iRobot Roomba 652

Roomba 652 Review & Buyers Guide

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As reviewed by the Product Experts, this is the ideal vacuum for you if you want to frequently schedule cleaning regimes every day. This simple to use robot vacuum works just by pressing the “clean” button on the top of its exterior, and it immediately gets to work. No settings, no anxiety over technology, no drama about cleaning. The integrated patented 3-stage cleaning system within the vacuum combined with the dual multi-surface brushes ensure that all dirt, dust, and debris are collected, no matter what their size. Your home has never been cleaner.

This clever Roomba 652 has dirt or dust-covered areas highlighted to it via its integrated dirt detection sensors and is able to work harder on areas that have more stubborn dirt within them. This is a common problem in areas that see a lot of traffic, like hallways and kitchens. Allow this vacuum to clean even the hardest to reach places within your home, like underneath the couch, around furniture that is often a chore to keep moving and lifting, for example, the kitchen table and dining chairs and the tight corners in your home.

To ensure that all floor types are truly seen to, just alter the cleaning head so that the suction brushes are at the ideal heights for hard floors, carpets, and rugs. Don’t worry about your Roomba wonder falling off steps, as thanks to its cliff-detection sensors, this is never an issue. The vacuum prevents accidents from occurring and damage from happening, too.


• The fact that this Roomba vacuum can be set to seven automatic cleans every week ensures that your home can be dirt and dust free 24/7. In effect, you can programme your vacuum to clean your home every single day.

• The dirt detection system is very clever, so this vacuum remembers the areas that are used more frequently and contain larger amounts of dirt.

• It is currently the only vacuum on the market that has two cleaning brushes that work in unison. One lifts dirt, even when it is highly stubborn and is attached to a carpet in a most stubborn manner. The second brush grabs and picks up the dirt and stores it safely without it being dropped anywhere else in the home.


To alter the height of the brushes, the distance must be altered manually, which may be irritating if the user is out of the house or if there are lots of different surfaces types in your house.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This vacuum is suitable for…well, everyone really. If you’re a busy parent, work long hours, require deeper cleaning in houses that are used a lot more abrasively, and for people who have different surfaces types within their home. It would also be a great vacuum for people who have a lot of furniture to navigate within their home, as the intelligent design allows it to remember where it has been, the areas that still need attention and for homes prone to high dirt levels.

For homes where the current vacuum cleaner currently has problems getting into tight corners, this would be the ideal replacement as it fits perfectly into corners and eradicates dirt and dust easily and quickly.

Why We Like It

We love the Roomba 652 because there is literally nothing it cannot do and no dust or debris that it cannot pick up, collect and remove from your home. We also love that it has two main cleaning brushes so there is no particle size of dirt or debris that cannot be removed, even when it is attached to carpet or cemented to hard flooring. Rest assured that the Roomba 652 will clean your home within an inch of its life and you will not be disappointed.