Dyson V6 Animal Review & Buyers Guide

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This is a vacuum that is able to be upright and handheld, making it a two in one type of vacuum. It comes in one color; however, there are different models available that come in more colors. It is very powerful to use and comes with a direct drive cleaner that enables the bristles of the roll to get really deep into the carpet which and enables it to be cleaned to a professional standard. Because this vacuum has two different ways that you can use it, this means that you can also clean higher up places with it as well.

Plus, it can also be used to remove pet hairs that may have lingered around a little too long on your flooring. It’s cord-free and runs on rechargeable batteries that last approximately 20 minutes per session. It also comes with an additional HEPA filtration feature to make sure that no dust is released from the vacuum into the atmosphere. This vacuum is also featured on Product Expert.

This vacuum by Dyson only weighs five pounds, making it very light to carry around with you. The dimensions for this vacuum are 9.8 x 8.7 x 46.4 inches.


This vacuum is actually cord-free, so it means you won’t have the trouble of having to re-plug it into a new socket with each room you go into. This means that it can really save you a little bit of time. It is also very good at being able to remove pet hairs from any type of flooring you may have. It is good at doing this because it comes with a mini motorized tool that enables you to be able to remove these types of hair and other dirt for that matter.

If you need to use this vacuum on more of a softer type of flooring, then you can actually do this as well. This is because it comes with a soft dust brush option on the vacuum, making it suitable for all types of flooring. It has two different modes so you can either use it like you would an upright type of vacuum or you can use it in the handheld option. This makes it very useful if you need to use it for other things, like if you want to clean your car out.


It does have quite a short running time, however, if you do need to use it for little odd jobs around the house, then this will be the perfect type of vacuum for you. It also doesn’t have swivel steering, however, it doesn’t really need to have swivel steering, because this type of vacuum isn’t really suitable for cleaning the whole house. It’s more suitable for the smaller types of jobs that need doing.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum is more suitable if you just need it for smaller jobs or if you have a very small house that doesn’t tend to get dirty very quickly. This is because it has quite a short battery time, so it may make it difficult if you want to use it for a big clean, but it will be very useful for a small clean.

Why do we like It

We like this vacuum because it’s very handy to use if you just have small places that need cleaning, or if you need to clean out your car, then this is a very useful vacuum to use. This is because it will easily be able to suck up any type of dirt that you may have stuck in your car seats. This vacuum is very powerful and will instantly be able to suck up any dirt that is deep down in your carpet. Plus, you can very easily carry it anywhere you like.