The Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls Who Have Everything

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By age 4 your little girl is talking more and more, and starting to get a grasp of complicated tasks. Some of her older toys are going to start going out of fashion, so you’re going to need to freshen up her toy box with some of these awesome gifts. If you find it difficult to decide just what to buy for a 4 year old that will give them some good life skills as well as give them a ton of fun, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Match their progress by getting them one of these best gifts for 4 year old girls, and spoil them rotten this festive season!

How To Decide On Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls?

Girls are difficult to buy for in many ways. Some are very girly and love to get things like kitchen sets or vanity sets. Some however are very sporty and love the more physical toys such as balls and games. Only you will know your child well enough to know what they love to do. So whether it is sitting and doing their play makeup with you, or helping you in the kitchen, or if they love to be outside in the garden playing with balls or other sporting equipment we have a gift on our list for you.

What are the Best toys for 4 year Olds?

When it comes to gifts for youngsters, educational toys are always a good idea. Games that encourage learning, social skills and develop their motor skills are perfect, as well as being fun. For girls the Fantasy Vanity from Step 2 is perfect for the girl that loves to fantasize about growing up, this encourages not only their creativity as they make themselves look great, but also their fine motor skills. Another great fantasy game are those that encourage roll playing such as the Let’s Pretend School Set by ALEX.

These kind of games allow your four year old to explore not only their creativity but also practice their vocabulary, reading skills and writing skills. At this stage of their development they are only a year or two away from taking the next big step in their lives, formal schooling. Games that develop reading, writing and comprehension are excellent gifts to give and the Melissa and Doug Bead Sequencing Set is a great gift to help develop them in all of these areas.

Visual games are vital in their development at this age. They are learning to recognise signs and symbols, both in literacy and numerical prowess.  They need to learn to problem solving and social skills at this stage as well to prepare them adequately for their schooling career. Toys such as the Magnetic Apple Fractions go a long way to providing the correct stimulation on all levels including problem solving.

Physical activity is also important, even if you child is not that way inclined. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind so finding a toy such as the Children’s Horse Hopper by Bintiva which will stimulate interest even in those that are not inclined to physical exercise. A great way to get your child physically active is to play with them outside, make it fun and not all about winning or being the fastest or best in anything except having fun.

How much Should I Spend on a gift for a 4 year Old?

The years between one and four are arguably the most important years of your child’s life when it comes to their development. It is very important to give them the foundation they need to be able to succeed in later life. This means you need to stimulate them adequately both physically and mentally. You do not have to spend a fortune in getting your four year old a gift, however you should always endeavour to get them toys that are quality.

This will not only ensure they are stimulated in the right way, but also remain safe while playing. The toy should be engaging and encourage learning in one way or another, whether it be in reading, writing, arithmetic or physical activity. You will find that great educational toys tend to be a lot more expensive than those that are more basic and are just for enjoyment. Buying a great book, a well-constructed and educational puzzle, or looking at getting a good safe scooter or electrical car will set you back a few dollars.

However you have to weigh up quality against price and know that the better the quality, the longer you child will use the toy. These early years set the scene for their future endeavours and the right toy will set them on the right path from the beginning. With a great foundation, you child will go from strength to strength and having great educational toys is a good way to getting them started on the right track.

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What Makes toys safe for a 4 year Old?

Most if not all toys at this age are safe for your child. Although it is always best to keep an eye on them as they play. Choking hazards may, to a large extent, be a thing of the past, but can still occur unexpectedly. Pointy edges on any toy can be dangerous, no matter what age your child is, and also toys that are not fireproof or waterproof (especially if they are electrical). Toxic plastics are a real danger so check what the toy you are buying for your child is made from.

Another real hazard is that their younger siblings get hold of their toys, so teaching your child to pack away their toys once they have finished playing is important. This also instils discipline in your child which will be important when they move onto the formal schooling environment. If you are in doubt about the safety of the toy you are considering buying for your child, then you should always read the insert on the toy.

Make sure you understand what the toy is made from, and for what age it is suitable. Only you will know if you child is ready to play with a toy, but to set your mind at ease you can also check out the Fisher-Price guidelines for toy safety to give you a little more insight into toy safety.