Hoover Rogue 970 Review & Buyers Guide

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If you are looking for an ultra-clever, technological dream of a vacuum, then this could be the gadget that is perfect to you and brought to you by Product Expert. Pre-installed with the Hoover Home App, this vacuum allows you to stay in control of your robotic cleaner without even having to be in the house, let alone the same room as each other. It comes with Robart Mapping and Memory Navigation allowing seamless maneuvering around your home, through the use of a laser. It is also able to remember the layout of your home for faster, more effective cleaning.

This SmartWall Technology allows barriers to be created by the customization settings in the Hoover Home App. Connect this intelligent robot to your Wi-Fi easily and quickly so that you can always be made aware of what it is doing and what areas of your home have been vacuumed or are left to do.  The Hoover Rogue 970 is a gadget you can actually talk to and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, too, so you can literally tell me what to do, what to clean and when to stop.

It is wonderful at agitating areas of hardened dirt, brushing challenging areas and collecting dust, dirt, and hair. Not only does the Hoover Rogue 970 look sleek and proactive, it actually acts that way, too. A vacuum that works just as well on carpeted floors as it does on wooden or tiled flooring, this vacuum is suitable for any home.  When it has finished cleaning, or the charge has been run down, it has the facility of automatically docking itself enabling an automatic power up to occur.

Just from a quick glance at the Rogue, you are able to tell from the colored lights atop it, as to what it is doing or if it needs anything if you so desire. For example, the outer veneer of the Rogue shows you that the vacuum is connected to the internet, when the Dirt Cup needs emptying, what the battery life is at that current time and also if your Rogue is experiencing an error. We think the only error you will be making is not buying this genius vacuuming gadget from Product Expert.


There are so many pros for us to write about, but here are the top ones:

• It connects to your Wi-Fi;

• You can talk to your vacuum and remain in control of your cleaning regime;

• Effectively eradicates and collects stubborn dirt, particles of multiple sizes and hair;

• The internal laser ensures that the Hoover Rogue 970 remembers its path and objectives as it moves around the home.


Are there any cons when you have a gadget as clever as this? If we are being very picky then we should maybe mention:

• Stairs are a little problematic for this robot vacuum;

• The Dirt Cup capacity is not huge so would need emptying more often than some other comparable vacuum cleaners.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Hoover Rogue 970 is an excellent vacuum for tech lovers, people with very limited time for their cleaning regimes to be undertaken and people who always want to come home from work to an orderly, dirt and dust free home. Also, for people who may have mobility issues, such as bending down, as a regular vacuum would require, then this is a fabulous enabler.

Why We Like It

We like the Hoover Rogue 970 because we literally don’t have to do any vacuuming. We can simply talk out loud to a voice-controlled gadget, like Alexa or Google Home and it will do exactly what we ask it to do. Not only that, if time is of the essence and you’re stuck at work, you have the ability to connect to your vacuum at home and set it into action without even having to be in the same building. There’s no reason to come home to a dirty house ever again.