The Best Wheelbarrows To Haul Heavy Loads

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Don’t put your back out because of sub-par garden tools

Are you tired of lugging around that old rusty wheelbarrow that you inherited from your father’s, father’s grandfather? Those old shed grden tools are quickly going to become the stuff of nightmares in years to come, as they start to leak and crack under the slightest pressure.

Imagine having to put up with that for years on end, and think about how much better it would be to work with a tried and trusted wheelbarrow that all the top sites are raving about. You need a nice shiny new model, and we’ve got just the list to find you a perfect fit from the best wheelbarrows in 2018.

Read on for our Wheelbarrow or Yard Cart buyers guide!

Best Wheelbarrow Reviews of 2018

Buyers Guide to the Best Wheelbarrows

The user manual for a wheelbarrow has got to be up there as one of the oldest and most boring things that could ever come out of a modern printing press, so we’re going to save you some time and break down exactly what you need to know when you’re in the market for one of the best wheelbarrows that money can buy in this buying guide. The price range for these items varies immensely, from nearly $300 to only $70, but we’ve managed to find the best of every price bracket to make sure that you get what you need. If you know your brands, you’ll probably be excited to see a True Temper wheelbarrow and a Jackson wheelbarrow on our list! Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the best wheelbarrows.

How do I know which are the best wheelbarrows?

The best garden carts are the ones which are perfectly designed for the job you’re taking on. If you’re a home improvement type, you’ll probably want a pretty heavy duty wheelbarrow – but on the other hand, maybe you just need to trim the grass and replace some shrubs here and there, so you’d prefer a poly plastic wheelbarrow that’s easier to handle. Before you go ahead and buy something you might not be sure about, take a look at some of the things you want to consider when you’re looking to put down the cash:

Tray design and material – one of the most important aspects of a wheelbarrow is the tray, because this is what takes the majority of the strain when carrying loads. Heavier steel trays are great for working with construction grade materials like bricks, cement, steel beams and more. Lighter poly plastic trays will be much easier to lift and manoeuvre, but should be used for light to medium loads such as soil, stones, roots and other various garden refuse. If you are just doing regular garden work like weeding or picking up leaves, you could even go for the ultra-light canvas style tray, which holds a good volume and weighs almost nothing. One tip we would recommend is not carrying wet sand or mulch in a canvas tray as they can be absorptive, and will soak up the smelly end of your fertiliser.

Wheel design – some wheelbarrows will have only one wheel, while others might have up to four separate wheels. Depending on where these wheels are placed you will find that the stability of the yard cart will change. The most stable wheelbarrows will have more than one wheel, but they may be heavier to operate because of this. If you are simply doing light yard work, one of the multi-wheel canvas wheelbarrows like the Mac Sports Utility Wagon or the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart could work very well. A very important feature of heavy duty wheelbarrows that only have one wheelbarrow tire is that the wheel should be aligned with the tray or tub, like the M6T22 Jackson wheelbarrow. This limits the amount of extra weight that is put on your arms and back, and means that you can lift more.

Type of handles –the type of wheelbarrow handle materials that are most commonly used for wheelbarrows are steel, aluminium, wood handle and poly plastic. The first three of these are usually found in wheelbarrows with steel tray’s, because the handles need to be strong enough to take the strain of lifting. The benefits of metal handles are that they are the strongest and most durable you will find, but the downside is that they do add extra weight to the wheelbarrow. Metal handles can also get very hot in the sun which presents the risk of burning your hands, and in winter you have the opposite problem of getting stuck to a freezing cold wheelbarrow handle if you don’t wear the right gloves to protect you. Hardwood handles might not be as strong, but they give you the best function with some serious lifting power at the same time. They aren’t as heavy as metal, and they won’t overheat in summer or chill you to the bone in winter. Poly plastic handles like those on the True Temper wheelbarrow are appropriate for light units, and usually wouldn’t be paired with a steel tray wheelbarrow.

Carrying capacity – you need to decide what you’re going to carry in your wheelbarrow most often. We’ve already mentioned that the best wheelbarrows can be made of different materials with different strength thresholds, but choosing a wheelbarrow to suit your exact needs is always a smart play. The weight and hauling capacity for these wheelbarrows can range from 500 lbs (220 kg) to 150 lbs (70 kg), so be sure to check this information before placing your purchase order. If you overload a wheelbarrow you could cause serious injury to yourself or others, and you definitely want to avoid that!

Learning how to use a wheelbarrow properly is also one of the important preparations you should do before really digging in to that flowerbed. The first thing to look out for is the alignment of the wheel and the tray, or tub, because having a wheel that is too far forward from the tray will leave you to pull that extra weight yourself. This video from Mikes BackyardNursery will give you a good idea of how to avoid this pitfall, and others:

As Mike explains, it is far better to shift the weight of the load as far forward in the wheelbarrow as you can get it, because this puts the strain on the wheel instead of your arms and back. Doing this will make sure that you don’t overstrain yourself when you try to lift really heavy loads.

How does the Jackson wheelbarrow compare to the True Temper Wheelbarrow?

These two brands are both hallmarks for home wheelbarrows, but they do have some differences. The Jackson wheelbarrow is a steel tray model, while the True Temper wheelbarrow is a poly plastic tray one. The handles of the Jackson wheelbarrow are made from a durable hardwood that makes them easier on the hands and also reduces the overall weight. This is good to make up for the steel tray, which makes the Jackson wheelbarrow rather heavy in comparison. The True Temper wheelbarrow by contrast has a poly tray and a steel frame, so in a sense the True Temper places the responsibility of stability and weight capacity on the frame rather than the tray. They both have a good wheel placement underneath the tray, which makes it easier to lift and carry heavy weights. We would say that the Jackson wheelbarrow is our preferred pick, even though it rates slightly lower on the list. Either way, these wheelbarrows will certainly do the job for you, and you’ll be satisfied no matter what!

You can even purchase a True Temper wheelbarrow toy for your kids, so that they can help out in the garden:

Best True Temper Wheelbarrow

This authentic version of the larger ‘adult’ style True Temper wheelbarrow is perfect for getting your children to help you out in the garden. It’s the perfect size and height for little hands, and it will even give your child some great balance practice as well. At $30, this True Temper wheelbarrow for kids is a steal, and they will learn just how important it is to keep things neat and tidy in the garden.

Which is the best value for money wheelbarrow?

For the best value for money wheelbarrow we simply have to say that the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard cart is our top pick. If you’re looking for a rather standard, but well-designed yard cart, look no further than the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow. The double wheel design makes it doubly stable, and the cushioned grip keeps your hands from forming blisters from too much friction.

Best Value For Money Wheelbarrow

The wheels are both air-filled to make the ride of the wheelbarrow comfortable and easier to manoeuvre, and they can be refilled or replaced if need be. The tray of this model is made from a rust-proof poly plastic that is easy to clean and maintain, and it can take up to 330 pounds (150 kg) of weight at a time while weighing only 29 pounds itself. That means it can lift more than 10 times its own weight! You will need a crescent wrench and a flat head screw driver to put this wheelbarrow together once it has been shipped to you.

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