Ultimate Guide to Vacuuming Pet Hair

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We love pets, they’re cute, fluffy and can be an extra adorable companion to live with. But unlike most roommates, pets like cats and dogs don’t clean up after themselves. And they definitely don’t do any vacuuming! If you’re a pet owner, you’ll definitely know all too well how much of a nightmare pets can be to clean up after. Pet’s fur, dander, and even saliva can get everywhere. If you don’t want to be known as the crazy cat lady, you definitely need to invest in a good vacuum and know how to vacuum properly asap! So we’ve written this go-to guide for blasting away your pet’s mess.

The Basics of Vacuuming Pet Hair

Buy a High-Quality Vacuum

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but your vacuum is definitely your home’s best friend. If you want your home staying fresh and clean when you own any type of pet you will need a good quality vacuum. Over our time owning pets we’ve always found that a good multi-surface Dyson or Shark vacuum can work wonders to clear away pet fur and dander. Although there are several other ways you can clear up after your pets, we always recommend grabbing a vacuum.

The Right Vacuum Model

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct vacuum model for the job. There are loads of vacuums out there for different uses, and this includes specially designed pet suitable vacuums. Vacuum’s that are specially designed for dealing with pet hair are so much easier to use, as they are usually a lot more powerful! We’ve covered why you need the right vacuum for clearing up pet hair in the following paragraph:

Type of Vacuum

You’ll notice the difference once you’ve bought a good vacuum, like Vax or Dyson for example, as they’ll suck up pet hair in a second. These vacuums have been built with powerful motors which means they have no trouble switching between hard floors and carpets to pick up your pet hairs from wherever they may be.


Such vacuums come with proper filters which are great for trapping pet hair. These dirt trapping filters are very important for those suffering from allergies.

Tools and Attachments

Not only is the cleaning up of pet hair so much easier with a powerful vacuum, they often come with a bunch of different attachments and tools. You should definitely get familiar with which tools your vacuum has, as they will really help you clear pet hair from your home. For instance, if you have long haired pets and a lot of upholstery you’ll easily start to find their fur all of these surfaces. If you have a vacuum with a wand extension, you’ll be able to clear up such fur with minimal effort.

Vacuum Often

The only way you’re ever going to keep a clean home when you own pets is to clean often! If you’ve got any sort of pet like a dog or cat with long fur that you allow to roam around your home freely you should vacuum at least once a week. If you have thick or shaggy carpets, you should also vacuum the shag carpets once a week. If you’re lucky to own a short haired pet or have wood flooring, you’ll be happy to know you’ll need to vacuum less – around once a fortnight.

Other Issues you can face when Clearing up Pet Hair

Embedded fur

If you’re unfortunate enough to find embedded pet fur in your carpet, don’t stress you can get rid of it! Grab your vacuum, and a rubber blade and a mop, and you’ll be ready to go. Firstly, take a mop and rub it on the surface where the embedded hair is. This will gather the fur to the surface. You can then take a rubber blade to pull the loose fur up. Finally, grab your vacuum, and the area will be clear in seconds.

Pet Hair Allergens

Despite pets being adorable, too much of their fur in your household can be really dangerous for those suffering from allergens. For some people, the dust and dander that can be found in pets fur can cause people to break out in rashes or bring on symptoms of asthma. Some carpets can be good for trapping some of this debris and dander, but these floors can only hold so much before the excess dirt particles float around in your household’s air.

To stop this from happening you should make sure you vacuum your carpets regularly. As well as making sure your mattresses and upholstery are also vacuumed from time to time. You can also get your carpets professionally steam cleaned. But on some vacuums, they have a dual feature which means you can both clean with steam and vacuum all in one go!

Other ways to keep your Home Clean

If you’re still struggling to stay on top of vacuuming up after your messy pets we recommend that you try the following:

  • Make sure you keep your pet clean!
  • Covering your home in mats, blankets, and throws.
  • Encouraging your pets to sit on these surfaces means that your pets’ fur will rub onto their favorite blanket or throw for example instead of on your sofas or into the air.
  • These extra surfaces are also great for soaking up more of the furs debris and are a lot easier to keep clean and vacuum.

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