LG 8000 BTU Air Conditioner Review & Buyers Guide

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Quick Summary

Air conditioners can be great for many reasons, especially when the summer arrives and the temperatures begin to rise who doesn’t want to stay looking fresh and calm in their own home. These units really do just make your life that little more bit more comfortable and convenient. But you’ve also got to make sure you buy a unit which is longer lasting and reliable.

The best models don’t just keep you cool they’re also easy to use, are inexpensive to maintain and may even increase the value of your home. Fortunately, we have found an air conditioner which does just the job! The LG 8000 BTU is excellent for keeping rooms up to 150 SQ. FT. chilled and enjoyable all summer long.

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Key Features

This LG 8000 BTU is excellent for being able to keep your rooms cool while you get on with your life. We found this LG air conditioner was really the answer to our hot sweaty mess prayers. Thanks to this model’s sleek contemporary and modern design, you’ll be able to pop this unit anywhere in your home and it it’s free-standing engineering will help it sit and blend instantly around your house. At 59 lbs. we also found this portable machine sturdy but still easy to lift, this meant we weren’t afraid of knocking it over when we placed it to stand!

Thanks to its auto swing air vent engineering you’ll be able to cool more air more efficiently so no hot spots will ever again be left to make you feel uncomfortable. There’s even a programmable 24 hour on and off timer so you can control your air conditioner even when you’re not around.

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Portable: Where ever you need your air conditioner to work its magic you’ll be able to take it there thanks to this air conditioners portable design. You can hook this machine up in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – you name it, and your unit can go with you.

Cools rooms up to 1500 SQ. FT: You’ll easily be able to keep any medium room super cool regardless of the temperature outside.

Quiet: The specially designed quiet motor on this machine means you’ll never hear it make a sound!


The only downside to this fantastic Air conditioner is that its installation can take up to an hour. The instructions are easy to follow but if you’re not super experienced in installing air conditioners, it may take you to you an hour. Good news though, we found those more experienced could install this unit in 20 minutes. So our advice is to call in a favor and get a friend around who knows what they’re doing to cut down on installation time.

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Who Is It Suitable For?

We found that this works great for those wanting to cool one singular room, in particular, this won’t cool the whole of your house down as it’s only one unit. We think you’ll be over the moon though with how efficiently this model is able to cool down a single room. And a bonus feature of this model, if you live in a flat for example with is around 150 SQ FT. you’ll be able to keep a fair amount of cool air flowing through your home.

For those with a bigger house though this works great for being used as and when you need it around the house depending on which room you’re in or which place is the warmest. Just pick up your portable LG unit and bring it with you to your room of choice. Plug it in and sit back, ready to enjoy a world of cool breezes.

Why We Like It

Our favorite feature of this air conditioner is how quiet it is. Never again do you have to worry about picking between a noisy unit which keeps you cool but stops you sleeping, watching tv or relaxing. With this LG unit, you’ll be able to turn your air conditioning unit on and sit back and relax while enjoying your downtime. This means you can even take it with you to your bedroom in an evening and be able to enjoy some well-deserved sleep in the comfort of cold air.