Guide to a Foot Massagers For Diabetes

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If you suffer from diabetes, you have probably looked into several techniques and devices to help relieve the symptoms, and one product you may be interested in is a good foot massager. But with so many foot massagers and devices on the market, which one works best for you (click here for a complete guide)? As far back as ancient times, foot massage has been a popular healing technique known for not only being enjoyable and relaxing, but for providing healing treatment for a variety of circulatory ailments.

And as the feet are connected to nerve endings throughout the body, foot massage, or reflexology, is a popular form of alternative therapy that is widespread throughout many cultures. Massaging the feet brings about a state of relaxation and can alleviate stress, as well as allowing the circulation of blood to flow freely, cleansing and fortifying the body.

Best Foot Massager for Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetics experience nerve damage, or neuropathy in the feet, which causes poor blood flow and a lessened ability to feel pain or sensation. One foot massager we highly recommend for diabetic neuropathy is the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager. This powerful electric massager has 11 variable speeds ranging from 1000 to 3700 rpm, with a full-sized foot pad that oscillates, and a surface that targets pressure points with an Arch-bar.

This device is used by doctors and therapists to help restore circulation in the feet and lower legs for diabetics and those who suffer from neuropathy due to injuries. FDA for therapeutic use and CSA certified for safety and reliability, the MedMassager is the most powerful electric massager available in the USA without a license, and offers an optimum massager experience for anyone who suffers from diabetes, foot and leg pain, or who spends a lot of time on their feet.

This massager is used clinically for treating people with severe circulation issues and pain, and used by doctors and therapists all over the world. The powerful oscillation that is created by this foot massager brings a “ripple effect” that extends and can be felt from your feet, all the way up to your legs and knees, which is very effective in blood circulation improvement.

Another nice feature about this massager is, unlike other foot massagers, this has no 15-minute limit. The MedMassager MMF06 includes a one-year full replacement against defects and failure, plus an optional lifetime replacement found on their website at

How to give a Diabetic Foot Massage

Diabetic Foot Charge by Ofesite

Image by Ofesite

Foot reflexology involves applying focused pressure to certain points of the foot that assist in curing or preventing disease. Reflexology is a system of massage that is based on the premise that our nerves or reflex points extend from our feet to the top of our head, including all vital organs. A professional, trained reflexologist knows how to put pressure on certain points or energy lines of the foot to determine the cause of illness. To give a foot massage to a diabetic, first you will need to locate the stomach, pancreas, and duodenum areas.

According to this chart – these are all located in the #18 area – which is on the inner foot, in the first metatarsal area just below the widest part. Apply firm pressure to this area by using your finger or knuckle. Another way to do this is to place a golf ball between your feet in this area, and firmly hold it with your hand or between your feet, rolling back and forth. At first it might hurt a little, which indicates that the organ(s) related to this area are not functioning properly.

Don’t press too hard, but remember to keep working on this area. By massaging a certain section of the foot, the corresponding body area receives vital therapeutic treatment. You will actually be massaging the organs through the foot. Remember to drink plenty of water after the massage to help clean away the toxins in your body. This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health issues before first consulting with your health care provider.

Can a Diabetic use a Foot Spa?

For people who have diabetes, having too much glucose in their blood can lead to serious complications, including problems with the feet. These problems include diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage that will remove any heat, cold, or pain sensation – and this could potentially become dangerous if, for instance, you get a cut or sore on your foot that gets worse and become infected. The muscles of the foot may not work properly because of damage in the nerves of the muscle.

This could misalign your foot and create too much pressure, causing ulcers. Diabetes also affects blood flow, and without good circulation, it takes a lot longer for a cut to heal. People with diabetes also experience cracked, dry skin on their feet from poor circulation. Using a foot spa is generally not a good idea for people with diabetes, because of the health issues it potentially imposes on them.

For one, the heat of the spa water cannot be felt – and could cause burns if not monitored. For another, the hot water will irritate the dry, cracked skin even further. However, with proper care, a foot spa can be used as long as you don’t have a lot of nerve damage. For safety precautions, please check with your health care provider before using.

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