The Best Hair Dryers for Frizz Free Hair

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These Hair Dryers Will Assure You Of Quick Hair Drying and Frizz Free Strands

How is it that your hair always dries perfectly at the salon, but when you try to achieve the same results at home, you’re full of static, frizz, and it seems to take half an hour for your hair to dry? Most likely, your hairdryer is ready for an upgrade. Companies have responded with salon clients requests to have the same quality dryer at home, as they do when they are being pampered by a stylist. Just about every hair dryer on the market is offering some sort of negative ion quality to their machines, plus a bunch of bonuses that your clunky old hair dryer just isn’t living up to. Here are the 9 best hair dryers on the market right now.

Hair Dryers Buying Guide

How to Find the Perfect Hair Dryer for You

Hair dryers really do come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be a challenge to figure out what type is best suited for you and your lifestyle! How much power is too much power? And what should I be paying for a good hair dryer? Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll naturally come up with a list of exactly what you need.

  1. Where will you be using your hair dryer most? Strictly at home in the bathroom? If so, think about how much space to you have to work in the bathroom, how far the outlet is from the mirror or workspace. Will you be taking your dryer with you to the gym? Do you travel often, and will you need to bring a hairdryer with you? If so, you want a compact dryer with a lightweight, to leave room in your luggage for everything else!
  2. How often will you be using your hair dryer? Do you blow dry your hair every day? If so, you will want a hairdryer that will be quick yet gentle on your hair. You’ll want to make sure you get a hairdryer with an excellent reputation for lasting a long time, and an acceptable warranty, too. Will you only need a hair dryer on occasion? In this case, a decent hair dryer that will just do the job might be all your need.
  3. How thick /long /curly /thin is your hair? Every different hair type is going to have special needs in terms of heat and power, and possibly accessories.
  4. Do you have issues with being able to hold your arms in the air for a long time while drying? Do you have trouble holding a grip for more than a few minutes at a time? If so, you want to look for a dryer with a very light weight, and a comfortable grip.
  5. What can you afford? If you use a hairdryer every day, you want to consider that your purchase is an investment. And that investment has to work hard for you. A good hairdryer will do the job consistently and with no damage to your hair. An amazing hairdryer will do that, and last for a long long Meet in the middle with what you feel you can afford, and what you need, if the budget is tight.
  6. There are so many companies that make these products, that it’s always a good idea to look at any reviews you can find, to see what other peoples real life experiences have been. They’ll tell you so much more than the box or label of the product.

How do I care for my new hairdryer?

It can be a habit to leave your hairdryer on the bathroom vanity and walk away every day. Your hairdryer will last longer, and there’ll be less chance of accidents, if you unplug it after every use, wrap it up and put it away. It’s less likely to smash on the floor that way! Also, every different hairdryer will have a different way to clean out the vent. Look for a hairdryer with the ability to remove the screen to take out any hair. This will make your motor last even longer. Any hairdryer you purchase is going to have cleaning and care instructions that will vary by manufacturer, as well. Read those instructions!

What is “Negative Ion Technology” anyway?

An ion is a particle that will have a negative or positive charge (Remember science class?) and hairdryers with this technology make your hair dry by breaking down the water droplets faster. And faster drying means less damage to your hair shaft. Hairdryers with ‘tourmaline’, ‘pearl’, or ‘crystal’ in the title tell you that those elements are in the hairdryer (ooh, fancy!) because they add to the negative ions, that give you that shiny look, and reduce the static in your hair.

Where can I get the best price on a hairdryer?

Although your salon will carry one or two, and the local big box store will have a whole bunch available, your best bet really is to do some research online. Online shopping has opened up the market offerings. You’ll find so many more options online than you will at the store. Plus, in general, buying online is cutting out a middleman. This will almost always mean you can get a higher quality dryer for the same amount as one at the drug store or chain store. It might take you a few extra days for it to arrive on your doorstep but it’s always worth it with what for what you save.