The Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys That Are Creative & Fun

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The Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys

Short on ideas? We’ve got you covered:

They say your imagination doesn’t stop growing even when your body does, but you’ve got to start early – give your 3 year old boy the head start he needs with these best gifts for 3 year old boys. You’ll have a ball with all of these great toys, which are not only fun for kids but also really great fun for parents too. Play along with your little boy and watch just how fast he learns to master these awesome toys.

Easy Guide To The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Boys

Boys are rambunctious and full of energy, ready to take on the world, especially when they are only three. When considering which gift to give a three year old boy you should look at something that will help them to explore their creativity, let them unleash their imagination and stimulate their mental acuity, as well as getting rid of some of that excess energy.

From this age they are starting to get ready for school, so educational toys are the ones to look at. Those that can help them recognize letters, fine motor skills, and fine tune their hand-eye coordination. At this stage they are also starting to socialise which is vital for when they will start school, so role play games, or games where more than one player participates are perfect for them.

What are the Best toys for 3 year Olds?

At this stage three year olds are expanding their vocabulary, and are learing to communicate better. Playing games where they share with others or have to communicate with other to reach their goal are great options. One such toy is the Supermarket Cash Register Play Set, this can let them play with friends, use basic numeracy and literacy, and ignite their imagination as they role play.

Another great way to unlock creativity and unleash imagination is when they play with the Rocket Ship Play Tent, they can pretend they are on safari, or share the tent with friends or siblings, helping with socialisation and vocabulary. Puzzles, books and other educational toys are vital at this age.

It is now that they are learning to communicate, how to work things out and find out where things fit in. Puzzles are great for this, recognising what piece fits with others and laying them out together. All kids love dinosaurs so what could be better than the Galt Giant 36 ” Dinosaur Puzzle which is on our list.

Another great gift that is on our list is the Octonauts Launch and Explore Octo-Lab which allows your child to let their imagination run wild and gets them excited about learning. Lastly, physical activity is very important at this age. Their muscles are only starting to develop and they need to exercise those muscles, from their toes to their head and of course their core muscles.

This is where Moluk Bilibo really helps them prepare for the next few years where stamina and physical ability will play a role as they enter the school environment. Ultimately the best toy for your three year old is dependent on their own little personalities.

Some may be creative and love drawing, painting or creating things. Others may enjoy a more physical and robust form of play. When you take the time to play with your child, and get to know them as people, and you will know exactly what toy will be best for them.

How much Should I Spend on a Gift for a 3 year Old?

It is entirely up to you how much you are going to spend on your child. You should however always bear in mind that the toys you buy now might not be in favor a few months later. There are however some toys that will endure, such as the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Castle or Rimable Kids 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Mini Kick Scooter will not soon be forgotten and will not only bring many hours of fun, but also great memories and well work the $100 – $150 that you will be spending.

Buying a toy that is very cheap is not necessarily a bad thing, however you might find that $5 toy breaks easily and can also be a hazard to your child. A midrange present in around the $20 range is a good option, and you can find some great toys in this price range. Remember children of this age are fickle, they change their likes and dislikes quickly and move on from toys just as quickly, so bear this in mind when deciding how much you are willing to spend.

A fun and educational gift is always a winner and for most children giving just a little something is worth more to them than that big expensive present. From a simple ball to a complicated puzzle to an expensive toy car, you child will appreciate any present you give them, and they will absolutely love it if you share their fun and play with them.

Are These toys safe for a 3 year Old?

At the age of three plus, most toys are safe to be used by your baby. At three most children have moved on from the necessity of tasting everything, however, it is still be to keep an eye on them as they play to avoid any unnecessary problems from occurring. Your children love to play with you so take the time to share their toys with them, not only will they learn to socialise more, even it is just with you, but also to share their toys which is vital going into a school environment.

Each child is unique. They have their own personality and their own way of discovering the world around them. Sometimes they can be very daring, and some children can be very shy and reserved. Knowing you child and how they respond to things is important. You will know if they are ready to ride a scooter or not, and you will know if they are still fascinated with tasting everything.

Each child develops differently so ask your child’s teacher if he or she attends preschool and keep an eye on them as they play to see just how much your child had developed over the years  read the product insert of the particular toy you are considering and making your decision based on those recommendations. Remember the best way to keep your child safe, is to spend the time playing with them, enjoying their fun and laughter and keeping them safe at the same time.