Friedrich Air Conditioner Review & Buyers Guide

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Quick Summary

If there is a specific room in your house or workplace which often gets much too hot, the Friedrich Air Conditioner could be very useful to you. It is a hugely powerful machine using 8,000 BTUs of cooling power to enable rooms of around 350 square feet to be thoroughly cooled and kept at a lower, more comfortable temperature to work, live or sleep in. As featured on the Product Expert website, the Friedrich Air Conditioner is easy to install and can be done so either as a window air conditioner or can be attached to the wall securely, easily and with little hassle.

This is a very quiet air con unit and has been designed with keeping emitted noise at the most minimal of levels. It is able to cool down a room by oscillating automatically from left to right with no need for intervention and is very effective in its movements for reducing the temperature of the air. The Friedrich Air Conditioner runs off electricity through the use of a power cord which can be run to the left or right of the front of the unit.

A compact, well-made and cleverly designed piece of kit, it will not be of any inconvenience, won’t be in the way and will not take up too much room if space is limited. Brought to you in white, there is no place that this air conditioning unit will not look at home.

Key Features

• Dimensions of the Friedrich Air Conditioner: 20.9 x 18.4 x 14 inches
• The weight of the air con unit: 64 pounds
• Fixing abilities: window or wall
• Power source: electricity through the use of a cable
• Colour: White
• The maximum area of which this air con unit is effective: 350 square feet
• Colling power quantity: 8000 BTU
• Approximate noise: Very quiet
• Oscillates from left to right to cool effectively
• Pre-programmable timer
• Multiple settings
• Has a Money Saver setting so that you know exactly how much money it is costing to use the air con unit
• Comes with a remote control for easy use and accessibility


  • This is an incredibly quiet air conditioning unit that will not disturb you in the office, if you’re on the phone and will not prevent a child from sleeping if it is being used to cool their bedroom.
  • It has a very clever Money Saver setting which not only allows you to see how much it is costing you to use the air con unit but also aids with the management and conservation of energy if this is a big concern to you. A very popular option with people wanting a greener, more eco-friendly air conditioning unit.
  • Can be mounted as either a window or wall unit, so it is not taking up valuable floor space is not in the way and is not a tripping danger. This also prevents children from being able to stick their fingers into it or other small items.
  • The remote control allows it to be turned on and off, settings to be changed or timings to be altered, from a good range. You don’t have to be in the same room if you are using this within your home.


  • Before installing the Friedrich Air Conditioner, you must be absolutely sure that it is in the correct place as it is not a portable air conditioning machine and will require attachment and permanent fixing to the place you require.
  • Being able to see the cable is not always ideal for some people as they would rather it was hidden.

Who Is It Suitable For?

• Parents with small children
• Southing facing homes or offices
• Anyone with limited floor space
• People who are very sensitive to noise
• The greener user of an air con system

Why We Like It

We like the Friedrich Air Conditioner because it is so quiet that even the lightest of sleepers can fall asleep comfortably, easily and quickly with this air con unit on. We also love that it enables the financial aspect of energy but also the management and conservation of energy to be taken into consideration, too. As an easily mountable unit, this can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any level.