How to Cool a Room with Fans?

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Currently experiencing a heat wave and are looking at cooling your room down drastically but don’t know where to start? Fans are the answer; fans have always been the answer as you will come to learn in time — probably at the end of the article you’re reading right now in all honesty! Here at Product Expert, we strive to bring you nothing but the best tips and tricks that you can try for yourselves!

Now, we understand that many of you out there might already own a series of fans around your home already, that’s fine. This article is intended for those who don’t know, who are maybe struggling with keeping their home cool and don’t want to spend lots of money in doing so!

What Do They Do?

Fans distribute nothing but cool air into your home, a very quick way of changing the temperature in your room without owning an air conditioner or leaving the window open! Fans come in a range of shapes and sizes. Not only that, but most come with various speed settings; the faster the fans spin, the more cool air is pushed into one general direction.

Some fans actually sit on a swivel and will actually spread the air out quite nicely across the room. A lot of people out there like to keep their fans somewhere close-by, preferably in spaces close to their face. For example, some like to keep their fan close to their bed so that they can sleep in a hot bedroom/home.

Is There Different Kinds Of Fans Out There?

Yes, there are plenty of different fan options out right now for you to try, each varies in price, size, and power. A desk fan is one of the most common fans out right now, a somewhat small fan that packs a lot of power. Desk fans can be bought pretty much anywhere — most stationary stores will have them, and the internet is chocked full of them!

If you’re after a much smaller fan, then there is plenty of options for you to choose from. Travel fans, for example, are very easy to carry around with you and are incredibly easy to operate, all you need to do is point the fan in the desired direction and feel the breeze! These fans are battery operated and also the cheapest fans going, which is definitely helpful if you are wanting something quick and effortless!

The more expensive fans are the much larger ones that come with a lot more power, the sorts of fans that you can leave in the corner of your room, and it will easily spread throughout the room. In terms of how this fan is powered, you will need to plug it into a socket of some kind. All of these fans will have a dial on them that will allow you to adjust the speed of the fan rather easily!

The Benefits of a Cool Room

Having a cool room comes with an endless list of outstanding benefits, the kind that appears to only make your life easier, especially if you live somewhere hot and are constantly sweating when at home. If you own a big fan that has a lot of power behind it, then you should close the window and blinds for maximum chill!

Having a cool room also helps you drift off to sleep too! Our bodies can’t shut down to sleep if we are too hot, meaning owning a fan that’s switched on throughout the night could make a massive difference in helping you sleep. Studies have shown that people who invest in AC units/fans feel a lot more fresh on a morning compared to those who sweat profusely throughout the night!

Generally feeling hot and bothered can have a lot of unforeseen side effects, the kind that stops you from living your life normally. Nine times out of ten, someone who’s stressed enough as it is, will explode if they are hot. Having a fan that’s constantly adding a chill to your room will help to soothe anyone feeling flustered — trust us, we’ve been in this situation before!

How Much Do They Cost?

As we’ve already mentioned above, there are plenty of fan options out there for one to choose from, each are as distinct as the last in terms of appearance and power. The price is yet another factor that changes depending on the fan in question. It goes without saying, but the bigger the fan, the more expensive it will be as a result!

We always advise that you choose a product that works for you, rather than just paying for something because it’s expensive and you believe quality is all but guaranteed. If you live in a somewhat small apartment that has barely any floor space — or space in general — then where are you going to put a fan that’s over 18 inches tall?

Top Tip

If you are someone who lives somewhere with a lot of space, then owning multiple fans is an option for you! You can never have enough fans in our opinion, especially if you live somewhere that’s incredibly hot 95% of the time. Just remember to place both fans in different parts of the room so that the entire room is covered in cool air!

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