10 Best Toy Ideas & Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Her down time from school should be fun and exciting

Starting school is tough – there are so many new things to learn and new people to meet. This is why your little girl needs some great gifts to play with when she gets home! This year you can give her a robotic kitten that responds to her touch and her instructions, or something as simple as kinetic sand which will give her the chance to squeeze out all that school stress. Take a look at our best toys for 7 year old girls and find an awesome present right now.

How to Choose a Gift for 7 Year Old Girls?

At seven, you child is no longer a toddler and has developed their own individual personality. They have also entered the next phase of their life. School. This is when they require toys that are not only educational but also just simply fun and a way for them to release some of the pressure they will be feeling with school, homework and a whole new way of spending their days. We have looked at a myriad of gifts available for 7 year old girls, and found the best of the best for you.

What are the best gifts for 7 year olds?

At this age your child has progressed from basic toys to more complicated and even tech toys. They are still developing their vocabulary and are learning new things daily at school. Toys for this age group range from sports equipment to a good book depending on their nature and interests. Most kids of this age will also be very aware of the price of goods, and will notice if you get something that is not quality and cheap. This does not mean you need to spend a fortune on them, you just need to shop smart.

Toys for this age need to be cool, often popular and stimulating. Your 7 year old has developed her own personality, she might be a girls girl, who loves to dress up and look great, or she might be a tom boy, only happy when playing sports or in the great outdoors. Knowing your child will determine what present you will get for her. If you do not know her that well, ask her parents to give you an idea of what she likes before spending money on a present she will never use.

Tech toys – This is the 21st century and almost every child aged seven and up have their own cell phone, Ipad or tablet. Not only do they use them in school, but they are great for mental stimulation and as an educational tool. Having a toy that offers some really great educational features and also teaches them to use technology, which is the way of the future, like the Zoomer Kitty Interactive Cat, is a good option. This toy will react to your child’s movement and stimulate their creativity.

Tech toys, while providing hours of fun, also provide stimulating and learning experiences. They often require children to follow instructions, concentrate, and coordinate things to make them work properly. They can also provide music, and can stimulate their creativity through games such as the Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine which allows them to learn new songs and give voice to their creativity. Physical Play – A seven year old girl’s day is filled with long hours in a chair concentrating on her school work.

At the end of the school day and before tackling her homework, it would be great for her to clear her mind with a little bit of physical play. This will allow her to release some of the pressure that builds up over the day and relax her muscles. A toy like the Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks will do exactly this. Having fun is as important as learning at this time. Releasing some of the pressures of the day and letting the mind relax while the body reenergises is important before starting again with homework.

Constructive / Creative Toys – Stimulating your child is still as important now as it was when they were younger. Building toys at this stage are a great idea. LEGO is one of the best around. Not only do they develop fine motor skills they also stimulate creativity and imagination in your child. The Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle Building Kit is one of the best on the market at the moment from LEGO for seven year old girls.

It will incorporate building something and then roleplaying or playing a fantasy game where you pretend to be one of the characters. When playing with LEGO you can also play with others, which develops not only social skills in your child but also their vocabulary. Another great good example of a toy that will help your child develop their fine motor skill and allow them to express their creativity is art and craft toys. One of these is the Bracelet Maker by Mazichands.

This allows your child to make their own bracelets for themselves, their friends or even for you. Using colorful beads they create something unique and this will not only stimulate their creativity but also allow you to give them praise, encouraging them to tackle even more intricate designs. If you child is more into chemistry than jewelry, you can consider The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab.

This will allow your child to do experiments, under your watchful eye of course, and discover and learn as they go igniting perhaps a passion for science in them. Creative children who like more tactile play would really enjoy the Kinetic Sand. This gives them the opportunity to build, shape and play with sand, letting their imaginations run wild while relaxing their minds and giving them a release from the pressures of school and homework.

Kinetic sand is very much like the tactile and sensory toys that they were used to playing with as toddlers.The sand is completely safe to play with and remains dry while having the same texture as wet sand, enabling you to build sand castles without getting muddy. The compound polydimethylsiloxane is what gives the sand these qualities and all you have to do is watch videos of children play in this product to know that it as become a viral trend online. It is not only stimulating but also very soothing.

Board Games are one of the quintessential games to play with your seven year old. They love these games as they are competitive, fun and relaxing to play. Spending time with their parents or friends around a board game allows them to relax and just enjoy the social experience that it brings. Games such as Monopoly and Fibber Board Game are great ways to spend an afternoon with your child.

Not only will they have fun, they teach children to follow the rules, follow instructions and will also help with socialising and increasing their vocabulary. If you are not sure what the Fibber Board Game is all about, then take a look at HeyThatsMike and family play Fibber to get an idea of what fun you could be having.

How much should I spend on a gift for a 7 year old?

Often it is not the cost of the toy, just the fact that you have given them something that matters. However, in say that, at the age of 7, your child will probably know what they want for a gift, and it will normally be something popular, such as what their friends are getting. Spending a lot of money on a gift does not guarantee that they will play with it or even like it. If it is not your child you are buying for, ask their parents what their interests are and buy accordingly.

Unlike toys for toddlers, these toys will last longer and hold the child’s attention for a longer period of time, so spending a bit more money on gifts for the older child makes sense. Choosing the right present should not be based on price, but on what you child loves. LEGO for instance is not the cheapest of gifts, however it will offer the child a lot of fun and entertainment, not to mention stimulation and who knows, could start your child on the road to becoming an engineer who loves designing and building things.

There are many ideas for gifts that do not cost a fortune and will be greatly appreciated by your child. Think of a novelty gift that speaks to their interests or something fun and retro such as a yoyo or spinning top. Gifts that range between $20 to $75 are usually a good measure of what is a reasonably priced gift for your seven year old.

Toy Safety for 7 Year Olds?

There is a different type of fear for safety for seven year olds than for two year olds. Choking hazards are a thing of the past, but sharp toys that can do damage are often used by this age group, such as LEGO, arts and craft sets that often include scissors and of course the dangers of tech. When it comes to tech there are a number of issues. Giving your child a phone that they can access the internet with brings its own dangers, however a simpler problem is a game that is rated to 16+.

Your seven year old should not be playing these games as they can have a negative effect on their psyche and can lead to further issues down the line. Make sure you are aware of what games are loaded on any devise that you give your child and ensure that you have a parental control over the content that is available to her. It is always best that you understand the games that your child is playing.

Learn how to use the tech you give them, understand what they have access too when using it and ensure there are checks and balances in place. Ensure that your child knows the safety rules of any game or toy they play with, such as not putting kinetic sand into an electrical socket. Read the inserts and read the instructions so that you understand the age restrictions if any.

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