Dyson 360 Eye Review & Buyers Guide

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For a vacuum that has twice the suction power of the average household cleaner, this robot vacuum makes quite an impact on any home. It may be small and light, but it sure is a powerful cleaner. It is a robotic cleaner containing a 360 installed eye to enable it to clearly see where it is going, avoid obstacles and to remember its best route around your home. Remembering the areas that it has already cleaned and then knowing the areas that it has left to vacuum ensures that no area of your house is missed and thorough cleaning can be relied upon.

For convenient cleaning, just link this vacuum up to the pre-installed Dyson link app, available on Android and iOS, so that your home can be cleaned at any time suitable for you without you having to do anything more than press a button or two. You don’t even need to be in the property to be able to do this. Maximum floor and edge-to-edge cleaning are easily possible because of the full-width brush bar encapsulated within this robot vacuum.

Capable on both carpets and hard floors, there are no areas that this vacuum cannot clean. It also has the added bonus of being able to separate dust and dirt through the use of its Radical Root cyclone technology, reassuring you that if anything is picked up but shouldn’t have been, you can retrieve it easily and without worry.


• Can be controlled in or out of the home via the Dyson link app which can be connected to through the Android and iOS applications – it is suitable for all smartphones;

• Use voice control to ensure that you are able to keep a clean, dirt and dust free home even when your phone is not to hand;

• It is very capable on all floor types and remembers its way around your home avoiding any areas from being missed out and preventing dirt and dust from building up;

• The ability to separate dirt from dust is fabulous if there are often objects on the floor of your home. Dropped earrings, for example, can easily be retrieved even if they have been swept up by this vacuum.


• It has been queried as to whether the extra strength suction power would mean that the battery life is shortened. However, this vacuum has a rechargeable battery and automatically takes itself back to its docking station, so this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Who Is It Suitable For?

From the facts laid out to us on the Product Expert website, this vacuum would be ideal for families with small children or for homes where there are often many small objects on the floor, like jewelry or toys, as they can be retrieved from the segregated dirt and dust compartments, ensuring no drama if the wrong item gets sucked up.

This is also a great vacuum for busy, working people who do not have the time to vacuum around their own homes and may work long hours out of the house. This vacuum ensures that you always return from work to a clean home and that no areas, even if they are out of sight, will have dust or dirt left around them.

The Dyson 360 Eye is also perfect for people whose homes are all on one level and for people who have difficulty carrying or lifting larger items. The lightweight robotic vacuum eradicates these problems easily.

Why We Like It

We love the Dyson 360 Eye because it is so intelligent. Not only does it remember the areas that it has already cleaned, but it also remembers the areas that it has left to do. Its advanced technology reassures us that no area is left unclean and dirt of all sizes will be eradicated from your home as frequently as you require.