Dyson V6 Review & Buyers Guide

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This vacuum by Dyson is very useful to use, especially if you always have small places that need cleaning quite quickly. It is an upright vacuum, but it can also be used as a handheld vacuum as well, this makes it suitable for any type of use. It is also very lightweight to carry around, and it is extremely powerful too. This is because it has a direct drive cleaner that enables the brush to deep clean your floor, plus, it’s also suitable for pet hairs too.

This vacuum is also very easy to carry around with you, because it is so lightweight, in fact, it only weighs 5.1 pounds. It is also very easy to store as the dimensions for it are 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches.


This vacuum is actually cord-free so you won’t have any of the hassles of trying to rewind the cord or even plug it into different sockets around the house because it might not be able to reach. Therefore this is a real added bonus. It is also very light to carry around with you so you won’t have any problems with carrying it up flights of stairs because of it’s weight. With a regular vacuum, you may struggle to carry it up the stairs because of its weight. It has a direct drive cleaner which enables the vacuum to get dirt that is really deep and stuck into the carpet.

It will even pick up dirt that you may not even be able to see so it will leave your floors cleaner than they have ever been. It comes with a very hygienic emptying system, which means that you will never have to touch any of the dirt that comes out of the vacuum ever again. This is because you just need to push a button and it should release the dirt for you.


One slight con with this vacuum is the fact that it doesn’t have a very long running time, as it will only last 20 minutes once it’s fully charged. However, this vacuum is more suitable for smaller jobs, so you shouldn’t need it for any longer. Because it is quite a small vacuum, it means that it won’t have a very large dust cup capacity so you may have to empty it a few more times than usual.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum is more suitable for smaller types of jobs around the house. This is because it has a short running time. Therefore it won’t be able to clean your entire house with one charge. However, it will be able to clean up little messes that may occur around your house. It is suitable for large houses, but it will only be useful for small types of cleaning in a large house, whereas if you have a small house, then you will probably be able to get more vacuuming completed with it.

Why did we like It?

We liked this vacuum because it can easily transform from an upright vacuum to a handheld one, this makes it very good to use in a whole range of situations. For instance, you can easily use this to clean your car; your carpets and you can even clean your ceilings with it as well. Plus, when we used it, we found it very powerful to use, and it was able to pick up small amounts of debris as well as large amounts too.

Not only this, but we noticed that it could also deep clean carpets as well, and you will notice an instant difference once you have used it on your carpet.