The Best Lashblast Mascaras For The Longest Eyelashes

These Fab Formulas Will Give You The Length and Definition You Need in Your Lashes

Have you ever looked at the thick lashes of children? This is the effect thick lash or volumizer mascara is aiming for. The point behind a lash blasting mascara is to cover each lash, from base to tip, in either one thick coat or several thinner coats. This is done to make the eyes look bigger. Bigger eyes means they stand out more. It also frames the face. It only takes a few strokes to improve your look with a lashblast mascara! Some of them also curl and moisturize your lashes to improve them over time. Some last all day and night! Get a blast of bold with our selection of quality lashblast mascaras.

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All About Lashblast Mascaras

Putting on Mascara

Apply mascara after you have put on eyeliner, then eye makeup on the lid. Then, use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes. Use an eyelash curler if desired. This crimps the eyelashes up. Hold the lashes for 5 to 10 seconds each in the eyelash curler. Then, lightly pat the closed mascara container against your hand to remove any dried makeup. Then, open it. “Charge” the mascara by gently twisting it back and forth in a circular motion, then removing the excess on the tip by brushing it against the opening of the container as you pull it out. Wipe off excess mascara on a tissue to prevent plumping. Apply with one hand; use the other hand to lift the eyelid back. Start with the bottom lid, then the top. Apply the mascara from the base to the tip of the eyelash in sections, such as middle, left, and right. Wiggle the brush back and forth a little to coat the sides, too, in order to get more volume, if desired. Repeat on the other eye. Add another coat if you want more volume after waiting 60 seconds.

If you are worried about getting mascara on your eyeliner, put a business card behind your eyelashes so the mascara won’t smudge the eyeliner. Or, apply the mascara, let it dry, and then apply the eyeliner. Lean your head slightly down to apply it to keep from getting mascara on your cheekbone when you put mascara on your bottom lashes. If you have small eyes, apply more mascara on the inside near the nose rather than the outside near the ears.

A fun trick to get the best look is to use two mascaras. Some go for length, others for thickness. Buy one of each and use a coat of each to really pop out your eyes.

Removing Eye Makeup

You can either use a cleanser specifically for the eyes, or just use a gentle cleanser or no-tears children’s shampoo. Close your eyes, dab a touch of eye makeup remover on the top lid and just under the eye, and put warm water on your palms. Cover your eyes with your palms. Rinse again, using the water in the palm technique, and then dab your eyes with a clean soft towel or cloth to remove the moisture. It may sound silly, but using a black cloth is helpful for those who freak out at the black smudges coming off their eyes. Some people say they use coconut oil to remove eye makeup, going the all-natural route. This is not good for you if you have sensitive eyes or skin that reacts to oils. Keep eye drops handy if you accidentally get either makeup or cleanser in your eyes. Use the cleanser or eye makeup remover this every day that you wear eye makeup at night before bed. Yes, I know you may feel too tired after a super-long day to be bothered. But, you wouldn’t want to get makeup all over your pillow, would you?

Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Be sure to get a mascara for sensitive eyes, just to be sure you don’t have a reaction. It is better to be safe than wind up with puffy eyes! You also need a sensitive eye formula if you wear contact lenses. Be sure to use an eye makeup remover specifically for sensitive skin. Be sure to get a sensitive eye formulated mascara that is also waterproof if you live somewhere particularly windy, humid, or rainy, or if your eyes tend to tear up, so the mascara doesn’t run or flake off into your eyes. Remove clumps by applying the mascara, removing most of the rest of the mascara off the wand, and re-applying again after a minute.

Colored Mascara

The “normal” shade is a midnight black, a charcoal black, and brown. New colors like blue, purple, and green have come out. This can help people with fair skin and hair achieve a darker color without resorting to black. The color also makes brown, hazel, green, and blue eyes “pop”. Those with blonde hair should use black mascara first, then the colored mascara. Bronze and gray add interesting tones, and bronze is great for those with brown or hazel eyes, and those with brown or auburn hair. Mascara colors also make the eyes look bigger. Use a subtle color for day, and go bold or even neon at night!

Be very careful when using glitter mascara. It tends to clump and flake off, and no one wants mascara in the eyes. Glitter mascara is generally not waterproof, and makes the lashes feel brittle. It is better to use glittery eyeliner or eye shadow.

Mascara Safety

Yes, mascara safety is a real thing. Don’t put your mascara on while driving. If you must put your makeup on in the car, do it before pulling out. No one likes looking in the window of a car and seeing someone applying makeup! It is also a terrible idea to have any brush or wand if you go over a pothole or some idiot cuts off the car. You could permanently damage your eye!

Don’t add anything, like water or saliva, to your mascara. Throw it out if it gets too clumpy. If the mascara looks or smells differently, throw it out. The eyes are sensitive and if there is anything in the mascara that shouldn’t be there, you can become very ill.

Never use it if your eyes are injured, infected, or irritated. If you have any reaction, such as swollen or burning eyes or changes in vision, you may have either an allergic reaction or an eye infection. First, see a doctor. Then, throw out any mascara or wands for eye makeup you have used for at least the past two weeks, and buy more mascara and wands. Seriously. Do it. You don’t want to infect yourself again and again, do you?

Mascara is a short-lived product. Throw it out after three months. Never, ever share mascara with anyone. Waterproof mascara must be removed daily because the weight on the lashes can weaken them and make them fall out over time.

Avoid glitter mascara. It is clumpy, dries out the eyelashes, generally isn’t waterproof, and tends to flake. If you must go glitter, there are some fantastic glitter eyeliners and eye shadows out there! If you absolutely must wear glitter mascara, you must be sure to remove all of it at night before going to bed. Keep the wand screwed on tight, as bacteria seems to love clumpy glitter.

When you aren’t going out, give your eyelashes a break from mascara. Even mascaras with all-natural ingredients deposit a coating on the lashes. Giving the lashes a break can help make them stronger over time.

Don’t ever curl your lashes after using mascara. Mascara causes brittleness, so this will cause some of the lashes to break.

Dealing With Trichotillomania

Some people pull out their eyelashes, called trichotillomania. Mascara can help. Its thickness and weight can remind you not to do it. Train yourself to pull your hand away from your face as soon as you feel the mascara. Use a hairband on your wrist, and lightly snap it every time you feel the mascara. Or, count things on your hand. Many people do math problems or count out movies or food ingredients on their fingers until the urge to touch the eyelashes has faded. Some people have a mantra like “I am amazing and special!” they recite when they feel themselves reach for their eyes on their fingers. Some eat lots of carrots or take up origami to have something to do with their hands. Whatever works for you! It does mean you have to get a hard-working mascara that goes on thick and smooth to do double duty–reminding you to stop pulling your lashes, and to cover thinning lashes.

Features to Look For

Look for a mascara with a brush that separates each lash. Curved brushes work very well. Be sure to choose a mascara with ingredients that curls lashes. This will eliminate the need for an eyelash curler. Those with moisturizers will keep the eyelashes looking great over time. The mascara should also be non-comedogenic, so if the mascara flakes off, it doesn’t clog pores. Pick a long-lasting mascara. You don’t want to have to reapply it throughout the day! People normally rub their tired eyes and get teary in wind and sun, so you definitely want a mascara that doesn’t flake off. Flaky mascara can get in your eyes and irritate them.

What color mascara should I get?

Go for black or brown for your “main” mascara. Get the colored ones such as blue, purple, green, and bronze, by all means, to go out at night. The colors are more subtle than you think. Please, please avoid glitter mascara. Go for the wonderful glitter eyeliners and eyeshadows. Actually, a glitter eyeliner can double as an eyeshadow in a pinch. Or, go crazy and get the glitter eyeliner and eyeshadow in two different colors to make your eyes really pop! Use a colored mascara that matches your eyeshadow to bring out your eyes.

Should I get a waterproof mascara?

Waterproof mascara is a must-have in rainy, humid, or foggy climates, or if your eyes tend to tear up. You don’t want to have “raccoon eyes”. This tends to make people concerned that you have had a nasty breakup or are depressed. If you want to avoid unwarranted relationship advice, stick with waterproof mascara. If you really hate taking your mascara off at night without simply wiping it off, use normal mascara. People with sensitive eyes must find a waterproof formula just for them, as well as making sure the formula doesn’t clump.

Why should I use mascara?

If you have eyelashes like a little girl’s, plump and full, or if you actually enjoy gluing false eyelashes on, then don’t use mascara. For the rest of us, mascara pops open the eyes, frames the eyes, creates a bigger-eye look, and just makes you look gorgeous. Try using mascara with moisturizers to keep your lashes soft, and use waterproof volumizing mascara to only use one or two coats so you can use it and leave. Some mascaras even curl your lashes too! Just remember to remove your mascara every night with makeup remover.

Mascara can make your eyes look wide. Choose your color. Colored mascara can bring out the color of your eyes. Decide whether or not to use waterproof mascara, or mascara for sensitive eyes. Stay away from formulations with oil if you have oily skin. All-natural formulations cut down on reactions. Be sure to get an eye makeup remover and take all your eye makeup off at night. Stay away from glitter mascara, and use two kinds, lengthening and volumizing, if you want to really make your eyes pop!

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