How to Clean CPAP Machine?

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Since you’re going to be using it for around eight hours each night, it only makes sense to keep your CPAP machine clean. While it might not appear dirty to your naked eye, your device needs to be cleaned regularly so that you can protect yourself as well as your machine. The CPAP takes air in from your room, compresses it, and delivers pressurized air to keep your airway free of obstructions. But between the moisture-rich air that you exhale and the moisture made by the humidifier of your unit, your mask, tube, and the machine can accumulate excess water.

The problem is that microorganisms like bacteria and mold thrive in damp environments, making your machine a potential breeding ground for unhealthy colonization. The good news is that cleaning and maintaining your CPAP machine is relatively quick. And with a number of useful products designed specifically to clean these devices, it’s also very simple.

How Often Should I Clean My CPAP?

Regular cleaning of your CPAP device will prevent bacteria growth, particulate matter build-up, and any foul odor from occurring. Not only will this keep you healthier, but it will also prevent your device from malfunctioning down the line. With a regular cleaning schedule, you can ensure a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Since your mask is the component that is directly on your face, it’s advised that you clean your CPAP mask daily. Other components like the tubing and humidifier tank can be cleaned weekly. Following this routine will prevent grime build-up within your device and allow it the perform efficiently without posing any detrimental risks to your health.

Watch the video below to find out how to best clean your machine.

How to Clean ResMed CPAP Machine?

Due to the moisture found in your ResMed CPAP machine, your device requires regularly cleaning to prevent the build-up of grime, oils, dirt, mold, and bacteria. Regular cleaning will help your machine run cleanly and efficiently for years. The care of your CPAP machine can be broken down into four parts: the mask, tube, device, and humidifier. Your mask should be cleaned daily.

Since you want it to be dry when you put it on each night, it’s advised that you clean it each morning after waking up. To clean your mask, hand wash it each day with mild soap and allow it to air-dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals which can damage the mask and leave an odor or residue. Your tubing should also be cleaned regularly. Daily cleaning is best but if time is an issue, it can be done weekly. The tube should be washed out with a mild soap and warm water.

Then let the tube air dry. Check your tube once a month for cracks or deterioration and if any is found, replace it.The motor of your device should also receive weekly care. While a simple wipe down of the exterior is sufficient, the main thing you should check is the filter.

Dust and particles can clog the filter so you should check it once a week for holes or build-up. Rinse the filter, pat it dry with a paper towel, let it air dry, and follow your device’s instructions for when to replace it.
Your humidifier should be cleaned once a week at the minimum. Rinse out the water tub with warm water and a mild soap and then let it dry. Also check it once a month for cracks or cloudiness and if necessary, replace it.

CPAP Cleaning Wipes

While a regular damp cloth can be used, CPAP wipes make keeping your device hygienic and clean as simple as possible. These wipes are convenient and are perfect for cleaning your CPAP mask daily, removing facial oils and contaminants from the mask. They also work great on your tubing and inside your humidifier tank, eliminating dirt, grime, and residue.

CPAP wipes are made from cotton and since they don’t contain any fragrance, latex, or alcohol, they won’t leave a harsh, unpleasant odor in your mask. And since they are infused with natural cleansing ingredients, these wipes aren’t loaded with harsh chemicals, meaning you can use them every day without damaging your mask.

Best Soap to Clean CPAP Mask?

You don’t want to use a soap that contains harsh chemicals while cleaning your CPAP mask. These strong detergents contain additives that can irritate your face, leave a harsh odor or residue, and potentially damage the mask. Instead, use a mild detergent that won’t cause any damage or irritation to your face or the mask’s material.

While there are soaps that are formulated specifically for cleaning your CPAP, there are several more affordable options on the market. The main thing you want is a mild cleanser with limited additives. Because of this, two of the best choices are mild dish soaps and baby shampoo.

How to Clean CPAP Hose with Vinegar?

Since vinegar is a proven natural disinfectant, periodically using it to clean your CPAP’s tube and humidifier can help prevent build-up and ensure that it is germ-free. To do this, simply dilute vinegar in a solution that is one part vinegar to 5 parts water. This will allow you to benefit from the cleansing properties of the vinegar without it damaging your device or leaving too strong an odor. Ideally, this should be done monthly.

To clean the tube, pour the solution through the tubing. You can even use a specifically-designed CPAP brush that is capable of reaching into the tube for added cleaning power. Then simply rinse the tube out thoroughly and hang it in a warm location to air dry. Since you already have the solution on hand, you can pour some in your humidifier’s water tub and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then simply rinse it out thoroughly and let it dry.


CPAP machines are one of the most effective treatments for individuals with chronic obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. While there are minimal risks associated with the use of these devices, most can be directly attributed to lack of proper care and maintenance. By keeping your device clean and following the above maintenance schedule, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the therapy while ensuring a better degree of long-term health.

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