Roomba 665 Review & Buyers Guide

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So, this iRobot may be a little on the pricey side, but as you can see on the Product Expert website, there is a reason for this – it’s practically magical! It is cord-free, so there will be no tangles, tripping or frustrating moments when a greater length is needed to reach those further away places. In fact, you don’t really have to do a great deal at all because this clever robot vacuum does all the hard work for you. The Roomba 665 is more than capable of thoroughly cleaning any floor surface type in your home, including hard floorings, carpets, and even rugs.

To make your weekly cleaning regime even easier, just set the vacuum to auto-run and it will automatically undertake its job every single day of the week without even having to be asked. Its slim build allows it to fit underneath the majority of different furniture types, like your couch, coffee table and kitchen units without any hassle at all.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes with an integrated dual-mode virtual wall barrier to prevent it from crashing into things, meaning that no damage will be caused to your clever robotic vacuum or to your property or features in your home as the vacuum keeps your house clean, dirt and dust free.

Its iAdapt navigation ability ensures that this vacuum always finds any dirt within your home so that you never have to. When it has finished its daily clean, it will automatically head back to its docking station ready for its next clean to begin.


• There is a button on the top of the vacuum which allows easy access to the daily cleaning system of the robot. This enables a daily vacuum to occur without any human intervention, and no inconvenience occurs for the user.

• The integrated dual-mode virtual wall barrier enables the vacuum to navigate its way around the home without crashing into any walls or other obstacles. This is also another pro because it prevents any damages from happening to either the vacuum itself or any usually challenging areas of the home, like walls, skirting boards or table legs. It can also see where drops and stairs begin so that no fall and damage could occur in these instances either.

• Its low, 3.6-inch profile enables the harder to reach and often missed areas to be thoroughly cleaned. These can be areas such as underneath beds and couches, but with such a low profile, all dirt, dust, and debris are eradicated easily and thoroughly with this robotic cleaner.

• The automatic docking facility ensures that the user is never inconvenienced by a flat battery mid-clean. This enables the user to constantly be in control of the cleaning frequency, time and ability. With his vacuum, there is never any need to be dissatisfied or irritated by the lack of ability to clean. This is also helped by its lithium-ion battery which helps triple the battery life and cleaning ability of the vacuum.


• This vacuum, unfortunately, is not able to connect to Wi-Fi so any apps like Google Home and Amazon Alexa cannot be utilized.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This vacuum is suitable for all homes. It is favored by busy people, people with young families and people who work from home. It is also a great option for people who may want to move with the technological times but are not fully adept. By this, we mean that they can use a robotic vacuum cleaner, but they do not need to raise their anxiety by needing to use apps, Google Home, Alexa, or programme it in a challenging way, perhaps targeted at the elderly.

Why We Like It

We like the Roomba 665 because it works well within homes that have a wide array of different flooring types and lots of furniture to navigate around.