How To Fix Office Chair From Sinking?

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Is your office chair “letting you down”? Office chairs use a pneumatic cylinder that works to control the chair’s height by applying pressurized air. The cylinder on most chairs will fail within a few years, typically because the seals become too damaged to maintain pressure. You can buy a replacement cylinder to restore full function to your chair, but this is nearly as expensive as buying a replacement. Try this simple DIY method that will fix your chair so it stays at one convenient height:

What you need

  • Adjustable pipe clamp (99 cents)
  • Straight pipe fitting (99 cents)
  • Pipe insulation (79 cents)
  • Screwdriver

First, you will measure the size of your chair piston so you can get the correct sized pipe clamp, pipe fitting and pipe insulation. You will use the pipe insulation under the clamp and fitting to keep them in place, making them harder to slip up and down. My chair piston was 1 1/8″ wide, and so I bought a clamp that was able to adjust from 5/8″ up to about 1.5″.

The pipe fitting was also about 1 1/4″ wide to slip over. The reason for the pipe fitting is so that you have another piece of plastic rubbing against the part where the piston meets the legs of the chair. I didn’t want the metal clamp rubbing directly on the plastic when you turn the chair.

You will have to remove the legs, Depending on the type of chair. This will expose the piston. Slide on the pipe clamp first, then the pipe fitting. You can cut two short pieces of pipe insulation foam and slide one under the clamp and one under the fitting. This will keep them from slipping so easily on the piston. Pick the height you want for the chair and tighten the pipe clamp until it is firmly secured on the piston. Now when you sit down it won’t be able to go any lower!

To adjust the height in the future, all you have to do is loosen the pipe clamp, slide it to the desired position and tighten it again. You will notice that this is rarely needed, because usually people use their chairs at the same desk and the same way most of the time.

Gas Lift Chair Keeps Rising

Is your chair defying gravity and shooting up when you get off the seat? There could be a couple reasons for this.

  • You need to adjust the pneumatic cylinder. There should be a lever that is beneath the seat, usually near the right front corner as you sit in the chair. To use this type of adjustment, you press the handle upward against the bottom of the seat, then sit down, forcing the seat down. When you are at the desired elevation, release the handle, and the seat should stay there. If you want the seat at a higher level, remove your weight from the seat, press the release handle, and a spring should lift the seat. Then when you have the desired height, release the handle and the seat should stay at that level.
  • The adjusting valve is not seating properly, allowing air to go back into the cylinder, and the spring raises the seat. Turn the chair over and check the valve [if it’s not concealed] and look for particles or debris which is keeping the valve from fully seating and sealing the vent hole.  If these don’t work, and if the chair is still under warranty, then you might consider returning it for a full replacement, repair, or refund. If your chair is out of warranty here is a video on How to replace your cylinder gas lift.

Chair Saver kits, and Where to get them From

Chair Saver Kits and Where to get them FromYou got that sinking feeling. You know, when the adjustable cylinder of an office chair lets you down. If you’re lucky, you will get a good five years out of your chair before the rubber gasket fails. The rest of the chair is still good but not much use if it doesn’t keep you at the right height. Now you never have to be let down again (by your chair, that is).

Chair saver kits fit just about any adjustable office chair that was made in the last 20 years. Chair Saver has a universal fit and doesn’t require disassembling the chair or installation tools. Simply snap this on, and in under a minute you are back at the right height and ready to roll! There is a solid 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a five-year no hassle warranty. If you ever have any question or need any assistance we are just an email or phone call away.


  • Free shipping for prime and non-prime members
  • Maintains the height of an office chair when the adjustable cylinder fails
  • Inexpensive, easy to use, ergonomic and no tools or chair disassembly required on ergonomic office chairs.
  • Universal fit, 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 5 year warranty
  • 10% and 20% discounts for 10 and 50 pack small business purchase


If done according to instructions, whether you DIY with using your own supplies, or buy a kit, any of these steps should only take a few minutes to do. And now you can feel good that you have done a small part to save the environment by continuing to make use of your fabulous office chair.

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