Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet Review & Buyers Guide

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The Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet vacuum cleaner is a top of the range product with all the features and accessories you could ever possibly need or desire to properly clean your home and make it pet hair and mess free. It comes with a number of specifically designed tools and accessories to ensure that you can properly reach all crevices in furniture and around the rooms your pets inhabit.

Alongside special pet hair accessories, the Airspeed Exact has a very long hose to attach said accessories onto so you have increased mobility and can stretch to different areas without needing to change power sources at every cleaning interval.

This means that you will be able to vacuum for longer, uninterrupted which is good when you get into your cleaning rhythm. This vacuum is also designed to remove as much dust as possible including dirt dust and small dirt particles.


All of the key features mentioned above are definite pros for this vacuum.

Height adjustable: The vacuum actually has five height settings so you can chop and change the height as per the specific cleaning requirement. It is also good for your posture and muscles, as you can adapt the machine to your needs and don’t have to feel achy and tired through prolonged use.

Bagless: Having a vacuum that operates without a bag is a definite advantage. Not only do you avoid having the extra cost of buying and replacing bags for the vacuum, but the maintenance and upkeep of the vacuum is also much more convenient and fast. Cylinders are easy to empty and clean if needed, and this vacuum is no exception. It even comes with clear instructions in case you need extra clarity and confirmation on how to proceed with the maintenance.

Lots of Accessories: Of course, any good vacuum should come with plenty of accessories and this vacuum does not disappoint in that department. The tools that come with the Airspeed Exact are built for purpose. There is even a pet hair brush that is designed to tackle and target upholstery on furniture where your pet may sleep and sit. This means that you don’t have to endlessly wash it, or clog up your regular vacuum which may not be able to handle the excess fur!


Upright: The vacuum is an upright vacuum that therefore limits your mobility and its own portability. Though it is not incredibly heavy, it is still heavier than cordless canister alternatives. It also means that in being upright you have less room to take it with you into the hard to reach places.

One Color: Picking on this fact may seem trivial, however, people have very specific wants and needs when it comes to the design and feel of their household products. Customers have been and may be in the future, put off by the fact that this vacuum only comes in red.

Who is it Suitable For?

Ideally, this vacuum is built for and marketed towards pet owners. It is specifically designed with features that cater for pet hair and other pet messes such as mud and the increased dirt around the house. However, that just means that apart from the special accessories built for tackling pet hair, this is just a powerful vacuum with a good suction capability that provides a really thorough clean.

Perhaps it would be a good option for parents with messy children of any age as well or people who want a really thorough and sparkling, dust free, dirt free house. Don’t think you have to be a pet owner to own this vacuum!

Why We Like It

This is a good strong model pet vacuum. It has on average great reviews. It is fairly priced and with that price comes amazing value for money. The value for money lies in all the accessories and further features such as long hose length to enable you to reach different places high up and the adjustable height settings which enable this even further. All in all, it is a good selection for a pet owner.