iRobot Roomba 960

Roomba 960 Review & Buyers Guide

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The Roomba 960 is a robot vacuum which offers all of the latest innovative intelligence and technology to provide a completely effortless clean of the floors in your home. Being compatible with Alexa, you are able to programme your Roomba 960 to clean your hard floors and carpets while you are at work or out shopping. Furthermore, you can access the App to see exactly where your Roomba 960 has been cleaning, allowing you to have full knowledge of the effectivity of your purchase.

This intelligent vacuum is quite expensive at around $549.00, although you are receiving the latest in technology with your purchase. The Roomba 960 vacuum can be purchased from this website.

Key Features

Smart iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology provides the Roomba 960 with the ability to map the surroundings of your home, ensuring a great clean throughout. Utilizing the iRobot HOME App in addition to Alexa, you can see exactly where your vacuum has been cleaning, or plan a different route for your vacuum tomorrow. You can effectively programme the Roomba 960 to suit your schedule, leaving you with extra time to maximize your life.

While the Roomba 960 is relatively small for a vacuum appliance, it is super powerful; the premium 3-stage cleaning system and power-lifting suction provides five times the air power of other similar vacuums. Furthermore, the Roomba 960 is self-sufficient and can self-charge when its power is low. The Roomba 960 is able to sense obstacles in its way, slowing down to prevent crashing into objects by utilizing smart navigation technology.

In addition, the patented Dirt Detect technology senses where the dirt and debris are hiding, ensuring that your floors receive a thorough clean and that the Roomba 960’s energy is focused in the right places. For any pet owners, the Roomba 960 is strong enough for even the busiest households; a high-efficiency filter traps 99% of all pollen and allergens including dust as minute as 10 microns.

Additional features include being WIFi and Smart Home connected with a virtual wall included. The multi-surface rubber brushes and high-efficiency filter ensures that the Roomba 960 provides you with an entire level clean, complete with cleaning reports to assess just how much coverage the vacuum has provided.

The Roomba 960 weighs 8.6 pounds and possesses dimensions of 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches, making a compact and lightweight choice for cleaning your home. Furthermore, a run time of 75 minutes ensures that the Roomba 960 is capable of cleaning your home on a full charge.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Roomba 960 vacuum is perfect for any individual who dreams to come home from work and see clean floors throughout their home. Using the latest technology in robot vacuums and the efficient convenience of the iRobot HOME App or Alexa, you are able to program the Roomba 960 and then let the vacuum do the work while you go to work.

Why We Like It

The iRobot HOME App is an amazing innovation, allowing you to map and route the cleaning of your home, seeing where the Roomba 960 has cleaned your house and checking if there are any areas which it has missed. Cleaning under furniture and chairs is an added bonus for the Roomba 960, cleaning hard to reach areas which you might normally miss with a standard upright vacuum.