Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chair Review


Working for hours on end sitting in front of your computer you need a chair that will give you the support where you need it as well as comfort. Adjustability is vital as in an office environment many different users will be required to use the office chairs. The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chair is the perfect solution. We review the Herman Miller Classic Aeron looking at its features and benefits as well as its aesthetics.

Office chairs are a vital part of your company’s assets. Keeping your employees comfortable will increase their productivity and negate the common complains of sore back, neck and shoulders which leads to other ailments that can keep you out of work. The home professional who needs a chair for their home office will also need a chair that is capable of providing enough support and comfort for long periods in front of their computers.

Features and Benefits

The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chairs are designed to give you the ultimate comfort in office chairs. It is ergonomically designed to give you the best support that any chair can making your working hours comfortable and prevent fatigue.

The backrest and set suspension is 8Z Pellicle elastomeric in nature and it has eight latitudinal zones that envelops you with different tensions to give you the best support and comfort. The 8Z Pellicle will allow your own body heat to pass through and maintain a comfortable temperature no matter what type of climate you live in.

Sitting in one position for long periods of time, the body does not pump the required number of nutrients to the spine and this in turn will cause not only pain or fatigue which in turn affects productivity. The Herman Miller Classic Aeron will move with you, shifting its position as you do to give you ultimate support. As Herman Miller recognises that not all users are the same, the chair does come in three different sizes which will comfortably accommodate any body type and size.

The PostureFit SL will support your spine to allow you to have the same posture you maintain when standing. The adjustable pads provide excellent lumbar support and will help stabilize the base of the spine to allow for a great excellent seated posture. The seat and backrest of these chairs are made from mesh, this allows for ventilation and keeps you cool, especially in a very hot and humid climate.

This chairs seat size is not adjustable, that is why it comes in different sizes, and most common is the size B which will accommodate the majority of office workers. In all other ways it is adjustable. If you opt for the basic model of this chair then you will not get any arm rests. The other options of the Herman Miller do include adjustable arm rests.

These arm rests are very comfortable and they can pivot and are height adjustable to suite your sitting position perfectly. The back of the chair offers a lot of support, it has a lumbar support which is adjustable by moving it up and down the housing, and this lumbar support will prevent slouching and keep your posture in line. The chair is able to tilt all the way back smoothly and allows you to lean back to almost too full tilt without the danger of tipping over.


The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chairs are available in three different types of material. The graphite gives the chair a modern look and is the darkest option. The carbon is a balance between dark and light, it is modern and stylish and will look and is neutral enough to fit into any office. Then there is the mineral which is the lightest color with a fresh look. This chair is almost see through and will look great in any office environment. The mesh of the chairs is both lightweight and breathable. The mesh will not sag over time and the chair is very durable.

Why We Liked It

The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chair is both functional and stylish. It comes in three different sizes of which B is the most commonly used in the office environment. It has numerous features which include an adjustable back rest, arm rests and height. It is designed to ensure that you maintain your posture when sitting for long hours at your desk. It offers lumbar support that can adjust up and down to give you maximum support. It comes in three different types of materials, graphite, carbon and mineral with mineral being the lightest of the three.


If you are looking for an office chair that offers comfort and style, will help you maintain good posture and is highly adjustable, then look no further than the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chair. It offers three different styles on chair namely graphite, carbon and mineral of which mineral is the lightest in color.

It offers 8Z suspension which will give you ergonomic support that will eliminate fatigue and pain associated with sitting for extended periods of time. It offers adjustable head, arm and back rests and also the PostureFit SL and/or adjustable lumbar support for ultimate comfort.

Getting the most out of your working day depends on how comfortable you are sitting at your desk, when you are in discomfort or pain derived from poor posture when sitting, you cannot be productive. The Herman Miller Classic Aeron will help you to get the most out of you working day providing comfort and support where you need it most.

  • Mesh design
  • Lower back supporter
  • Adjustable arms
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