Eureka Airspeed ONE Turbo

Eureka Airspeed One Turbo Review & Buyers Guide

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If you are looking for an inexpensive but very effective vacuum, then this could be a good model for you to consider, brought to you by Product Expert. Do not think that just because it is not dear in price, that it is low in its ability. Actually, it’s quite the opposite; it likes heavy mess, big spillages and thick carpets – all the big challenged in the vacuum world. It also is a good performer on lesser pile carpets, rugs, tiled and wooden flooring as well, able to effectively pick up even the smallest pieces of dirt and debris easily.

The ability it has to remove pet hair from carpet and upholstery is second to none. The Eureka Airspeed One Turbo is very aesthetically pleasing to look at and is also very easy to handle, use and maneuver around your home. Due to its diminished weight, you are able to use this anywhere in your home that other vacuums may make difficult for you to clean, such as stairs, underneath tables or the creases of the couch.

For extra attachments for very specific types of cleaning, you do not have to look very far, as they are all attached to the vacuum in one way or another. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner so there is no need to buy hoover bags, just be sure to keep an eye on the dust cup attached to the front of your vacuum to know when it requires manual emptying. Cleaning your home has never been so effortless.


There are lots of positive points to mention about the Eureka Airspeed One Turbo, but we must limit ourselves to the points we feel are most impressive:

• Longer cord than most other wired vacuums on the market, at 25 foot there is a lot of cord to keep your cleaning easy while you move around your house;

• It is very impressive at picking up, collecting and retaining pet hair, even when the hair is fine and on upholstery or embedded in thick carpet;

• Many attachments come with the purchase of this vacuum at no extra cost when you purchase it so that you are automatically able to clean a wide array of different areas, surfaces, and textures within your home;

• This vacuum is very easy to maneuver around the home. It turns well and does not get stuck on any floor type as some other vacuums do. Moving this vacuum around is a very light, simple task.


There are absolutely no major negatives about this vacuum, just a couple of little point to make evident to you:

• 92dB is quite noisy for a vacuum. It’s not the noisiest on the market, but there are certainly quieter cleaners available if noise is of great importance to you.

• The task of emptying the dust cup itself is not the easiest thing to undertake. It doesn’t have an indicator on the external vacuum so you must keep making sure that your vacuum isn’t too full and when it is, the dirt and dust is compacted so tight that you can’t just hold it over a trash can and let gravity do the work for you.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This vacuum is suitable for people who are possibly on a tighter budget but who do not want to forego ability of their cleaning devices. If you have a pet, then this vacuum is incredible at collecting pet hair. For homes that have thicker carpets in them, the Eureka Airspeed One Turbo will not miss dirt that is hiding within the pile of thicker carpets, giving you a cleaner home.

Why We Like It

Here at Product Expert, we like this vacuum because it is just as good to look at as it is at clearing up after your pets, children or gathering lives everyday debris. For busy homes, this really is a very helpful hoover that you will be sure to rely on and not be disappointed.