Shark Rocket Review & Buyers Guide

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Shark vacuums are powerful, high quality, and have been considered to live up to the standards of other leading brands. It is worth buying a vacuum you know will last, and that will continue to suit your needs for years to come. This means it is worth investing in a vacuum you know will give you the best results. The great thing about Shark vacuums is that even though they are powerful and made at a high standard, they are much more affordable than some of the other high-end brands.

Knowing what kind of vacuum to by can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market that all have different features and come in different sizes. With this Product Expert guide, you will find it easier to decide which vacuum is best for you as we have all the information right here for you.

Key Features


The Shark Rocket is an upright vacuum that is specifically designed for use on both carpet and hardwood surfaces. It is ultra-lightweight, weighing at under 8 pounds which means it is highly maneuverable and easy to use. This makes it more convenient when cleaning hard to reach areas such as stairways and higher areas of the house.


It is a highly versatile vacuum because of its ability to convert to a hand-held vacuum. This design and its light weight make floor to ceiling cleaning even easier. It features a home and car detail kit which includes micro tools that can give you the best results when cleaning small areas. The fingertip controls allow you to easily change between hard floor settings to carpet settings in order to ensure the best results for each surface.

The Dust Away attachment is a wider floor tool which uses a reusable microfiber cleaning pad which can be attached to the tool. This is designed to get hard floor surfaces absolutely spotless with the microfibres ability to pick up the smallest dust particles without damaging the floor.

The upholstery attachments are specifically designed for removing pet hair from soft materials such as curtains and sofas.


There is a dual storage option, so you can pack it away neatly and save more space as this allows you to fix the hand vac to the bottom wand. It also has the option to fix to a wall mount to keep your home tidy and organized, making the most out of your space.


The swivel steering provides a higher level of control to make your cleaning experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. This means that you will be able to move around furniture and other household objects more conveniently.


The shark rocket vacuum has a dust cup capacity of .42 dry quarts/10 inches and washable foam filters to save you from having to spend money to replace them. You will also not need to spend money on bags or worry about running out, as the dust and debris can be emptied from the chamber straight into the bin.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Shark Rocket vacuum is ideal for everyone. It is lightweight which means it is easy to carry and use. It is able to reach small spaces and makes car cleaning much easier due to the option to change into a hand vac and its micro tools. It is great for homes with limited space and limited storage because of its wall fixing option and compact design. It is really easy to operate as the simple on and off button will allow you to keep the vacuum going for as long as you need to.

Unlike some vacuums, there is no need to keep a trigger held down the whole time it is being used. It is also great for pet owners because of the pet upholstery tool that allows you to clean soft furnishings and fabrics such as curtains. The wide mouth and short brushes mean that picking up pet hair is quick and simple.

Why We Like It

With a long cable, easy use and a range of controls, this vacuum has a diverse range of settings that will give you the best results, tailored to your specific needs while being able to reach every corner of your home.