The Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls To Invigorate Their Imaginations

Get gifting just right this year

Making it through the tender age of 3 is no small thing, and celebrating the progress of your little one shouldn’t be either. When you’ve got so many options out there toy hunting can be a really difficult task to take on, and often the stores just aren’t stocked with anything worthwhile – but you won’t find that problem here. These best gifts for 3 year old girls will provide you with some of the greatest ideas for what to buy this Christmas or on their special day.

Easy Guide To The Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

When it comes to selecting toys for 3 year olds it is really important to take a look at their developmental interests, and see how the toy you’re buying can help them learn and grow. By the age of 3, children are starting to mimic the shapes of letters they see around them and are spending more time on their drawing skills. They are also starting to act out social roles, and figure out their place in the big wide world. Finding toys that can help the child develop their fine motor and eye hand coordinations are great ways to help children get ready for early writing, which as we all know is one of the most important skills a young person should have.

What are the best toys for 3 year olds?

3 year olds start to mimic letters that they see, but they also enjoy mimicking people around them. This is why fantasy toys are very important, and will be a fun way to encourage this type of behaviour for their social development. Playing in tents such as the Kid Indoor Princess Castle Play Tent, with cash registers like the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register Assorted Playset or with anything that allows them to use their imagination teaches them early social skills, will improve their vocabulary and gets them to play out and find solutions to difficult situations. To top all that off some imaginary play can also help your child improve their early mathematical skills, as well as early reading skills.

It is important to know that visual stimulation games can be a great way to help a child develop early reading skills. Children will learn how to put two or more pieces together in order to create a whole image, and that is essentially the cornerstone of learning how to read. Visual stimulation games can come in a number of different forms. We have two in our top 9, the Octonauts Memory Game and the Peppa Pig Giant Muddy Floor Jigsaw Puzzle. These games do not only help improve the visual skills of a child, but can also help improve their problem-solving skills, early mathematics as well as teaching them to share and to take turns.

It is important to make sure that young children develop as many skills as possible and making sure they are developing physically is just as important as developing cognitively. Take the time to select toys that will get the children moving and burn off all that excess energy they have. Find items that help them develop their core such as the Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper, because their core will need to be strong for when they start their formal education. They will have to sit with proper posture for long hours on end, and encouraging them to build up a strong muscle tone by the time they make it to grade school is a pretty good way to go.

How much should I spend on a gift for a 3 year old?

This depends entirely on your relationship with the child and your budget, but if you’re buying for your own child,  we recommend you go all out. Gifting starts to get more and more difficult as the ages go on, but giving them that awesome Play-doh Burger Builder or KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse will not be something they soon forget. Spending $100 – $150 on a great quality toy will be an investment that will pay off in far more than just your money’s worth. You’ll give your little one hours and hours of fun, learning and good memories at the same time.

Don’t overdo it if you’re just buying a gift for a distant relation, because this can sometimes come across as slightly pretentious. Go for the middle to lower range of about $20 if you are in this situation, because you’ll still be giving them a really good present, and you won’t break the bank while you do so. You can still find very high quality items for this price, so you really shouldn’t feel too bad if you aren’t going to hit the top priced range this Christmas. Sometimes giving just a little something can be a meangful gesture, and even better that it is educational and fun at the same time.

Are these toys safe for a 3 year old?

Most toys are safe at this age when it comes to a 3+ warning, because children at this age should be maturing enough to know not to eat everything they get their hands on. Sometimes children will continue to have this tendency, so you will have to decide based on your experience with the child whether they will be able to handle themselves. Parent or guardian supervision is always recommended for the younger ages, and it is a good idea to play with the toys with your child at first so that you can teach them how to use them safely and correctly. They will appreciate your guidance and you will know that they understand the rules of play.

Safety does depend a lot on the personality and development of the child in question, so you will have to see how your child reacts to these toys as you introduce them. Some children will be able to handle these toys as early as 2 years old, and others might even need some extra time past 3 years old to be comfortable and competent enough to use them. You can always consult a teacher or pre-school assistant who knows your child, as they will be able to tell you how far along your child is on the developmental scale!

When in doubt always read the product insert and see what warnings or cautions they recommend when using the toy, and be sure to never leave your child alone to play if you do not think that they can handle themselves.

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