Traeger Grill Review & Buyers Guide

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Quick Summary

If you’re looking for a grill that will be able to make your food bursting with flavor, then you need this grill in your life. It’s quite a large grill so you can cook a lot of food in it at once. Plus, it comes with wheels on the bottom of it, which makes it very easy to move around, so if it happens to be raining when you’re cooking, then you can quickly move it to a dryer location.

Not only this, but it also has very easy to clean features, as the grill plates have a non-stick surface. Product Expert have reviewed the Traeger Grill, so you will know every single feature about it and what we think of it too.

Key Features

This grill has a lot of key features that you will like, for instance, you don’t actually have to use propane gas or coal when you’re using this grill, as it actually uses wood to cook your food. You can easily change how you want to cook the food as well because it comes with a feature where you can cook it hot and fast or low and slow. This makes it perfect if you want to cook food like ribs.

You can also easily adjust the temperature as it comes with a very easy to use turning dial. Not only this, but you can easily cook a whole range of food on the grill too because it can actually hold up to 24 burgers, 6 chickens and 9 racks of ribs. So if you have a lot of family coming over, then this is perfect. Its 646 square inches, therefore, it won’t take up to much room in your garden either, and it weighs a total of 170 pounds.


  • This grill has a whole load of positives about it; for instance, you can easily cook an entire range of food inside it so there will be a variety of every type of food that you need.
  • Another positive about this grill is that you can easily adjust the temperature that the food is cooking at to make sure that everything is cooking evenly.
  • It also doesn’t use gas or coal for cooking your food because it uses wood instead, and this creates a whole different taste to your food, which you will definitely like.
  • Another point to make about this grill is that it has a very easy to clean grill gates that actually have a non-stick surface, so after you’ve finished your BBQ even if there is a lot of cleaning to do this feature won’t make it difficult at all.


  • There aren’t that many cons about this grill, but there are a couple of points that could be improved. For instance, it weighs quite a lot, so it may be difficult to move just by yourself, but it has got wheels on the bottom of it to help you move it.
  • Another point that you cannot do is use gas or coal with this BBQ, so you don’t have the option to do this, but when you try the wood, you won’t want to use either of them anyway.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This BBQ grill is actually suitable if you have a whole load of people coming round to yours for a gathering. This is because you are able to cook a whole range of different meats on it in quite a quick amount of time. Therefore, no one will be left hungry at all, and the food will just keep on coming out. This means that it’s very ideal if you’ve got quite a large family or even if you have a lot of your neighbors and friends coming round to your house.

Why We Like It?

We liked this outdoor BBQ grill because it has so much to offer you and the fact that it only burns wood will give your food a whole load of extra flavor, so your guests will be really impressed by how amazing your food will taste after you’ve cooked it in this grill. Not only this, but you can also adjust the temperature of the grill very easily, plus, it’s made from very sturdy materials that will be able to last you a very long time, and they will never let you down.