The Best Gifts For Husbands Who Are Impossible To Buy For

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Your Hubby Deserves The Best

It’s coming to that time of year again when you need to buy a gift for your husband, but do you know what you’re going to get him? Stop right there, because we’ve got a list of the top 9 best gifts for husbands in 2016. Browse through our selection and find something that speaks to you, and that you could imagine your husband enjoying. You won’t be disappointed!

Guide to the Best Gifts for Husbands

Does it feel like your husband doesn’t appreciate the gifts you buy him? This could be because he really doesn’t understand why you think he needs a new pack of underwear or yet another golf shirt, and on his birthday too! He would much rather have a gift that he can really get some use out of, something that is related to his interests. Even if you can’t find something specific that you think he would love, there are always gifts that appeal to just about anyone.

Perhaps you’re in a new marriage and you’re still finding your feet, and you want to tread a little more cautiously. This is no problem, because you can pick a more generally appealing gift for your husband that he will be sure to use even if it doesn’t relate to a hobby of his. New relationships can be scary when it comes to gifting, but they need not be a nightmare. After browsing our list of the best gifts for husbands you should easily be able find something that would work for you.

What are the best gifts for husbands?

Technology – almost everybody likes to get their hands on the latest GPS, stream their favourite shows and show off to their friends. Our choices of the Garmin nuvi, and the Roku 4 streaming media player are the perfect choices for husbands. A Garmin will allow him to stay on track when he’s travelling solo or taking the family on a well-deserved road trip, and when he’s relaxing at home the Roku 4 media streaming player will give him access to all of his favourite shows – right up to 4K HD, and that’s impressive! 4K technology is going to be taking over the market slowly but surely, and getting him in there early will make sure that he’s ready to see all the series he can handle in stunning super high resolution.

Food and Drink – you can make him the king of the barbecue with a genuine Himalaya salt brick that he can prepare, cook and serve his latest BBQ meals on. He might be a wine connoisseur – or he might think he is one – in which case you can buy him a gift set of wine glasses and a wine aerator, which will make sure that the wine is properly prepared and ‘breathed’ for tasting and drinking. You can also buy him a hamper of chocolate covered treats like pretzels and biscuits that he can indulge in. If he’s got a sweet tooth we’d really recommend a chocolate snack gift hamper!

Classy Accessories – A watch is a great gift for any man, because they can always be added to an outfit as a useful and stylish accessory. In particular, automatic watches have some benefits, like the fact that there is no battery that can run out. They also have more ‘soul’ as they are closer to the purity of watchmaking history. There’s a lot of heritage in an automatic watch, spanning hundreds of years. Quartz technology quickly surpassed this heritage, and it is also true that quartz makes watches a lot more accurate at time-keeping. In all, a quartz watch is technically better than an automatic one because it is more accurate, more durable and cheaper to make. Automatic watches also need to be sent to a workshop for a tune-up every couple of years to keep them running accurately, but with proper maintenance it will last him a lifetime! The Seiko automatic watch we have on our list will be a brilliant gift for your husband. The canvas strap is durable and weatherproof – unlike metal it has no risk of rusting – and it can be easily replaced if he prefers a metal strap.

Another great gift idea is finding him a nice new fragrance that he can wear out on the town with his friends, at work or generally any time he feels the need to smell great. Our pick would be the Calvin Klein Euphoria, because it is really a versatile and masculine scent that will give him the confidence he needs to take on the world.

LEGO – now we know what you’re thinking: my husband grew out of that craze years ago. Well, this might well start the LEGO frenzy afresh, because the more adult oriented architect range is a great way to pass the time, because it’s far more complex than regular LEGO and also ends up giving him a fantastic centerpiece once he’s finished building it. This gift will give him something constructive to do in his free time, and the reward of building his very own Eiffel tower will bring back some of that childish joy that LEGO is so good and giving us.

Novelty gifts are another good route to go down if your husband isn’t too open about what he wants for his birthday or Christmas. He will probably get a good smile out of being given something that he would never buy for himself, and it will make his day to know that you took the extra time to look for something he would enjoy. Now, just because we’ve said novelty, that doesn’t mean that the gifts can be absolutely boring or useless – look for quirky gifts like the Exploding Kittens card game, which is a really fun and exciting novelty game for parties or just for hanging out on the weekends. Don’t go for joke presents like a tin of anti-sarcasm mints or a “pull my finger fart pen”, leave those for your other friends who you might not offend with something so silly. Your husband should feel special, and not like he’s just another one of the guys.

Whatever you choose for him, think about whether he has the time and the inclination to use the gift you buy him. If he’s not big on barbecuing, it’s probably a good idea to avoid buying him something that can only be used on a barbecue. If you follow our guide you will be shopping smart.

What are the best gifts for husbands on your anniversary?

Anniversary gifts for your husband should be a little less about him than about the two of you together. You can get him a gift which will be a reminder of a great time you spent together, or even better you can organise a getaway for the two of you to make new memories. The best way to spend an anniversary is alone with your partner, doing what you love to do together – that can mean having a romantic dinner at a restaurant, staying in with a movie and some microwave popcorn, or hitting the nearby mountains for a hike. This time is about the both of you, so avoid shopping for gifts that are only about him or only something that he can use. If you’re struggling to think of a gift that reminds you of your relationship, you can cast your mind back to the days when you first started dating, and find the coffee shop you first sat down at – or if you were young and free perhaps this will be a popular dance club in the centre of town? Wherever it is, you’ll be able to bring back those giddy memories and reminisce together about when you first met.

What about birthday gifts ? On this special occasion we recommend finding a personal gift that makes your husband feel like the only man on earth that matters – or as close as you can get to this. You can’t cut corners when it comes to shopping for that perfect present, because you need to listen to what he’s interested in and really get to know his mind. If he has a hobby like fishing or cycling, you could look for something related to this like a new fishing box or a Garmin to track his riding which he can use. Leave the typical socks and slippers to his family, because you want to make sure that you get him the best gift of all. You’re his life partner, and he will expect you to know him well. His birthday is also more about him, and that means that you should look for a gift that he can have all to himself without having to share it too much. Let him indulge a little on his special day.

What are good DIY homemade gifts for husbands?

Do-it-yourself gifts are a great option for anniversaries and Valentine’s day, because they add a personal touch that store bought gifts just can’t add for you. If you make him a personalised bookmark with his favourite quote on it – or a cute picture of yourself – he will remember you every time he uses it. You can do the same thing with a mug, a coffee flask or any useful item you like. Keep in mind that DIY gifts can be trial and error, and that not everyone will get these gifts right on the first try.

You need to be sure that you have the time to commit to a hands-on project, because sometimes these activities will take quite a while – waiting for something like glue or paint to dry is one of the examples that you might run in to. Thinking about the cost of the materials is also a good idea: if you are making a simple gift this may not be a problem, but some craft materials can be very pricey or come in a much larger quantity than you really need. Budgeting your time and money for a DIY gift is an essential part of the process. We suggest that you plan your time and budget your materials accordingly, so that you have some room to fix things up if anything goes wrong.

Below is a fun filled video by Andrea Matillano, who teaches you how to make great DIY gifts for husbands: