Best Leica M Camera For Photographers Like You

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Leica has a long history when it comes to cameras. As technology evolved so did the company and today their cameras became extremely appreciated. They are mostly built for professionals but now and then beginners and enthusiasts get a Leica just for the experience of taking perfect shots. Their quality is also reflected in the price which is why they are considered more exotic. Here are the top 9 best Leica M cameras for beginners in 2019.

A fascinating thing about street photography is that you don’t need a particular camera to shoot with. You can shoot photography on any camera. In fact, I know many talented photographers who only shoot with smartphones (click to view our photographer gift guide).

Some people prefer smaller cameras when it comes to street photography. Larger DSLR’s tend to be big, uncomfortable, obtrusive, loud, and irritating to carry around with you wherever you go. The most important rule in street photography is: always have your camera with you. The best street photography opportunities always come when you least expect it.

Nevertheless having said that– it doesn’t mean you can’t shoot street photography with a DSLR. In the guide below, I will give some general tips and guidance regarding shooting air photography (with whatever camera you own).

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There is no “ideal” camera in photography. There are all pros and cons with each camera. The tip is finding the camera which best suits your personal needs.