Dyson DC33 Review & Buyers Guide

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The Dyson DC33 vacuum as featured on the Product Review website is an upright, corded, bagless vacuum. It is a fair price for a top quality product produced and designed by a trusted and well known vacuum cleaner, and other electrical appliances company, Dyson. Dyson is definitely a well known and trusted long established company, with high regard for their vacuum cleaner products and other electrical equipment. Therefore you can rest assured that you are getting a product from somewhere you can trust.

It also means a good customer service base, should you encounter a problem. Not only this but the vacuum comes with a five year warranty on parts and the machine itself, which is astounding and rare to have on an electrical appliance.

It is lightweight and highly portable despite being an upright cleaner and provides you with a thorough clean owing to its strong motor, suction power capacity, long cleaning hose, and it’s plentitude of accessories.

These are some of the reasons why customers past and present love the product and why the timeless design is yet to be replaced or go out of market circulation.


This upright vacuum from Dyson has many great features, including;

Long Warranty: Customer service and aftercare is an important part of owning any product and Dyson have knocked it out of the park with their offer of a five year parts replacement warranty and returns policies. It gives you extra peace of mind knowing that you are protected and covered regardless, without having to pay out more for product protection or costly insurance.

Lightweight: Finding a lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner can often be a challenge. Nobody wants to lug around a heavy appliance behind them when they are already exerting energy cleaning the house. That is why the weight of this vacuum, 21 lbs, is a big advantage. You won’t finish the cleaning strained and tired with aching muscles as the weight of this vacuum is barely registered throughout the clean.

HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter is the preferred filter for any vacuum. They are highly sanitary and very easy to clean and maintain. They help to eliminate a significant percentage more of dust and air dirt than regular filters and are allergy and asthma friendly. Not only this but they are great value for money as they rarely need replacing, owing to the fact they are 100% washable.


Slightly Expensive: One minor criticism of the Dyson DC33 is that the price may seem a bit too steep. However, the slightly higher price tag comes with a product that is of a higher quality and durable. It is an investment that will not need replacing for a long time. Therefore the value of the product is something you can’t really argue with.

Slightly small Canister: The canister is not tiny by any means, however for a longer, dirtier clean, the vacuum will probably need emptying at some point. This may be an inconvenience to some people who don’t want the arduous task of cleaning to be interrupted. However, it is bagless which is an upside as the emptying and reassembling of the canister is quick and easy to do.

Who is this Suitable For?

This is a multipurpose vacuum and therefore is highly adaptable to a number of different home environments. It is probably better suited for domestic use but could be useful in for example a vet’s office. It was designed for pet owners to be able to have a powerful machine to eliminate pet hair and dirt that comes with having a pet. However, that shouldn’t be a reason for people who don’t have pets to avoid purchasing the vacuum.

It is highly suitable for people with allergies such as dust allergies owing to the HEPA filter which eliminates a high percentage more of dust than regular vacuum cleaners.

Why We Like It

The Dyson DC33 is adaptable and versatile with useful accessories and good reviews. It is very easy to use and very easy to maintain. One of the biggest advantages is the long warranty that comes with the product.