Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Review & Buyers Guide

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The Dyson multi ball floor vacuum as featured on the Product Review website is an upright, corded, bagless vacuum. It is designed and has been created with a rolling ball technology which allows for freer movement of the vacuum itself, enabling a deeper clean. Dyson is definitely a well known and trusted long established company, with high regard for their vacuum cleaner products and other electrical equipment. Therefore you can rest assured that you are getting a product from somewhere you can trust.

It also means a good customer service base, should you encounter a problem. Not only this but the vacuum comes with a five year warranty on parts and the machine itself, which is astounding and rare to have on an electrical appliance.

It is lightweight and highly portable which are rarer qualities to find in an upright vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 15.6 lbs which is incredibly light for an upright vacuum, and its weight does not detract from how powerful the machine is overall.


There are a number of good features on this Dyson model. Some of the best ones are discussed below:

Lightweight: As mentioned briefly above, finding an upright vacuum that is also lightweight can often be hard to do. However, at only 15.6 lbs, this product definitely will not break your back while being used. The lightness also adds to how good the mobility of the vacuum is which means you can move it around most corners and crevices really easily without breaking a sweat.

All Floor Types: That’s right, the Dyson multi ball is capable of cleaning all floor types including but not exclusive to carpets, rugs, wooden, stone and linoleum or tiles. Whatever or whichever way your house is decorated, this vacuum can accommodate and thoroughly clean your floor type.

Long Reach Hose: The hose of the vacuum can actually reach up to 40 ft and boasts ‘floor to ceiling’ cleaning capabilities. This means less stretching and precarious balancing for you, adding to your safety and overall convenience.

Accessories: The accessories of any vacuum should always be considered. This happens to come with a good few accessories to enable a deeper, more thorough clean of your home including crevice nozzles and brush extensions. It is fully equipped to deal with lots of different cleaning requirements.


Slightly Expensive: This model costs nearly $300, which may be an off putting figure for some potential buyers. However it is worth considering that with such a price tag comes a very high quality product that is built to last AND if it doesn’t last, has an excellent five year warranty to make it that much more durable.

Corded: Using a corded vacuum can be frustrating for a number of different reasons. This model has a cord reach of around 30 feet, which is long and advantageous. However a long cord can though providing you with longer to clean without having to switch power sources, can be a trip hazard and can also be harder to store owing to cable knots and breakages.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum model would suit a family home, especially a family home that happens to have a few or more pets. It is strong and powerful and can handle bigger messes. It is perhaps slightly on the large side to have in a smaller home or apartment owing to its upright design.

Why we like It

There are a number of reasons why the Dyson ball multi floor 2 vacuum has received such a glowing review. However, the biggest highlights include the five year warranty which covers all parts and features that could potentially break. This just makes the product go that extra mile for the customer and you are reassured that it is a long term investment as opposed to a short term purchase.

It is powerful with a good suction, and good range of accessories to complement the overall design and function. You will be more than able to achieve a deep clean of every corner with this choice in vacuum.