Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF205

Shark Ion Flex Review & Buyers Guide

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This jazzy vacuum certainly looks good fun, and, when combined with its MultiFlex technology, it really is the best of dust busters. It’s the perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality. Through the use of its Ion rechargeable power pack, the lithium better can be removed easily and quickly to ensure that you never run out of power when there is the need to clean. Its MultiFlex technology enables the furthest and most difficult areas of your home to be reached and cleaned thoroughly.

As visible on the Product Expert website, this vacuum can be made very compact for easy storage, and the DuoClean technology enables thorough cleaning to take place even on the thickest of carpets. Through the use of its bristle brush and soft brush roll, there is no floor type that cannot be amply vacuumed. Turn the Shark Ion Flex into a handheld vacuum allowing alternative areas to be dust-free, such as the car, ceiling, and upholstered areas.

It is good for people with more severe allergies to know that the dust brush fitted as standard within this device is anti-allergen, ensuring that dust, dirt, debris, and pollen are eradicated from the home.


• There is nowhere that this vacuum cannot clean as it is a freestanding and a hand-held cleaner all in one product. Clean thick carpets, remove cobwebs from the ceiling, eradicate debris and dirt from your car. See the Product Expert website to view for yourself just how easily this hoover can get underneath the couch and remove any particles of dirt and debris in your home;

• This is a cordless product, so there are never any wires for you or your family members to trip over or to restrict your cleaning. Keep your home safe and protect your family members from a preventable accident;

• Its rechargeable batteries ensure that you never run out of steam, there is always enough juice in the battery for you to remove the dust and dirt from your home, and the reliability of which is in your hands. Switch batteries to ensure that cleaning can always commence whenever you want or need it to;

• The anti-allergen dust brush is very helpful for families with allergy sufferers. It promotes air quality and reduces the number of allergic reactions and side effects of dust and pollen from occurring. Sleep easy at night knowing that you have cleaned your home in the most thorough of ways.


• If you are not the most organized of people in general or just when it comes to cleaning, being left in charge of recharging batteries could be frustrating when you forget that this is a necessary requirement.

• It may be a little inconvenient for some users that the head of the vacuum requires change when different floor types, surfaces, and upholstery are encountered.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Shark ion Flex is suitable for people who have a member of their family who suffers from allergies. This clever vacuum allows all dust, pollen particles and dirt to be removed from the home reducing the number of allergic reactions and suffering. This is also a great vacuum choice for people with small children, as debris can be removed from any kind of surface, even the ones that are harder to reach.

Never fear about what is lurking underneath the couch as the MultiFlex technology will enable you to reach under the couch, remove dirt from the car, and food from the thickest of carpets. An ideal vacuum for people who are very car proud, as this vacuum can be converted into a handheld hoover, perfect for external use away from a plug socket.

Why We Like It

We love the Shark ion Flex because it does not find any area of your daily life a challenge to clean, whether it is upholstery, thick carpets, ceilings or even your car.