Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982

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One of the best ways to keep track of your belongings is to keep a clean house. When everything has its proper place, you can easily find things again when you need to, and no one likes rushing around trying to find their keys at the last minute as they are late for work. As soon as a house gets messy, it can be difficult to remember where you left things when there’s clutter piling up everywhere, and things can be easily lost and forgotten about. There’s nothing like a good clear out and its surprising what you might find while you are tidying and vacuuming the house, especially if it’s been a while since the last time you got around to tackling the household chores.

One family found a rather unusual surprise when they cleaned out a cluttered storage room upstairs in a house belonging to their late father, Leonel. Way back in 1982 the family had lost their red-footed tortoise in the home that they were renovating at the time. With all the work being done and the builders coming and going the family assumed their pet must have somehow slipped passed everyone and escaped into the nearby forest by their home in Realengo, Brazil. They thought they would never see it again. Despite carrying out a thorough search for their pet, the family had to eventually accept that their tortoise was gone for good.

The room the tortoise was living in didn’t get cleared out for almost 30 years. It was piled high with all sorts of furniture and objects that had been collected over time. The family decided to remove most of the items after their father had passed away. The discovery was made by a neighbor who spotted the tortoise and asked Leonel’s son, Leandro, if the tortoise was going to be thrown out with the rest of the rubbish. The family was surprised to find that their pet had been living there all this time and that it had managed to survive for so long.

Even though experts are stumped as to how the tortoise survived in these conditions for so long, it is assumed that it managed to live off the termites that had been found in all the unwanted furniture that was being stored in the same room. Another opinion is that these animals are able to lower their body temperatures and other physiological processes in order to enter into a temporary state of suspended animation from which they are able to recover. While this is not recommended, it is possible that this is how it was able to survive for so long which shows how resilient they are.

Despite all this, the tortoise seemed completely unphased by the whole ordeal after being freed from the confines of the storeroom. However, I am sure it is glad to be finally living a more normal life again. While they are known for being able to go for years at a time without eating, it is certainly lucky this kind of animal is equipped to endure such adverse conditions.

While the family is pleased to be reunited with their long-lost pet, it just goes to show what you might lose or find when you are cleaning your house. Even though it is unlikely you will find something as significant as this in your home, it is important not to let things get out of hand because when they do, you might lose something important that won’t get discovered for years.

By making sure you clean regularly and throw out any items you don’t use, you will always have a tidy and clear space to live in.

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