Bissell Crosswave Review & Buyers Guide

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This is a very unique vacuum as it is also able to clean your floor as well as vacuum it at the same time. It has two tanks in the vacuum, one that collects any dirty water and the other that is full of clean water, meaning neither of them ever comes into contact with one another. This vacuum is suitable to clean all floor types from hard/laminate flooring to carpeted rugs. It is easy to use, and it also has a warranty included, so if you ever have any problems with it, it can easily be resolved.

This vacuum is also very easy to carry around because it only weighs 11.02 pounds. It is also easy to store, as the dimensions are 10.5 x12 x 46 inches.


It can wash your floor as well as clean it at the same time. This is a great benefit to have because it enables your floor to be cleaner than you will ever believe. Plus, it means that you won’t actually have to buy two different machines so it will save a lot of space. It has a two tank cleaning system so all of the dirty water that it has gathered will not come into contact with the clean water. This means that every section of your floor will always be cleaned with the cleanest water.

It has smart touch controls, this means that it makes life very easy for you to switch between the different modes that it has. Not only this but when we used it it was very easy and straightforward to use. It is suitable for all floor types, so if you have a mixture of hard flooring, laminate flooring and carpet in your house then it can be used on all of these.

Therefore if you want to clean all of them at once, then you are able to do this, and it also means that you don’t have to purchase multiple vacuums to clean your floor.


One little disadvantage about this vacuum is the fact that it doesn’t come with any noise reduction technology so you may find it just a little bit louder than your average vacuum, but it’s definitely not too loud. Another little disadvantage is that you will probably have to change the actual brush roll quite frequently, especially if you’re using it on really dirty flooring. Otherwise it will not work to its full potential, however, you can easily purchase these online.

Who is it Suitable For?

This vacuum is actually suitable for any household and is especially useful if you have pets. This is because it can easily wipe away any unwanted muddy paw prints from the floor. Not only this, but it’s also ideal if you have children because we all know just how messy they can be sometimes and this will instantly be able to wipe away any mess that they might create.

You can also use this vacuum whether your home is small or large, as it is suitable for any type of flooring. If you need it to work on your living room carpet or the hard flooring in your kitchen, then it’s ideal for both.

Why do we like It?

We liked this vacuum because of how ideal it is, and it makes cleaning your floors very easy. Plus, it enables them to be the cleanest you may have ever seen them. It does exactly what it says on the tin and is able to work on any type of flooring that you may have. This is definitely a very big bonus because you won’t have to buy multiple vacuums. We also found it very lightweight to carry around, and it is very easy to store.