Best Gifts for Runners in 2019

No matter whether you are somebody who just runs around the block in the mornings, a marathon runner or a trail runner, you need the best you can get in the way of equipment and accessories to help you keep track of your fitness levels, help you monitor your heart rate, protect your feet, body, and hands when working out. There are many ideas for gifts for runners and they include shoes, clothes (keep them neat with an ironing board.) and tech.

We have created a comprehensive list of gift ideas for marathon runners, trail runners, and more. We have created an Amazon gift guide for you to consider when selecting exactly the right gift for the runner in your life. Different types of runners require different equipment, a track runner will not use the same shoes as say a trail runner.

Therefore we have made a selection of gifts that cover the whole spectrum of runner’s gifts including jewelry and exercising equipment, to watches and shoes. From cool gifts to practical gifts there is something on the list for all runners. All our gifts are available on Amazon right now so have a look at our list and find the right gift for your runner.

Here is our Review of the Top Gifts for Runners in 2019

Athletic Running Socks

Athletic Running Socks | Women's


Keeping you feet warm and comfortable is paramount. These socks help prevent blisters and keep moisture away from your feet. Soft with a great feel to them and an inspirational message on sole and ankle. Great birthday gift.

Massage Roller Stick


Release tension in your muscles by rolling out the targeted area for five minutes. Increase blood circulation and help reduce cramps. Small compact and easy to travel with. Comfortable handles allow for a smooth rolling action. Excellent gift for runners.

Runner Bracelet

Running Charm Bracelet


Give them the inspiration they need just before that big marathon. Let them know you believe in them and you are with them with this runner charm bracelet. Bracelet it adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. Great gift for joggers.

KINETIC Cooling Towel


This towel is great for keeping you cool when jogging. When wet the towels cooling fabric will lower the body temperature and last for hours. Keeps sweat out of your race when used as a headband, with great absorption abilities.

Hands-Free Hydration Armband

Hydrosleeve Package, Hydration Armband


Hydration is critical for racers. Hydrosleeve armband allows you to hydrate yourself without using your hands. Anti-slosh and with therma-cool insulator. You get 2 anti-slosh bladders and 2 angled valves in this package. Use on either arm. Excellent runner’s gift.

LED Slap Armband

Higo LED Slap Armband


Keep yourself visible on those early morning runs. It offers high visibility and can attach to your wrist or ankle, one size will fit all. Choose between steady light or flash mode options. Battery lasts up to 70 hours.

Medal Holder

Medal Holder Medal Hanger Display


You are proud of your achievements as a marathoner as you should be. Show off your medals and remind yourself of all the time and effort you have put in. Easy to mount and can hold up to 60 medals.

Medal Bib Display

Marathon Medal Bib Display, Holder,


Participating in marathons is not easy it takes preparation and dedication. Show off your achievements in the very demanding sport by displaying your medals in your home. Looks good and holds 17 medals, excellent gift for marathon runners.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks for Women/Men


Improve your blood circulation, and reduce lactic acid build up. Anti-bacteria fabric will help regulate your temperature. Anti-odor and anti-static to keep you dry and comfortable when exercising or working out. Comes in various colors. Goods gift for Christmas.

Running Decal Sticker

Girl Running Decal Sticker


Cute gift for her. Let her show that she is a runner with this decal sticker for her car, laptop or anywhere else she would like to attach it. High quality vinyl sticker that will not peel. Very durable.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones,


Keep yourself focused during a long run or a workout. Offers crystal clear music or calls using Bluetooth. Sweat-proof design with a 4 hour talk time. Comfortable and stylish. Rechargeable using USB port. Best gifts for Christmas or Birthday.

Women’s Ponytail Headband

TrailHeads Ponytail Headband


Great gifts for female athletes. Keeps your long hair under control during gym sessions as well as covering ears to keep them warm and sweat out. Soft and stylish headband available in various colors. One size fits most.


Level Terrain FlipBelt


Keeping all your phone and personal items safe during your run is no longer a problem. Flipping this belt closes and locks goods inside. Fabric is soft and will not cause chafing. Helps with visibility on early morning runs.

The Runner’s World Cookbook

The Runner's World Cookbook:


Excercising and preparing yourself physically for the big race is not the only thing you need to do. Eating well has a direct influence on your performance on the track. 150 recipes to help you eat correctly and maximise performance.

Graduated Compression Socks

Graduated Compression Socks


This sport is hard on your legs and feet. The sock has a padded shock absorbing footbed and is comfortable. Prevents blisters and keeps you cool and dry. Graduated compression from ankle to calf helps prevents cramps and increase circulation.

Road ID Bracelet

Road ID Bracelet Identification Bracelet


Great gift for marathoners, allows you to include information such as emergency contact, medial information, name and other details. Not only good for athletes but for hikers, kids and the elderly. But to fit all wrist sizes. Laser engraved.

Mantra Charm Bracelet

Runner Girl Mantra Charm Bracelet


Lightweight and stylish, the perfect gift for female athletes. Remind them that they can achieve their goals and let them show their pride as a runner. Very comfortable to wear while jogging or working out. Show your passion for running.

Rainproof LED Slap Band

Higo light up band


Keeping visible on those morning runs is paramount to your safety. Rainproof and sweat proof and ultra-reflective, can be worn on wrist or ankle. Easy to use just slap it on it will curl wrap automatically. Great gift for athletes.

Runners Fanny Pack


No bounce, no ride up and perfect to keep your belongings safe while running or working out. Expandable storage pockets, water proof and fully adjustable. Available in sizes from small to XXL. Reflective, stylish and lightweight, perfect birthday gift.

Little Red Book of Running

The Little Red Book of Running


Get some great tips on how to improve in your sport with the Little Red Book. Tips on how to increase weekly mileage, boos overall speed, choosing the best sneaker, staying motivated, avoiding injuries and 246 other great tips.

Hydration Running Belt

Hydration Running Belt


Two main concerns when exercising, keeping hydrated and keeping personal possessions such as phones safe, this belt does it all. Fit most phones and the water bottles are the perfect size for your morning jog or a medium distance run.

Night Running Gear Shoe Lights

RUMBLE Night Running Gear Shoe


Great for visibility during night or early morning jog. Four light modes include solid, flashing, S.O.S and vibrate. Fit on all shoe sizes, or wear on your wrist or ankle. Lightweight and last for up to 90 hours.

Runner’s Devotional

The Runner's Devotional


Keep the runner in your life motivated and inspired. Each devotion includes an inspirational reading, scripture application, tips as well as a personal story from a fellow runner. Also includes health and fitness tips and weekly logs.

Compression Socks for Men


Increase blood circulation, prevent cramping and swelling and support your heel, foot and calves during your run. Comfortable and easy to put on, breathable and will keep your feet cool and dry. Boost stamina and aid recovery, good runner’s gift.

Headband Bandana

Kalily Pack Head Bands


Keep the sweat out of your face and look stylish at the same time. Made from microfiber fabrics which are breathable and wick moisture away fast. Stretchy and comfortable and quick drying. Fits heads of all shapes and sizes.

Alfamo Cooling Towel

Mesh Cooling Towel


One of the best gifts you can give, this towel keeps them cool and dry when running marathon or power gym session. Chills instantly, soft, pliable and stays chilled for 3 hours and will reduce body temperature up to 300.

Calf Compression Sleeve

Calf Compression Sleeve


Helps to prevent injuries and shin splints pain. Graduated compression from 25mmHg to 20mmHG. Increase blood flow and prevent calf cramps when exercising. Reduces muscle fatigue and helps with recovery. Lightweight and fits most calf sizes. Perfect gift for athletes.

Lock Laces

LOCK LACES Elastic Shoelace


Transform your lace-up sneakers into slip-ons. They conform to your foot and reduce pressure points making your feet feel great and allowing you to perform at your best during the race. Easy quick transitions for triathletes. One size fits all.

Clip On Running Lights


Visibility it a key safety feature for any runner. Lightweight, slim and compact and offer three lighting modes, steady, strobe and fast flash. Up to 100 hours battery life. Includes 2 short Velcro straps and 1 long elastic Velcro strap.

Reflective Vest

Reflective Vest with Hi Vis Bands,


The road is a dangerous place, especially at dusk, early morning or night time. The vest provides 360 degrees reflectivity is lightweight and gives high visibility day or night. Fits over any clothing easily, includes two arm bands.

Run Fast. Eat Slow

Run Fast. Eat Slow.


Good nutrition is just as important as an excellent gym regime. Champion marathoner Shalane Flanagan and Chef Elyse Kopecky collaborate on this ultimate cook book for runners with over 100 recipes from healthy drinks to great meals and snacks.

Ironman Watch

Timex Women's T5K526 Ironman Watch


Keeping track of time while racing or participating in a triathlon is important so you can determine if you need to speed up or not. 100m water resistant watch offers stopwatch with 10 lap memory, light-up dial and durable strap.

Copper Knee Sleeve

CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace


A knew sleeve that is guaranteed not to slip no matter what exercise you are doing with double silicone anti-slip. Relieves soreness and muscle stiffness as well as eliminating odors. Breathable and ergonomically designed to allow full range of movement.

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner 15


Especially designed for runners. Features a GPS, tracks your distance the pace you are maintaining and the amount of calories you are burning. Reminds you that it is time to move. Rechargeable battery and heart rate monitor.

Salomon Trail-Runners

Salomon Athletic Shoe, black


The most important part of your outfit are you shoes. They have to keep your feet comfortable, give good traction and be lightweight. The Salomon does all of this and more. Made from anti-debris mesh and water resistant material.

Running Belt


Keeping your phone with you without having to carry it is great when exercising. This belt will accommodate most phones, the earphone hole is compatible with most smartphones, lightweight, sweat and water proof and does not bounce. Reflective straps.

Women’s Running Gloves

TrailHeads Women's Running Gloves


Racing in winter is no problem with these workout gloves that have conductive fabric on tips so you can use your touchscreen with them on. Wind and abrasion resistant, smooth and soft with an inner layer that wicks moisture away.

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


Monitor your heart rate, Smart Calorie feature monitors calories burned during workouts. Monitor the effectiveness of your workout for fitness or fat burning. Includes chest strap for accuracy. Connects with gym equipment and is water resistant to 30m.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate


PurePulse allows you to monitor you heart rate and measure calorie burn, see notifications on the OLED display and track your sleep patterns. The cardio Fitness Score helps you track fitness level Includes GPS with pace and distance stats.

Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch,


Check the intensity of your workouts, monitor your heart rate and see your running stats, calories burned and active minutes. GPS maps your routes and stats such as pace and duration. Stay in contact with text, call and calendar notifications.

Garmin Forerunner 230

Garmin Forerunner 230


Track your activity, count steps and calories burned throughout the day, receive notifications of text, mail and calls. Audio prompts include laps run and lap times. 16 hours battery life in training mode, and 5 weeks in watch mode.

Apple Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2 38mm


Personalized changeable face with widgets. Get notifications and run your apps, Taptic alerts and monitor heart rate and activity. Connect to iPhone via Bluetooth and connect to internet on WiFi. Battery life is up to 18 hours normal use.

Moisture Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Zity Men's HyperDri T Shirt


A good sports shirt for running with UPF 50+ protection, lightweight and anti-odor. Allows for great mobility with 4-way stretch fabrication. Made from 100% polyester it is high quality and perfect for casual wear or when running or working out.

Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Vapor Apparel Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt


This 100% microfiber long sleeve t-shirt is just the thing for runners. Keep you dry and cool with anti-microbial technology. Breathable and lightweight with 50+ UV protection. Keeps you odor free at all times. Available in various colors.

Men’s Cool Dry T-Shirts

Tesla Men's Cool Short Sleeve T Shirt


Designed for working out and racing in all seasons. Keeps you cool and wicks moisture away to keep you dry. Made from high quality materials with a dual fabric mesh design. Available in various colors and sizes.

Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Tesla Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt


With great elasticity and durability this extreme compression fit long sleeved t-shirt is designed to be used for working out in all seasons. Breathable, it releases heat while it wicks moisture ways causing a cooling effect. 50+ UV protection.

Men’s Compression Pants

Tesla Men's Thermal Pants Leggings


With two-way air circulation and quick time dry with moisture sensing and ability to wick moisture away to have a cooling effect this is a quality polyester, spandex blend compression wear shorts for racing. Use in all seasons.

Men’s Compression Tank

Tesla Men's Compression Muscle Tank


Designed to keep you cool and dry during workouts or when racing. It features moisture sensing, a quick time dry and two-way air circulation. Great elasticity to ensure a good range of motion. Wicks moisture away and releases heat.

Women’s Workout Tee

Matymats Women’s Workout Tee


High elasticity, smooth and very strong this long leave t-shirt has an elastic cuff with thumb holes to protect your hands when working out. A pocket with zipper in the hem allows for storage of small personals. Wicks away moisture.

Women’s Twist Tech V-Neck

Under Armour Women's Twist Tech V-Neck


Super soft and lightweight with a stretch construction to allow for a full range of motion. Signature Moisture Transport System will wick away moisture and keep you dry all day. Have a deep v-neck collar and comes in various colors.

Women’s Ready-Set Tank Top

ASICS Women's Ready Set Singlet


Comfortable and stylish this tank top provides wicking technology to wick away moisture and keep you dry and light all day. The texturized mesh polyester is breathable and cool. Comes in various colors and sizes.

Women Racerback Sports Bras

Mirity Women Racerback Sports Bras


A pullover style high support bra that will allow you to train hard. It has ventilation panels and wide shoulder straps which make for a cool and comfortable fit. Soft, stretchy and breathable, great for gym and everyday use.

Women’s Stretchy Top

Ssyiz Women's Stretchy Top


Stretchy, stylish and great for gym or casual wear. Elastic cuff with thumb holes keep your hands covered and protected during exercise. Absorbs sweat is breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Cotton and Spandex blend in various colors and sizes.

Power Flex Running Leggings

Women Power Flex Yoga Pants


The high waist and wide waistband controls your stomach and shapes your body. Reduce irritation with interlocking seams, and put a stop to chafing with the lay flat edges. Features in inner pocket to keep your keys in.

Compression Leggings

Women's Compression Pants


Reduce wasted energy, restrict excessive muscle movement and improve your overall performance. The compression leggings reduce pain and help with recovery after sessions. Improve your blood circulation and prevent fatigue. Wicks away moisture keeping you cool and dry.

Women’s Yoga Running Workout

Baleaf Women's Running Legging


Ergonomically designed for good range of motion, flat seams eliminate chafing and reduce irritation. Comfortable and breathable, wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Features a hidden pocket in the waistband for keys and other small valuables.

Nike Running Shorts

Nike Tempo Running Shorts


In order to ensure a good race you need the right clothes. With built-in briefs, internal key pocket, mesh panels and adjustable elastic waistband and Dri-Fit technology to wick away moisture, will ensure your comfort for the best race performance.

Men’s Running Short

Soffe Men's Running ShortBlackMED


This 100% nylon tricot, machine washable running short will ensure you comfort during the race or gym sessions. Features an elastic waistband with dolphin hem and taping. Includes an inside pocket to keep your keys or other small valuables.

Men’s Long Mesh Short

Champion Men's Long Mesh Short


A lightweight and comfortable long short. Made with 100% polyester mesh material for breathability, elastic waistband and side pockets to keep valuable in. The internal quickcord allows for easy adjustability. Machine washable and available in various colors with shorts closure.

Men’s Zantev3 Running Shoe

New Balance Zante V3 Running Shoe,


The right shoe can help you win that race or complete that marathon without having to suffer pain and discomfort in your feet. The foam midsole, bootie construction and rubber sole of this running shoe will help you perform better.

Women’s Zantev3 Running Shoe

New Balance Zantev3 Running Shoe


Made from breathable textile and synthetic blend material, with a foam midsole and no-sew material application this running shoe will ensure comfort and great grip when running. Keep your feet comfortable and you will perform better during the race.

ASICS Trail Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 5 Trail Runner


Running is hard on the feet, men need the best shoe they can get. Removable sockliner allows for your medical orthotics. Synthetic/mesh material makes it breathable and it has great traction with a trail-specific outsole. GEL cushioning makes it ultra-comfortable.

ASICS Women’s Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe,


Perfect shoe for women trail runners, with a mesh breathable material and bright overlays, GEL cushioning for the best comfort levels and can accommodate orthotics. Great traction on any surface with trail-specific outsole and high abrasion rubber and synthetic sole.

Adidas Lite Racer Sneaker


Comfort taken to new heights with this lite racer. The mesh upper allows the foot to breathe, it is lightweight and has a FitFOAM removable cushion insole which contours your foot. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction and durability.

Men’s Running Shoes

Under Armour Men's 6 Shoes


A fantastic running shoe that offers durability and stability and an EVA sockliner to give extra comfort and a comfortable fit. The Micro G foam allows for cushioned landings and explosive takeoffs. Great traction is provided by rubber traction covers.

Buyers Guide

So what gift do you buy for the runners in your life? There are so many gift options available. From tech to socks runners will appreciate anything that helps them to improve their times and makes them more comfortable when on the road or in the gym. They are healthy, fit and active people who work out every day. We look at the different options open to you as gifts for these types. What are the cool gifts, what can you get for marathoners, track stars and cross country racers? We look at what the gift ideas such as compression or heated socks which will help them to increase their circulation and thereby their performance.

We look at the different types of shoes which are one of the most important items in a runner’s kit. We also look at nutritional books and other books that gives them tips on how to improve in their times and performance. Books are always a great gift for any occasion as they can be personalized with an inscription, they make one of the best Christmas presents. We look at jewelry that is inspirational. We look at safety. Many joggers run in the early morning or at dusk, these are very dangerous times to be on the road.

Keeping visible is imperative during these times and there are quite a lot of safety equipment for them on the market and we have included some of these on our list for you to consider when making your choice. We look at items that they can use during the race to keep themselves cool and comfortable such as quick dry towels and more. We also review the technology out there that can help them improve their times and performance, monitor their progress and plan their exercise regimes to target the right areas, and more.

There are watches and heart rate monitors. These not only monitor heart rate but steps, calorie burn, distance run, routes taken using a GPS and more. Music is a great motivator so a pair of headphones are also a great option for a gifts. Gift ideas include all of the above and more and we have covered a selection of them to give you some great ideas for birthday, Christmas and other special occasions such as their first race.

These are passionate people who are totally committed to their sport, no matter what the whether they continue with their regime, pushing themselves to the limit to run that best time and beat their personal bests, or complete that marathon, or just maintain fitness and weight which is why a lot of people jog recreationally, and you want to show them that you are their greatest fan and are right behind them on their quest.

Giving them the perfect gift, no matter what the price range is what you are looking for, therefore we have taken a closer look at all of the items that we have reviewed and chosen three of each to include in five different categories: under $1000, under $500, under $100 and then also best under $20 and best stocking fillers.

No matter what you are looking for, it if is a small cheap gift to give just before a big race to let them know you are behind them, or a more expensive present for their birthday or for Christmas, we have you covered with our list of best gifts on Amazon in 2019.

Top Gift under $1000

Garmin Forerunner

The Garmin Forerunner allows you to connect to your smartphone and receive audio prompts from it. The audio prompts will give you laps run and lap times run. The large screen allows you to easily see the information, it has a long battery life of up to 16 hours in training mode and up to 5 weeks when in watch mode. The Garmin allows you to get notifications from your email, messages, call alerts, reminders from your calendar and more as long as it is connected to your smartphone.

The Garmin will track your activity. It allows you to count your steps monitoring how much you have walked or run throughout the day. It also monitors your calories. If you remain inactive for long periods the Garmin will vibrate and alert you to start moving again. A stunning gift that offers them the means to track their progress as they prepare for racing day and it doubles as a watch. Great birthday or Christmas gift for any runners.

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

You can maximise your workout with the FT7 heart rate monitor. Improve your fitness with a lot of great features such as the EnergyPointer and Smart Calories to help you to get the most out of your workouts and motivate you to push yourself. The monitor will display your heart rate in real-time during your run or exercise regime so you can know when to slow down during your workout or speed up, this allows you to get the absolute most out of every visit to the gym.

After every race, or gym session the FT7 will offer you a summary with the amount of calories burned during your workout as well as the average heart rate and what the highest your heart rate had reached during your workout. The monitor will keep track of the previous 99 workouts for you to compare and track your progress.

The Energy Pointer lets you know if the exercises you are doing is helping with fitness or burning calories and fat. And the Smart Calorie feature provides an accurate account of how many calories you have burnt during your workout.

The FT7 heart rate monitor includes a chest strap which is made from a soft fabric material that fits comfortably and does not interfere with your workout or run. It also connects with all gym equipment that is compatible and is water resistant to 30m.

Give yourself or the runners in your life the ability to monitor and track their training and fitness. Technology goes a long way to ensure that you are doing the right exercises to get the right results. A great birthday or Christmas gift for any runner.

Apple Smartwatch

This is a wonderful gift for any runner. Feature packed and stylishly designed this watch will give you everything you need to be able to plan, track and monitor your progress. When running you cannot carry your phone around with you and you may miss that important message or alert. Never miss anything with the Apple Smartwatch as you will receive notifications from your phone on your wrist. The Taptic engine allows you to tap on your wrist when notifications do come in and you can then either dismiss them or respond.

Apple offers a number of complications such as weather, calendar and activity tracker. You can also add other complications from your installed apps. Siri is also a standard feature on the Apple Smartwatch. You may be interested in also getting your kid a smartwatch.

Use Siri to launch apps or reply to messages. Set your activity goals and then monitor yourself to ensure you meet them. The intuitive rings will grow as you get closing to your goal and then shut down when you reach them. You can monitor how many calories you have burned and how many steps taken and how far you have walked or run.

The heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate using LEDs and sensors to photoplethysmographically determine just how hard your heart is working during your run or workout. This is then stored on the health app for you to review. You can activate the nightstand mode by placing the watch on its side on your nightstand. The watch will then display the time, date and alarm when you touch the screen.

Another great feature of this watch is Apple Pay. Pay for any services with your watch, you can connect credit cards, them simply hold the face of the watch to the card reader to pay.  The activation lock requires a password to activate the watch.

The Apple Watch not only offers all of these great features, it is also a good looking watch, it is small and lightweight with retina display and force touch. It has a sport band and a stainless steel pin. Any runner would be thrilled to get this watch as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Top Present for Engineers under $500

Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch

Runners will love this fantastic piece of technology to improve their skills as a runner. Monitor your heart rate zones to check the intensity of your exercise regime with Purepulse(TM). There is no need for those cumbersome and uncomfortable chest straps with the Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch as it monitors you heart rate from the wrist. It not only monitors your heart rate but tracks your cardio, cross-training and biking as well as all other exercise you may be doing. It will automatically record the workouts and allow you to view results on your dashboard with SmartTrack.

Use the GPS function to map the routes you run and keep track of stats such as pace and duration of your run on the display which is great for runners to monitor themselves in preparation for that marathon.

You can track your calories and distance and steps taken, how many minutes you have been active or floors you have climbed. A complete fitness tracker with GPS. Not only that but you can also remain connected at all times with call, text and calendar alerts. You will also receive notifications from Facebook, Gmail and more as long as your phone is nearby.

You can start a FitStar workout and get step-by-step graphics and instructions to allow you to do each move correctly. These are fantastic gifts for runners to enable them to train properly and perform at their best on race day.

Salomon Men’s Trail-Runners

An excellent trail runner shoe for men that is both water resistant and has anti-debris mesh uppers. Designed to cope with soft ground with penetrating traction and rubber sole. The shoe gives you precise foothold on any surface and has a comfortable feel on your foot. It is lightweight with a molded EVA midsole. It measures 30mm/20mm sole height with a 10mm drop. You will have to look hard to find a better suited shoe for trail running. Being sure footed and comfortable is crucial in this type of running as you traverse uneven and often soft ground.

Make sure that you keep your footing in the most difficult of conditions with this Salomon trail runner shoe. A great for any trail runner for their birthday or for Christmas and it is available now at Amazon.

ASICS Women’s Running Shoe

A rugged shoe with mesh uppers that have bright overlays designed for running. If you have foot issues this is a great shoe to get as it offers a removable foam sockliner that you can remove and replace with your own orthotics. The GEL cushioning system ensures that you are comfortable when running. A trail specific outsole that will give you exceptional traction on any surface. The sole is made from high-abrasion rubber. When trail running your feet need to be protected and traction is paramount, this Asics offers all of that and more. A great shoe for women runners and a wonderful birthday or Christmas. Available right now on Amazon.

Top Gift for my Engineers under $100


So you have an active lifestyle, you are always out and about and you are an avid runner and spend a lot of time in the gym. You want to have some of your most necessary items with you at all times, but don’t want to be weighed down. So what do you do? You need the FlipBelt. This belt allows runners to keep their essential items with them even while working out. Large enough to accommodate your keys, phones, wallets, credit or ID cards and headphones.

These are all items that you need when out on the road for your morning or afternoon jog. The FlipBelt replaces the armband which could not hold much at all and the fanny pack which tends to bounce around chafing and irritating the runner. So what makes the FlipBelt so different?

For one the FlipBelt is very comfortable and very versatile. The new phones are getting a little large to hold in an armband now. They do however fit comfortably in the FlipBelt. The belt has no fasteners and is completely chafe free. It will not bounce and it will not ride up at all, it will stay where you put it. It is fashionable and can be used to hold your medical necessities, phones and more. Never be without you inhaler, EpiPen or insulin pump when out running on the road.

The FlipBelt also has other uses such as a money belt for when travelling. This is a fantastic versatile gift for any runner and they will love it for their Birthday, for a Christmas gift or a gift any special occasion. Available right now from Amazon.

Marathon Medal Bib Display

Marathon runners are a special breed of people. They spend hours on the road, running endless miles preparing for the next big race. They are passionate and devoted to their sport. Running these long races such as half marathons, marathons or ultra-marathons are not easy and they have to have extreme endurance and perseverance to be able to complete such a long races. They have a right to be proud of their achievements and you can help them display them elegantly with the Marathon Medal Bib Display.

An excellent gift to give anybody who is into running marathons. It has handmade out of MDF wood, Hand painted and has a distressed look. The vinyl lettering will not peel off or fade and you can personalize it with your own text on the one side such as an inspirational saying. It has 17 hooks for your runner to display their medals and they can clamp their bibs from various races they have completed on the opposite side of the display. There is no better gift for a marathon runner who is proud of their running prowess. They will love this gift for Christmas or as a housewarming gift. It is available right now on Amazon.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Get into the zone and listen to your music while running or working out. These headphones are lightweight and very comfortable. They are wireless so do not interfere with your activities. Crisp clear sound with easy to use controls make these the perfect running headphones. The headphones also have noise reduction technology which blocks out all ambient noises such as treadmills or traffic noise when on the road.

It is stylish and compact and whether you listen to music or inspirational talks or audio books when you are running, these headphones will give you the crystal clear clarity that you need and want. A wonderful gift for runners to keep them entertained while on the road or in the gym and they are available at Amazon right now.

Best Gift under $20

Hydration Running Belt

Whether you are just a recreational jogger or enjoy running marathons it is extremely important to keep hydrated during your work out sessions and when on the road running or during the big race. Having a belt that will not weigh you down but will provide you with much needed hydration and as an added bonus, allow you to keep your personal possessions such as your phone, keys and wallet close to hand is a great asset. It is large enough to hold your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. It has a Velcro strap to allow you adjust the belt to fit around your waist perfectly without any bouncing with prevents any chafing.

It will fit waist sizes to 43 inches. The belt also has 4 straps which are elastic from which you can hang you gel packs or race bibs. The belt is lightweight and you will hardly notice it is there, and it is great for both men and women to use. The hydration bottles hold 60z per bottle so you will have more than enough to keep you hydrated for anything from short to medium runs. They are securely fitted on the belt and stay in place, they are also easily accessible and will not weigh you down.

All runners from the amateur to the professional will love this belt. Also great to use when working out in the gym. Great birthday or Christmas gift for anybody who loves running.

Runner Bracelet

A stunning gift to give to your running wife, daughter or friend. It is adjustable as the wire expands to fit your wrist perfectly. It contains running charms and the inspirational saying “she believed she did so she did”, a running shoe charm, a “live, love, run” charm and an infinity charm. You can add to these charms at any time. Every time your runner completes a race or reaches a milestone you can show them how proud you are of them by giving them an additional charm to add to the bracelet.

The bracelet is lightweight and will not hinder you while running. Great for any runners whether it is track, marathon or cross country trail runners. Beautifully packaged in a velvet jewelry pouch. A lovely keepsake gift for the runner in your life.

Graduated Compression Socks

These high quality compression socks provides you with graduated compression from your ankle to you calf. The foot bed of the sock is padded and designed to absorb shocks. They will help prevent you getting blisters and it is aerated and will wick away moisture to give you a cooling comfortable feeling. These compression socks will help you to improve your blood circulation as well as help you muscles recover after workouts or running that big race. They have 18-21mmHg graduated compression and are extremely durable. They are available in various colors to suite your taste.

Every runner needs the best they can get to help them improve their ability to perform and these compression socks do exactly that. A great gift for anybody who loves running whether competitively or not, for their birthday or for Christmas. Of you could give it to them in preparation for an important race to let them know that you are behind them all the way.

Recommend Stocking Filler

Road ID Bracelet

When out on the road anything can happen. If something does happen it is good to know that you will have some identification as well as a motivational saying if you so wish. These bracelets are perfect for the person who is always out on the road running or jogging, detailing their names, emergency contact numbers, any medical information such as epilepsy or diabetes, as well as a motivational phrase such as “Keep Going” or something similar. You can personalize this bracelet in any way you like. All of the bracelets are laser engraved and are cut to fit all wrist sizes.

The bracelet is made with a silicone band so with a stainless steel clasp and a faceplate that is laser engraved. Not only are the perfect for runners but also for hikers, swimmers or triathletes. Also good for children and the elderly. Never be without contact details should the worst happen when you are on the road, get the Road ID bracelet for you and your families peace of mind. Available right now at Amazon.

LED Slap Armband

Visibility is extremely important for road running. The average runner tends to be on the road in the early morning or at dusk or at night and you need to be as visible as possible in order to keep themselves safe. This arm band fits on either ankles or wrists and affords 360 degrees visibility. It has two operation modes, a steady solid light or a flashing light. The glow band is designed for you to simply slap it on and it will snap into place. The battery is replaceable after use but will last up to 70 hours.

Keep yourself and your family safe from negligence motorists when jogging or walking on the road. With is ultra-visible wrist or ankle band. Makes for a good stocking filler gift at Christmas.

Women’s Ponytail Headband

Keep your long hair under control when training as well as keeping your ears warm on those cold morning runs. It is stylish and is a good way for ponytail wearers to keep their hair in place. The shape of the headband offers full ear coverage so that your ear is protected from the cold and moisture like sweat. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. This is a poly / spandex material with is stretchy and will fit quite comfortably without being too tight. One size will fit all shapes and sizes of heads.

Soft, insulating and with the ability to wick moisture away you will never be more comfortable and you hair more controlled throughout your workout or run. Machine washable. Any runner will appreciate this pony tail headband and it is available right now at Amazon.

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