Bissell Powerforce Helix Review & Buyers Guide

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This good looking vacuum cleaner will have your home cleaned thoroughly within minutes. It is an upright, bagless vacuum cleaner with high suction power. This enables even the most stubborn of dirt to be removed from the carpets or hard floors within your home. The Bissell Powerforce Helix vacuum is deceptively light in its weight and can be maneuvered really easily around your home and furniture without damaging any areas that are often bumped in to. This vacuum is very eco-friendly when it comes to filters, as its filter is washable, so needs replacing very infrequently.

This vacuum is clever as it is able to separate dirt and dust collected which helps to extend the life of the filter. It can also successfully gather and pick up human and pet hair without it getting knotted around the brush rollers. This vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of different attachments so there are no areas of your home, office or car that cannot be cleaned. Due to the different attachments, you can also reach areas that are commonly out of reach or are difficult to clean, like your ceiling and the corners of rooms where dust accumulates at a high rate.

The Bissell Powerforce Helix is so effective at picking up dust and particles that it has been found that through the use of this vacuum, in homes of people with severe allergies they have dramatically fewer reactions. Not only does this vacuum look good and collect well, but it also makes your family healthier. Use the five different heights of this vacuum to make vacuuming your home as comfortable as possible for you. No household should be without this cleaning aid.


  • This vacuum is very lightweight so it is really useful if lifting and carrying is a problem;
  • Due to the separate dirt and dust collection, this keeps your filter in good working order for longer which means that you won’t have to fork out for new filters very often at all;
  • Hair does not get caught around the brush rollers in this vacuum;
  • Reduces allergies within the home through its high dust collection ability.


  • It is possible to trip over the cord of this vacuum.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This would be a very good cleaning option for people who have family members who suffer from severe allergies as it is able to eradicate such a high proportion of dust from the home. It would be a great vacuum for people who are not able to lift a great deal of weight but still want to be able to thoroughly vacuum areas of their home like the stairs or car. There are so many different detachable heads that it makes upholstery and cars really simple to clean so this would be a real selling point for families with small children.

For pet owners or families where a member has very long hair, this vacuum collects hair well, easily and does not allow hair to get stuck around the brush roll. Hair does not clog this vacuum and does not prevent it from working through getting tangled up within the vacuum. This is often one of the biggest problems for vacuums, but it will not be incurred through the use of the Bissell Powerforce Helix vacuum.

In families where lots of sport is played, there is often a lot of mud, dirt, grit, etc. brought in to the home. This vacuum collects dirt and dust separately and can also get rid of dirt that has been cemented on to a surface. Never spend hours scrubbing when you own this magical appliance.

Why We Like It

We like the Bissell Powerforce Helix because it is so good for eradicating dust that so many people with allergies are living much healthier lives because of its use within their homes. It is also very effective for people who are fighting a constant battle with clumps of hair, such as pet owners.