How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaners Don’t Last Forever!

A vacuum cleaner is one of those appliances which no home can be without. Cleaning your carpet without a vacuum cleaner is very hard work and so investing in a good appliance is a home necessity. However, every vacuum cleaner has a shelf-life and the time will come when you need to replace your vacuum and upgrade to a new model. Maybe you might consider purchasing a stick vacuum, or even a robot vacuum?

There is a wide range of choices on the market right now as the technology and innovation surrounding vacuum cleaners has developed and grown to provide the consumer with some amazing and hassle-free options.

How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last?

When purchasing a standard vacuum cleaner, you should expect it to last around 5 years although most models may last longer than this. Some vacuum cleaners such as a Dyson model may last up to 10 years, as long as you maintain and care for it well. Unfortunately, in order to find a vacuum cleaner which does provide such excellent longevity for your money, you will have to spend more money on it as an investment.

The lifespan of your vacuum cleaner will depend upon additional factors other than the brand and model of your purchase. How you use your vacuum cleaner will be a high determining factor, as if you live in a small home you will, of course, use your vacuum cleaner much less than if you live in a larger home. Furthermore, if you own one or more pets, your vacuum cleaner will work harder for longer to clean your floors efficiently.

Saving Your Vacuum Cleaner

Before deciding that your vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced, spend some time checking your current model and try to troubleshoot the problem first. There could be a clog in one of the pipes or something stuck in the brushes. The filter may need to be cleaned thoroughly, as a blocked filter will result in reduced air flow and so will not be able to pick up dust and debris. Giving your filter a deep clean may prove to make a real difference.

Alternatively, it may be possible to replace your filter, depending on what brand and model you have purchased; a new filter may mean that your vacuum cleaner is working as good as new. Finally, you could check the drive belt in case it has come off track or stretched out. Again, this part can easily be replaced. Saving your vacuum cleaner from the dump may save you a great deal of money!

However, sometimes a vacuum cleaner just cannot be saved. Perhaps it is no longer picking up dust and debris as well as it used to, or maybe you are just not happy with the overall performance anymore.

Purchasing a New Vacuum Cleaner

If you have tried everything possible to save your current vacuum cleaner, but you are still not happy with the performance you are receiving, there are many models and types of vacuum cleaner available. A stick vacuum provides a great lightweight option for a new vacuum cleaner. Offering more maneuverability and flexibility, you can twist around corners and slide easily under furniture. Some stick vacuums are cordless and come complete with a wall-mounted docking station, enabling you to charge your vacuum cleaner with ease and style.

Purchasing a cordless stick vacuum cleaner ensures that you have the freedom to move around your home and up the stairs, providing a thorough clean for every floor within your home. Many vacuum cleaners also come with the capability to convert to a handheld vacuum, providing you with a handheld option which can be used to clean the interior or your car. Take a look at the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

An alternative purchase for a new vacuum cleaner is one of the newer robot vacuums. A robot vacuum cleans your home by itself through the touch of a button, allowing you to carry on with much more meaningful tasks while the robot vacuum does the floor cleaning for you. If you pay more for your robot vacuum, it may be compatible with an App which means that you can program the route which the vacuum cleaner will take.

You can also assess the effectiveness of the robot vacuum cleaner afterward by seeing through the App where the vacuum has cleaned. Furthermore, some robot vacuums are compatible with home assistants such as Alexa. Take a look at the Roomba 960 robot vacuum. Overall, you will know if and when you need to replace your vacuum cleaner.

There are some really good choices on the market, although the best performance will probably cost you the most money. However, consider the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner as an investment into the longevity and future of your home and lifestyle.

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