How to Grill Steak?

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Most types of steak taste better when they’ve been properly grilled, but it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds on paper. It’s easy to miss a step or forget something while you’re trying to grill a streak, and the end result will be far less appealing in both taste and texture – and there won’t be much you can to do salvage it once it’s dished up and ready to eat.

Thankfully, we at Product Expert are here to simplify things for you. We can give you a few tips that might help you create a tasty, juicy steak straight from your grill time and time again, whether you’re a new gas grill owner or a long-time lover of home-grilled meals. Our recommendations can help you improve your grilling skills and get rid of those undercooked or badly-burnt meats by teaching you how to grill steak the real way!

Preparing a Steak

Preparation is everything when it comes to food, and steak is no exception. Before you grill it, you should make sure it’s defrosted and warmed up to room temperature – leaving it on a covered plate for twenty minutes should be enough to make sure it’s ready to cook. You can use this time to heat up the grill or get other ingredients ready.

Speaking of heating up the gas or electric grill, it’s usually a good idea to oil the cooking surface to make sure your steak doesn’t stick. Take a cloth or paper towel soaked in oil and a safe-to-use brush, then sweep it over the grilling surface: this might cause a little bit of smoke and a slight sizzling sound at first, but you won’t notice it once you’re actually cooking.

Salting and seasoning can also help bring out a better flavor! Try to add the salt roughly half an hour before cooking if you have the time: this stops it from absorbing all the moisture from the meat, but still adds a crispy texture to the finished meal. Seasoning should always be done right before cooking, possibly even while it’s already on the grill and as early as ten minutes before you start to cook it. Always remember that the taste is linked to how much you add – try to get an even coverage for a steak that’s consistently crispy and flavourful!

Preparing the Grill

Knowing how to grill steak doesn’t help much if you don’t have the grill prepared properly! Before you try to cook a steak, you should always make sure your grill has had time to heat up and get to a temperature where it can start to caramelize the outside layer. This helps trap the favor inside, and grilling one without preheating the cooking surface can give the end result a bland taste.

The hotter your grill, the crispier the steak. If you’re using real coals, look for small red flames and wisps of smoke, since this is generally a sign that it’s hot enough to use. Make sure you’re used to the way your grill heats up, though: slower-heating grills will take longer to get to an ideal temperature, which can delay your meal if you don’t anticipate it.

You should also gather all your cooking tools ahead of time, just in case. Trying to move a hot steak to a plate without the right utensils could lead to it being dropped straight onto the floor, turning your perfect meal into an inedible mess.

Cooking the Steak

Once your steak’s on the grill, there are a few different ways you can take things: it mostly comes down to what kind of steak you want, since rare steaks, well-done steaks and everything in-between all use slightly different cooking times. A good guideline to use is ‘per inch of steak’ since many larger steaks will be about an inch thick. For Rare meals, you’ll want to grill it for about five minutes at a temperature of around 50°C, then the other side for about three.

Medium and Medium Rare should be a minute or so longer and slightly hotter, usually near 60°C, while Medium Well should be bumped up to just under 70°C. Well-done steaks take the longest, usually totaling about twenty to twenty-two minutes total at an average temperature of 75°C. The internal heat of the steak will be much higher than the grill heat, so don’t be surprised if they take a while to cool down once they’re on your plate.

When it comes time to physically cook the steak, you’ll need to do more than just flip it like a hamburger: you should also be rotating it by about 45 degrees every minute or so, which should hopefully give it a diamond-like pattern when you turn it over. It’s a good idea to have at least four “positions” that you switch between, two on each flat side of the steak. When it seems fully cooked, move it onto a plate and let the juices settle for a few minutes, and voilà!


With Product Expert help, you should be well on your way to cooking the perfect steak in no time! It’s not as hard as it sounds, you just need a little knowledge and some time to prepare – no special equipment, no expensive “secret tricks” and nothing that’ll take you hours to arrange. With our tips, you shouldn’t have much trouble repeating the processing time and time again to make great meals wherever and whenever you want them!

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