Dyson V7 Motorhead Review & Buyers Guide

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This specific type of vacuum is a little different to your standard upright vacuum, as this is more of a portable one, meaning that you can easily pick it up and move it around your house with no difficulties at all. It is also cordless so you won’t have to be forever unplugging and re-plugging it around the house. Plus, if you’re going anywhere that doesn’t actually have a plug then this will be very useful. Instead, a rechargeable battery operates the vacuum.

It is a very powerful vacuum by the Dyson brand that will be able to pick up dirt instantly. Even if you have tough dirt that needs to be sucked up then you can always increase the suction of the vacuum by simply putting it on max mode. Another positive about this vacuum is that you won’t have to touch any dirt again, because it has a very hygienic dirt ejector. It comes in one color and is a very modern slim design, so it won’t take up too much room.

Another point about this vacuum is that it is easy to carry around with you, as it only weighs 9.7 pounds. Plus, it has a very slim design meaning it is able to fit into a lot of places easily. The dimensions are 29.5 x 11 x 6.5 inches.


This vacuum is very lightweight to carry around with you and this is mainly because it’s handheld. This amazing feature enables you to easily take it to every room you need to without making barely any effort. It comes with a very easy to use hygienic dirt ejector and this actually means that you will never again have to use your hands to be able to empty the vacuum. This creates a lot less hassle for you and it means you can empty the vacuum quickly and efficiently.

It also has a direct drive cleaning head. This amazing feature will collect any dirt that is stuck really far down into the carpets, so you won’t have any problems with it not picking up any dirt.


One feature that this vacuum doesn’t have is a very large dust cup capacity, so you may have to empty it a little more often compared to a regular vacuum. However, when you do need to empty it it is very easy to do so because it has a hygienic dirt ejector.

Another problem that may occur is that the battery may run out while you’re using it, but if this does happen then you can simply recharge it. Although it is still a little bit annoying, you may just need to charge it before you use it.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum is more suitable if you want to clean smaller rooms and places, or even if you just want to quickly run it over some dirt. You can use it if you have a large family, however, you may have to empty it a lot. This vacuum is more ideal if you have a smaller house or if you just need to use it for smaller cleaning jobs. It is not a suitable substitute for an everyday vacuum.

Why do we like It

We liked this vacuum because it is so easy to use if you just need to use it for little jobs around the house. You can easily pick it up and carry it to different levels of your house instantly and it won’t even feel like you’re carrying a vacuum. Plus, it’s very easy to store because of its size, making it very ideal if you live somewhere that doesn’t have much storage space.

Aside from this, the main reason why we liked it is that it’s so powerful for such a small vacuum, and it can instantly suck up any dirt that’s in your way. The website these are planning to be featured on is Product Expert.