Shark NV752 Review & Buyers Guide

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This is a Shark Ninja upright vacuum that is available in two different colors, one being champagne and the other being Bordeaux, so it can really suit any type of house. It comes with a power lift away and has a canister that detaches as well, so if you want to clean other areas of the house, then you are able to do this because you can easily reach them. The vacuum is suitable on hard floorings as well as carpets. Not only this, but it is also suitable if you have pets. This is because it has a TruePet motorized brush and a Pet Multi-Tool.

This vacuum by Shark is also very easy to use as it simply has an on/off switch. If you want to change it, so it is suitable for hard flooring then there is a switch to do this as well. Plus, it is very useful if you have allergies as it comes with an anti-allergen seal to prevent any dust from being released into the atmosphere.

The list above highlights just some of the amazing features that this vacuum has to offer. Another bonus about this vacuum is that it is very lightweight, as it only weighs 15.4 pounds. Plus, it is not even that large to carry around because the dimensions are 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches.


There are many positives about this vacuum, and it can really be a great cleaning addition to your home. One of the pros is that it comes with an anti-allergen seal, so if you do have anyone that suffers from various dust allergies in your home, then this will prevent them from coming into contact with it. This is something that is great if you do suffer from this type of allergy because it will allow you to vacuum without any reactions.

It is actually very good for pet hairs, so if you happen to have a lot of animals, then you will not need to worry about every hair not being sucked up. This is because it actually has two pet features, so the first one is a TruePet Motorized Brush and the other one is a Pet-Multi Tool. Both of these enable every hair to be sucked up instantly.

Another positive is that it has LED lights at the very front of the vacuum and this enables you to be able to see every bit of dirt that is in front of you and around you. This means that you will never miss a spot of dirt when you vacuum.


One feature that this vacuum does not have is a noise reduction technology so it may be a little louder compared to a more expensive vacuum that does have this feature.

Another feature that this vacuum also does not have is active glide technology, however, if you would like the vacuum to have this feature, then you can easily upgrade the vacuum, so it does have this.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum is suitable for everyone and anyone, whether you have a large family of five or you live on your own in an apartment. It can work with either. This is because it has the strength to deep clean your carpet if it needs it, and it is also easy to use on any type of flooring. Plus, it is also very lightweight.

Why do we like It

We liked this vacuum because it has many amazing features that enable you to be able to suck up every inch of dirt that you may have around your house. Plus, even if you do happen to miss a bit of it then the LED lights will be able to show it to you instantly. Not only this, but it also has a very large dust cup capacity so you won’t be forever emptying the vacuum. The website these are planning to be featured on is Product Expert.