Shark Ion Flex 2x Review & Buyers Guide

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It can be difficult to decide which vacuum to by when there are so many on the market. The Shark range is known for being just as powerful as other top brands but without the hefty price tag. This Product Expert buyers guide will help you to figure out which features are best for you while making sure you choose the right product to suit your needs.

Key Features

Battery Powered

The Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean vacuum is a highly efficient, cordless vacuum that will always be charging, even when you are vacuuming or parking. The two rechargeable ION power packs allow the vacuum to keep charging even while in use which means you will be able to keep it running as long as you need. This cordless Shark vacuum is fitted with MultiFlex technology which means you can leave it wherever you like, and it will still charge even if the battery is charging somewhere else.

This gives you the freedom to move the vacuum to any part of the house and make full use of the cordless feature without worrying about it running out of charge before you are finished. Because there are two batteries, you can use one while the other charges for even more convenience, meaning there is no limit to the run time.


When it is in upright mode, the DuoClean feature combines the deep-cleaning bristle brush which picks up extra dust and debris with another softer brush, making moving from carpeted areas to hardwood surfaces easy and hassle-free. This technology also provides you with the option to bend the wand to the shape you need which makes accessing more difficult to reach areas faster and simpler.

It also has the option to change into a handheld vacuum which is lightweight which makes it easier to lift up into higher corners around windows and ceilings. It has a 0.3 dust cup capacity which means you don’t need to worry about buying more bags for the debris as it can be emptied straight into the bin.

The vacuum weighs 3.8 pounds which means it is light and easy to move and control as you direct it around furniture in your home.

Filter System

This Shark vacuum has a dual-filter system which allows the air to be cleaned before it reaches the motor. Because it is made from foam and felt it can be reusable which will save you from having to spend more money in the future. The second filter works to clean the air that comes out of the vacuum to ensure the best results. It is also capable of collecting dust and debris of all sizes, from fine particles of dust to larger, pebble-sized debris.


With so many different accessories, this vacuum is highly diverse which means it is likely to be able to suit all of your cleaning needs. It comes with a duster crevice tool which will get into harder to reach areas. There is a dusting brush and a wide upholstery tool which will allow you to clean other materials such as curtains and sofas as well as flooring.

The pet multi-tool is the optimum tool for pet hair removal, and the multi-flex wand allows you to customize its shape to fit around the furniture and other items in your home. There is also an anti-allergen dust brush which will help you remove any particles that cause allergic reactions making it ideal for those who suffer from asthma.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This vacuum is great for small and medium-sized homes. It folds down to a compact size which makes storing it highly convenient. It also has the ability to convert into a hand-held vacuum which means it will be even lighter and make floor to ceiling cleaning simpler and more enjoyable. Because it has two batteries, it will last for as long as you need without worrying about tangling cords that won’t let you reach around the whole house without changing plug sockets.

Why We Like It

This vacuum is ideal for those who need a portable vacuum with easy storage. It comes with some unique features that put it in close competition with other high-end brands without the added cost.