How Do Bladeless Fans Work?

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Bladeless fans are a great alternative to the conventional fan. If you are looking for a way to cool down the air temperature within the room you are in, a fan is very useful. If you have children or pets, you may want to consider the safety of having moving blades around, especially as we know that we cannot keep our eyes on the kids or pets at all times. Bladeless fans offer a much safer option for the cooling of air and air movement within your home or workplace.

Fan Function

So how exactly is it that a fan without blades can cool you down? Well, it works in the opposite manner to a vacuum cleaner and is able to produce an airflow of 55mph max. Bladeless fans do not look like your average fan in the aesthetics department. They are designed in a very modern way and are incredibly simple to use while remaining safe to have around children and pets. Product Expert describes bladeless fans as providing the user with a consistent and smooth airflow which can be compared to that of a cooling breeze.

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Bladeless or Not?

Despite its name, the bladeless fan does actually have blades, but they are hidden out of sight and are not in a place that can be easily accessed by children. The blades are hidden within the pedestal stand which is where the fan draws air in to in the same manner as a vacuum cleaner. The pedestal stand is not the only helpful point of the bladeless fan.

It also has a rotating electric motor which helps you to control the specific speed at which the air flow is moved. Due to the bladeless fans using a brushless electric motor, it is much quieter than the more conventional fans, with the motor being able to move the air around and cool it down much more effectively, too.


Bladeless fans work so efficiently because of the laws of inducement and entrainment. For a conventional fan, the air is only drawn from the area directly in front of it, but for a bladeless fan, the air is drawn from all surrounding areas. This creates a continuous, even flow of cool air. Thanks to the pedestal motor used within a bladeless fan, this modern fan type is said to be 15 times more effective than the average bladed fan.

Conventional fans often have protective cages fitted to them to prevent fingers from being chopped off should they end up being placed in the blades when the fan is rotating, but this prevents the full amount of desired air flow from entering the fan and from being cooled down. As the bladeless fan is bladeless to the eye, there does not need to be any protective cage, and therefore the full amount of required air flow is able to enter the fan, cooling down a much larger percentage of air, faster and more effectively. We think the bladeless fans are fantastic!

Going Round in Circles

The bladeless fan is usually round in shape. This is because the circular shape is best for catching and trapping the biggest volume of air and a small slit in the base of the fan then sucks this air into the brushless motor. The passage that the air passes through is wide until it reaches the expelling area, where it significantly narrows so that the cool air is released faster, cooler and more effectively.

Simple Multiplication

The bladeless fan also goes by another name: air multiplier. This is because it significantly multiplies the amount of air it releases in a cool manner in comparison to the amount of air that it consumes in order to be able to process this. It’s almost like some kind of magic, but really it’s just simple multiplication and science combined.

Modernity is Better than Convention

Conventional fans are cooling, cheap to get your hands on and can be placed in any location near a socket. But the modern approach to cooling air seems to really have taken off. The aesthetically pleasing bladeless fan is much more powerful and can, therefore, create a much better flow of cooler air. For people living in hotter climates, the bladeless fan is a necessity really. It runs in an eco-friendly manner so will not cost the earth if you want it on for long periods of time and you won’t need to worry about your electricity bill.

With no external blades on show, the bladeless fan is much safer to have in your home if there are children or pets around, as there is no risk of losing a finger, tail or tongue. We all know the intrigue for some children or pets, and the blades have been cleverly hidden away to prevent any nasty accidents from occurring. The bladeless fan sucks in air from all areas of your room and multiples the amount of cold air that it is able to produce significantly to the amount that it intakes.

Alright, we get that the bladeless fan is somewhat more expensive than a conventional fan, but in the height of the summer, we assure you that you absolutely will not regret spending a single penny on the modern fan. It’s very effective at cooling, cheap to run, will not disturb you as it runs so quietly and adds style to any home or workplace in which it sits.

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