Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum Review & Buyers Guide

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The slim and sleek looking, Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum has a wonderfully compact design and contains an onboard crevice tool enabling you to personalize your cleaner to suit you, your family and your home. Take a look at the Product Expert website to see how it can transform easily from a stick vacuum into a vacuum easier to get into all the small nooks and crannies – it really is that adaptable. It is more than compatible with any type of flooring covers because of its Brush roll enabling it to collect dirt from wood and tiled flooring just as effectively as it picks up on carpet and rugs.

Store the Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum in any sort of space with the in-built ability to lower the vacuum handle for simple storage solutions. This also makes it a lot more comfortable and convenient to carry should you need to take your vacuum upstairs for example. You really will have a Eureka moment when you realize how powerful the suction capacity is on this vacuum cleaner, ensuring that even the smallest molecules of dirt, dust and even pollen are swept up and eradicated from your home.

An added bonus is that there are no heavy, smelly bags to get rid of either when your hoover is full. Just use the Product Expert website to see how simple the washable filtration system is to use, how it contains the dirt it collects and to see how cheap replacement filters are.


Where do we start when it comes to detailing just the fewest of positive aspects of the Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum for you? Here are the clearest advantages to us:

• Can become really compact for easy storage or longer and thinner to reach into narrower or more difficult places usually missed by a vacuum;

• Works very effectively on all floor types due to its advanced suction capacity;

• It’s a really economical cleaning option as you do not need to buy new bags and will only very rarely need to replace the filter;

• Our favorite point: this vacuum picks up such small particles of dust, pollen, and dirt that it actually increases the effectiveness and quality of the air in your home.


Now we are really struggling to find any negative points when it comes to the Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum. Just about all we could come up with is…

• It has a cord that may get in your way.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum is a great new cleaning option for anyone who has a wide range of flooring types in their home. From thick carpet, loose rugs, to tiled or wooden floors, this vacuum has the ability to cope with it all. It has such a good suction rate no dust or dirt will remain after you have vacuumed around with this cleaner. For people who are looking for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaner, this could be their new favorite cleaning device. No hoover bags are needed, and the filter does not need replacing very often.

If you or another member of your family suffers from severe allergies, there is no better vacuum on the market! With such a powerful motor, strong suction power and its abilities on all floor types, this vacuum is able to pick up such minuscule particles of dirt, pollen, and dust, that allergies will be noticeably lessened. Great for asthmatics, too, as the enhanced filtration system also cleans the air in your home as it works.

Why We Like It

We like the Eureka 2in1 Stick Vacuum because there is absolutely no individual, family or home that would not benefit from this vacuum cleaner. It’s lightweight for those that face the challenge of lifting, improves surround air quality for people suffering from allergies and is more than capable of thoroughly cleaning on all floor types in the home. No dust is safe from this cleaning beast!