Shark Duo Clean Review & Buyers Guide

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This slim Shark Duo Clean, highlighted on the Product Expert website, is very compact and aesthetically pleasing to boot. Innovates using the lift-away DuoClean technology to ensure that all dirt in your home is eradicated easily, quickly and thoroughly. It uses a dual brushroll system to full capacity so that hard floors and carpets can be cleaned well. In fact, there is no floor type that this vacuum cannot clean up. It uses its bristle brush to remove dirt from carpets and hard floors, before it uses its soft brush to polish hard floors once pick up has been completed.

It has the ability to pick up small particles, like dust, but also the capacity to collect and store larger particles of dirt, too. This vacuum has an anti-allergen complete seal technology incorporated within it and also comes with a HEPA filter fitted as standard. This enables 99.9% of allergens, dust and dirt particles to be trapped effectively within the vacuum and prevents them from being spread around the rest of the home during cleaning.

To help you find all dirt in your home, just use the fitted headlights on the nozzle of the vacuum and no dirt will be left in your home. If you have a home full of lots of hiding places for dirt and dust, this is not a problem for the Shark Due Clean vacuum either as it has an under appliance wand that can be extended to help you reach those difficult to access places often missed when vacuuming, like under your couch.


• The extendable under appliance wand makes cleaning your home and reaching the more difficult places so much easier, less time consuming and less of a threat to your posture.

• The 30-foot cord length enables larger areas of your home to be reached without having to go back and unplug the vacuum and find another electricity point very often.

• Use the LED nozzle lights to highlight dirt in dark places and make sure that all areas, even if they are out of sight, remain clean within your home.

• A great vacuum for people who are wanting to eradicate allergens from the home through the use of the anti-allergen complete seal and the HEPA filter working in unison together.


• The cord, despite its generous length, could be a frustration and a holdback for some vacuum users.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Shark Duo Clean is a great vacuum for families with small children who drop things in sometimes the most difficult to reach places. Also perfect for pet owners thanks to its great ability to pick up and collect hair from hard flooring and carpeted rooms. If there are people in your home that suffer from severe allergies, this vacuum eradicates 99.9% of them so that their breathing and risk of reaction is diminished almost completely.

This vacuum uses the anti-allergen complete seal and the HEPA filter to enable this to happen every time you clean. It is also a great vacuum to use if you have lots of furniture to navigate around, as the extendable head and easy navigation swivel head enables even the hardest of places to be reached, like under your couch, and can enable the vacuum to be moved smoothly around typically frustrating areas, like around chair legs and tables.

This vacuum could also be a good option for people with poor visibility, as the LED lights on the nozzle allow dirt to be highlighted very easily even in the darkest of spaces, helping a home to be cleaned thoroughly and easily.

Why We Like It

We like the Shark Duo Clean because it caters well for the areas of the home that are often forgotten about and uses its LED light to highlight these areas, too.