Roomba 618 Review & Buyers Guide

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The Roomba 618 is a powerful robotic vacuum with quadruple the battery life so there will never be a time when the battery runs out in an untimely fashion. Clean all surface types and pick up dirt and debris, even of the most challenging variety with no fuss whatsoever. With the three-stage cleaning system, Xlife battery and low profile makeup, cleaning your home has never been so simple. With multiple cleaning brushes, dust dirt and debris of all sizes can be collected leaving nothing unwanted behind.

There is no need to alter the cleaning head on this vacuum, as shown by the Product Experts, as it alters itself automatically adjusts itself accordingly to all of the surface heights that it encounters. The Roomba 618 has great suction power creating a fabulous dirt lift from problem areas such as carpets. Its intelligent sensors allow it to move around your home with fluidity and it is able to see where furniture lies within its radar so that they can be avoided and remain undamaged, but the areas surrounding them can be cleaned thoroughly.

It can get right into the tightest of corners and has a cliff detector enabling it to sense when drops are imminent and therefore avoid falling off them. The automatic docking system allows cleaning to continue uninterrupted throughout the day and night. Well, what more would expect from a vacuum created through the amalgamation of 25 years of robotic ingenuity?


• This vacuum has four times the amount of battery life as other family vacuums. This means that there is little to no inconvenience occurring when you are wanting to clean your home. You can use this vacuum 24 hours a day and never be disappointed with the suction power or the battery life.

• The Roomba 618 has multiple cleaning brushes so there are no sizes of dirt that get left behind in your home when cleaning has ceased. Dust, dirt, and debris of good size can all be swept away and stored within the vacuum, easily and thoroughly.

• There is no need to have to change the cleaning head height manually, as this occurs automatically whenever the vacuum encounters a floor height, texture or surface type of a different level. This saves time and valuable energy for you that can be exerted in much more effective ways.


Unfortunately, it has not yet been innovated for this vacuum to be connected to Wi-Fi, so it is still imperative that you are within your home to use this model of robotic cleaner.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Roomba 618 is a great option for people who spend a lot of time in one place, as it requires manual switch on when the vacuum is needed. This would be a good option for stay at home parents, or for use within an office or even for people working from home. Thanks to the extended battery life, this vacuum is a very valid option for people looking to save money on their electricity bills, as it only requires a quarter of the amount of charging that the average family vacuum requires.

It is also a good vacuum for people who are either not fully engaged with the latest technology but require a cleaner that does not need lifting or carrying as well as being a very viable option for older people, too, due to the manual application it requires for its use and initiation.

Why We Like It

We love the Roomba 618 because there is no one that will struggle to use it or reap the benefits of it. It is very simple in its application but is very pleasing to the eye at the same time. It is a sleek option that can reach all corners of the house, even under your bed.