The Best Gifts For Boyfriends That Show You Love Them

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Make his day with one of these unique gifts for men

Does your boyfriend just about never give you hints when it is time to buy him a gift? Avoid those awkward probing questions and take a look at our selection of the best gifts for boyfriends in 2016. We’ve got some fun and exciting ideas that will really make him appreciate you that much more, so read on and find something you like the look of!

Guide to Awesome Gifts for Boyfriends

The type of gift you buy will also depend on how long you’ve been going out for. If you are in a stable relationship you will know what your boyfriend has already, and what he will really like. For example, if he has a really old or cracked watch that he just doesn’t think about replacing, you can use this to your advantage and buy him a nice new one. If you don’t know him that well and the relationship is rather young, you can get him something smaller like a Swiss army knife. Most guys don’t have a genuine Victorinox branded pocket knife, so this is a safe bet for almost any boyfriend! Our frequently asked questions should give you a sense of the “do’s and don’ts” for the best gifts for boyfriends.

What are great gifts for boyfriends?

Guys all have different styles, so our list takes you through a few of the different areas that you will want to consider. Think about how you spend time with him, and what he likes to do with his friends. If he is a socialite you can bet he will enjoy having his very own foosball table, but if he’s more of a tech enthusiast you could get him a quadcopter to scout out his neighbourhood. We always make sure that the gifts we list are all high quality and as genuine as they come:

Gifts he can use with his friends – presents don’t always have to be decorative, some are made particularly for those times when you’ve got a group of friends around. When he’s hosting a movie night at his house he can impress his guests with his brand new Deluxe Popcorn Machine, or when he’s got the lads over for a few drinks before they watch the game he will be able to keep them busy with the Sportsquad FX40 Foosball Table. These gifts will allow him to show off in style to all his buddies, and they’ll get something out of it too. These are the gifts that keep on giving, no matter how often they’re used.

Gifts that keep him looking fresh – your boyfriend likes to look good when you go out together, so you could help him to achieve that sexy look by surprising him with a pair of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses, a G-shock watch, or the Paul Malone tie and pocket square that will turn his wardrobe into a point of pride. Classy accessories are a must for the good-looking guy, and your boyfriend will be able to pull them off in style.

Gifts which make him smile from ear to ear – games like the Cards Against Humanity or a quadcopter drone will give him hours of play time with you and his friends. These take the pressure off of gift giving by adding in the element of fun, and no matter how much use he gets out of them he will definitely enjoy himself. Sometimes a light-hearted gift can do wonders for a new relationship to show that you’re playful and fun-loving, or it can also remind your long term boyfriend that you still love to laugh with him.

Gifts that are practical – get your boyfriend something he can use like whiskey stones to cool down his drinks on a hot day, or a Swiss army knife to keep him prepared for just about anything when he’s on the move. These gifts will remind him of you every time he takes them out to use them, and he will be proud to announce that you bought them for him when someone asks where he got them!

If we’re perfectly honest, the thing that matters most is that the gift comes from you, and that you have done your research and found something that you really want him to have. Whichever gift you choose to give him we are sure he will be pleased as punch!

What are the best gifts for boyfriends who have everything?

If your boyfriend simply refuses to give any hints as to what he wants, and seems like he has everything he could ever need, you should look for gifts that really remind him of you. One of the things he just can’t buy is your personal touch, and you can add this to just about any gift you buy him. If you have a personal nickname for him like ‘cuddle bear’ you could look for a gift that is related to cute bears – another option open to you is simply having a personalized mug made with a picture of two fuzzy bears hugging, with “you’re my cuddle bear” printed underneath (perhaps this idea makes you raise an eyebrow because you’re not that romantic – and that’s okay too!) If he has everything he needs, you can look for things that give him a pleasant reminder that you love him even when you’re not around.

Novelty gifts are another good route to go down if your boyfriend already keeps a tight lock on the other areas of his life. He will probably get a good smile out of being given something that he would never buy for himself, and it will make his day to know that you took the extra time to look for something he would enjoy. Now, just because we’ve said novelty, that doesn’t mean that the gifts can be absolutely boring or useless – look for quirky gifts like the Exploding Kittens card game, which is a really fun and exciting novelty game for parties or just for hanging out on the weekends. Don’t go for joke presents like a tin of anti-sarcasm mints or a “pull my finger fart pen”, leave those for your other friends who you might not offend with something so silly. Your boyfriend should feel special, and not like he’s just another one of the guys.

Giving him a fun experience – rather than a gift that might just be put on the shelf – is a good idea for the boyfriends who have everything. You can organise a day trip out of town for just the two of you, book tickets to a romantic movie or have a picnic on the beach together. Planning a day to spend alone with him will show him most of all that you value his time and will allow you to bond. These memories with you will be something that he really can’t buy, and surprising him with a day full of activities and treats will definitely be a thought that will stay with him for a long time. This might all sound cheesy now, but when he’s telling his friends how you spoilt him to a whole list of different outings, you’ll both be smiling from ear to ear. If you want to personalise your gifts you can also make them yourself, if you feel confident enough. Continue reading below to see more ideas of DIY gifts for boyfriends!

What are good gifts for boyfriends on Valentine’s day?

Depending on where you live, you might have completely different valentine’s day traditions. In South Korea there is a tradition where men begin to woo their potential partners on February 14th, but continue doing so for an entire month before they finally give them a gift on the 14th of March! In Whales there is a tradition of exchanging carved spoons, because hundreds of years ago it was common for men to carve ‘love spoons’ out of wood to show what their ambitions were for their relationship.The chances are that you are far more familiar with the commercial traditions of Valentine’s day, such as the big floating heart-shaped balloons, red roses and cards that have super-cliché notes written in them.

When shopping for a day like Valentine’s day, you could go the commercial route and buy him chocolates, a tiny bottle of champagne, or even a set of redeemable love-related vouchers; think free backrub, dinner and a movie, etc. On the other hand, many couples are moving away from the more commercialised version of Valentine’s day, and deciding to create their own version of the holiday to better suit who they are as a partnership. One of the ways they’re doing this is with do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts which really add in the personal touches that store-bought presents are lacking. Do-it-yourself gifts are a great way to show him you love him, without spending too much money. You want to make him something cute that fits the occasion, so if you are doing a DIY Valentine’s day present you should go for ideas that will make him think of you.

A personalised bookmark with a little picture of you or a favourite quote on it is a practical and sentimental gift. If you like giving him surprises you could make him an exploding box, which you can fill with loving messages, photographs and even some edible goodies like heart shaped chocolates. A more complicated DIY gift would be a personalised Rubik’s cube, which you will make by tinting 6 of your favourite photographs in different colours, and then cutting them into 9 equal squares to fit them on to each side of the cube. Once you’ve stuck these on you can mix up the Rubik’s cube, and see how long it takes him to piece them back together! This video by Natasha Rose will show you how to make these cheap but really cute DIY gifts for boyfriends:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 9 best gifts for boyfriends, why not check out our other best gift ideas for men?