums to be used in working spaces, such as construction sites, farms, and workshops because they are fast, effective and heavy-duty. They do not get bunged up easily and allow large particles of debris to pass into the collection canister. They have a better than average capability for being moved around through a more malleable rotation of their wheels, and there are even shop vacs that do not shy away from water either.

This is a definite plus for people requiring their use to clean outdoor sites, like in construction, as shop vacs can suck up wet mess as well as dry without hesitation or risk of the user suffering electrocution – they are very versatile in their use.

Using Shop Vacuums for Dust Busting

Many people working with wood seem to have settled with the idea that they must have a constant degree of sawdust hanging around their workplace. They think that to eradicate this problem they will have to spend a fortune so that they can get a central dust collection system, but actually, this is not the case.

Through the use of a shop vacuum and the addition of a couple of extra accessories, you can create your own easy and financially viable way from removing sawdust and general dust from any workplace.

So, what do you need to consider? Product Experts have created a list of the most important factors you need to know about so that you can have a dust-free workplace, and they are as follows:

Universal Adapter

Buying a universal adapter and making any necessary changes to it by cutting the soft rubber with a utility knife so that it has the most exacting fit to your shop vacuum’s dust port. You can duct tape the adapter to the dust port should you require it, to no detriment of any kind to your kit.

Specific Hose

Buy a 1-1/4 inch hose of at least 6 feet in length so that you have the flexibility and movement required to remove dust. Smaller hoses are lighter so easier for you to manage and move around your workplace.

Think to the Future when Purchasing New Tools

Thinking ahead before buying new tools can save you a lot of time and energy in the dust and sawdust departments. Look for tools with their own dedicated dust port. This will not only reduce the dust and debris floating around your workspace but will also stop you from having to spend time making any adaptations to tools so that you can eradicate the debris yourself at a later date.

Making Adaptations

You don’t have the time for you to keep repeatedly making the same innovative adaptations; make them permanent. That way your shop vacuum dust collector, perfectly suited to you, is always ready to go!

Remote Controls

You only have two hands, and you need both of those to work safely. Install a foot switch to help you to keep on top of the dust collection while you work.

Filter Upgrades

Use HEPA filter vacuums to trap more dust and finer particles.

Overhead Hooks

Make your working space a safer place by attaching hooks to the ceiling to lift the shop vacuum hose out of your way. Then there is no risk of falling over it, getting tangled in it or cutting through the hose with any power tools.

Install a dust System

Shop Vac have their very own dust collector system. They are easy to install, affordable and can be attached to any work tool to remove the dust they create without you having to think about the process at all.

Use a dust Hood

Often available and most convenient in a portable method, if you work in one place for more extended periods of time, you can set up a dust hood or dust shroud near to any cause of dust or sawdust, and it will gather it as you create it.


Shops Vacuums are very effective for people who create a lot of dust, debris, sawdust or dirt within their place of work. They do not have to be hugely expensive and are quick to get the task done. Make your workplace more appealing by purchasing a shop vacuum today.

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